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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:58pm

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xx Gorean Reading Society: 21-November -2017
« Thread started on: Nov 21st, 2017, 10:10pm »

Marauders of Gor - Book nine
Chapter 9 - The Forkbeard Will Attend the Thing


Master Bretval - Moderator

ruby{Randolph}~t - scribe

from the GS Web Pages
"The Thing: An annual celebration held in Torvaldsland, during which all of the shieldmen of the various Great Jarls travel to the Hall of their particular leader, submit their weaponry for inspection, and formally repledge their oaths of loyalty. The Thing usually occupies a span of from three to five days, and occurs sometime during the middle of the ninth Gorean month (mid-November), varying according to such factors as weather and the current political situation."

Bretval {meral}: 13:43:50 pm CST
Okay ... time to begin...

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:44:03 pm CST
poises writing nib to finely milled rence parchment - listens intently

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 13:44:18 pm CST
Turns attention to Master Bretval

meral{Bretval} 13:44:18 pm CST
~turns her attention to her Master~

Bretval {meral}: 13:44:39 pm CST
Chapter Nine

Those same eager and willing bondmaids greet Tarl and the Forkbeard alike, and are treated in their turn with utter disdain by Hilda the Haughty. Her bearing is dignified, but it soon becomes apparent that she has received some initial training from Ivar even during the sea-journey, as Tarl recounts for us. Firstly by restricting her food and drink, and then by lashing her to one of the longship’s oars to be thoroughly wetted, chilled and frightened, Hilda has been taught to come to heel exactly as a pet or a slave.

We should note that this kind of treatment of women is not to be recommended here on Earth; but to the charge that Gor therefore institutionalises abuse of women, I shall content myself with reminding the reader of the punishment of the thrall Tarsk, who was lashed within an inch of his life merely because he would, if not prevented, have touched a bondmaid. We have yet to hear if Tarsk survived his beating; whereas Tarl reassures us that the Forkbeard, despite affecting indifference, had a close eye kept on Hilda, and has seen that she has come to no harm.

riss {GS} 13:45:38 pm CST
Listens quietly

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:48:34 pm CST

indeed Forkbeard allowed no severe harm to befall Hilda...she is Forkbeard prize..being the Daughter of His arch enemy Thorgard of Scagner

meral{Bretval} 13:48:47 pm CST
Hilda has certainly had her stubbornness punished out of her

Bretval {meral}: 13:49:06 pm CST
It seemsms fairly that Forkbeard has something in hand for Hilda... and breaking the girl to His collar is only the first step

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 13:49:38 pm CST
definitely mea ayli also noticed that

meral{Bretval} 13:49:43 pm CST
true my Master

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:50:51 pm CST
chuckles mea...being put to the oar would make any woman..Free or slave to become more complacent and learn to obey

meral{Bretval} 13:53:33 pm CST
agrees ruby.....wonders if any girls were drowned by the oar

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:54:10 pm CST
smiles Master Bretval
at this point Hilda is still a Free Woman

Bretval {meral}: 13:54:12 pm CST
the true question becomes what His intent is... to break Hilda to His collar for His own use... or possibly to return her to Thorgard as a slave... as a lesson to His enemy

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:55:23 pm CST
oh ruby is certain of that mea...or eaten by a hunjer whale that make the Northern waters their home

Bretval {meral}: 13:56:20 pm CST
true ruby... Hilda is still Free... at the moment

meral{Bretval} 13:57:50 pm CST

to keep Hilda for Himself mea thinks my Master

meral{Bretval} 13:58:16 pm CST
~gulps hearing ruby ~

Bretval {meral}: 14:00:08 pm CST
As to the second part... well it is not wise to treat a girl of Earth as a slave girl... at least not openly... but what goes on RT behind closed door it truly another question

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:01:12 pm CST
Forkbeard is an Outlaw...denied sat, bread and fire....hazards,a guess Hilda will be used to regain His Caste status..unless He falls prey to her wiles..which ruby highly doubts

Bretval {meral}: 14:03:37 pm CST
as to the young thrall... a lesson for all the thralls at the Holding... you can looks bit you better not touch.... as the song goes

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:03:39 pm CST
shudders at the thought to be treated as an earth girl...

meral{Bretval} 14:03:43 pm CST
Thorsguard could disown Hilda as she is a slave now.......Forkbeard would have no leverage then

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:06:31 pm CST
indeed Master
the thrall Tarsk was taught that lesson by the snake

however thought His name was Wulfstan..thus confused

Bretval {meral}: 14:07:38 pm CST

quite possibly having done that could be seen well by others... no matter what He does...

Bretval {meral}: 14:10:07 pm CST
That was his Free Man name, ruby... as a thrall... as with a bondsmaid the name is up to the Owner

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:11:29 pm CST
ohhhhh...understands now Master...thank You

Bretval {meral}: 14:12:08 pm CST
moving on....

The bondmaids treat Hilda to an assessment of her comparative beauty - and we can very well conclude that they are in no hurry to lose any status they have gained by standing well in the favour of the Forkbeard - and when she responds in fury, Ivar has her stripped. He gives her a whipping that is not especially severe for a slave girl, but is of course the only physical punishment she has endured in her life, and then orders her to burn her clothing and puts her to work under one of his other bondmaids.

Bretval {meral}: 14:15:19 pm CST
It is now obvious that Hilda is no longer a ?Free Person... and she had better get used to her new status right now...

