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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:58pm

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xx Doing some chores
« Thread started on: Nov 16th, 2017, 1:42pm »

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 21:29:55 pm CST
slipping in quietly she goes over to the kitchen and looks to see what needs to be cleaned up..

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 21:33:03 pm CST
looking around she sees the shelving where the tankards are kept...stepping over there she runs her finger along the ledge