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:15:54 pm CST

must admit ruby smiled... when after being put to the lash...she pleaded to obey...she learned the purpose of the whip well...something no woman forgets once felt

meral{Bretval} 14:16:19 pm CST
exactly my Master

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:17:56 pm CST
indeed Master

Hilda definitely needs to learn her new status quick

Bretval {meral}: 14:20:10 pm CST
but apparently Hilda needed another lesson... so

That night there is another feast, at which Hilda is to serve; but she shrinks away from the Forkbeard’s touch. So he, who is plainly a summa cum laude graduate of the Marlenus school of overcoming a woman’s resistance (for which, see the third installment of the Booknotes for “Hunters of Gor”), has her consigned to the ice shed. Again, this is exceeding harsh treatment and not to be imitated; but we may be sure that Ivar, as a Northerner and a mariner to boot, knows all about the dangers of hypothermia. It is several Ahn later that Ivar has her released, after she has begged many times to be sent to his
furs. There indeed she goes, and there she is joined by Ivar after he has quaffed another horn or two of mead. Within a short time he has worked his own brand of Northern-barbarian magic on her, and she is declaring herself his slave.

As for Tarl, he is not unprovided for, amusing himself with another bondmaid, Olga by name, on whom he inflicts “the second taking of the Gorean master” , in which “the girl is permitted no quarter, no mercy”. And though Olga speaks of this merciless usage with fear and trembling, it is plain that she enjoys it, for as she says, “I would not exchange my collar for all the jewels on Gor!”

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:24:27 pm CST
winks to mea
loved when Tarl left Olga to simmer and smolder for the merest touch of a Master...for the first and second taking

had to laugh when Tarl forgot about leaving her

meral{Bretval} 14:25:36 pm CST

mea laughed at Tarl forgetting her too ruby

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:26:16 pm CST
ayli thought it was funny as well ruby

meral{Bretval} 14:26:19 pm CST

Hilda was so cold she dived into Forkbeards furs lol

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:26:29 pm CST

now Hilda is literally the "coldest woman on Gor - as Ottar declared

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:26:41 pm CST
lol mea

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:27:09 pm CST

Bretval {meral}: 14:28:47 pm CST
*LOL* it may have been forgetfulness.. but the effect was what Tarl wanted... whether He knew it or not ... until after

meral{Bretval} 14:29:45 pm CST

very true my Master lol

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:30:15 pm CST
indeed Master
that portion ..when Tarl used Olga was HOT...fanning herself

Bretval {meral}: 14:32:14 pm CST
Any other thoughts or comments on Chapter 9?

meral{Bretval} 14:32:42 pm CST
nothing from mea thank You my Master

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:32:53 pm CST

none from this one Master Bretval thank You for asking this one

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:33:20 pm CST
yes..just one thing please Master

Bretval {meral}: 14:34:14 pm CST
speak ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:35:01 pm CST
girl needs more memory bytes

why was Forkbeard ousted as an Outlaw?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:39:26 pm CST
was Fork Beard ousted from Scagnar?....thus why He so desired the Daughter of Thorgard

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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor

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xx Re: Gorean Reading Society: 21-November -2017
« Reply #1 on: Nov 21st, 2017, 10:20pm »

Bretval {meral}: 14:39:37 pm CST
Ah... He crossed Svein Blue Tooth of the clan... whom Wwe will meet in the next chapter at the Thing

Bretval {meral}: 14:40:03 pm CST

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:40:28 pm CST

was Fork Beard ousted from Scagnar?....thus why He so desired the Daughter of seek His revenge?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:41:32 pm CST Forkbeard was never a Citizen of Scagnar?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:43:06 pm CST
thank You Master..nothing more from a girl

Bretval {meral}: 14:44:49 pm CST

not sure of that, ruby.... but it is a distinct possibly... but Those two have been Enemies for a long time... and Forkbeard must hide from most of the clan

Bretval {meral}: 14:47:18 pm CST

right,, from mea... He killed Svien Bluetooths cousin my Master... in a duel.....mea couldn't remember and looked it up.....

meral{Bretval} 14:48:39 pm CST

there is so much going on in this book, it's hard to take everything in at times mea finds

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:48:50 pm CST
well none the less...Hilda will learn her place under the belly of the sword

"slave girl of Torvaldsland; also referred to as a girl whose belly lies under the sword because she sleeps at the foot of her Master underneath His sword"

Bretval {meral}: 14:50:08 pm CST

the politics of a clan are as complex as any extended family

meral{Bretval} 14:50:13 pm CST
was taking Hilda just a pure act of revenge......mea can't decide yet

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:51:12 pm CST

nods thank you mea
forgot all about that

at the end of Chap 9
Hilda did crawl into the bond maids circle to submit to Fork Beard

Bretval {meral}: 14:52:45 pm CST
I agree, mea... a very complex story...

at any rate Eeveryone should read to the end of Chapter 12... it is going to become even more complicated

meral{Bretval} 14:52:50 pm CST
oh yes ruby she did.....mea had forgotten that bit....that's why GRS is so good, helps Uus all to remember and discuss

Bretval {meral}: 14:54:51 pm CST

Then I guess I am not wasting My time *grin*

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:56:09 pm CST

ayli enjoys book club Master when rt allows her to come

Bretval {meral}: 14:57:01 pm CST

and that brings Uus to the end of the session.
I thank all that could attend and Thank ruby for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:57:25 pm CST
to ruby it defies logic...not to adore book club and read the Gorean Saga....its why Wwe love Oour Home

girl is grateful Master for Your leading book club

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:57:57 pm CST
thank You Master Bretval for leading

thank you ruby for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:58:01 pm CST

again Master...thank You for leading

meral{Bretval} 14:58:16 pm CST

Thank You my Master for Your hard work and leading GRS.....kiss

thank you ruby for scribing once more.....hugs

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:59:33 pm CST
rolls up the scroll swiftly

as always a sheer privilege to serve my Jarls Home
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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor
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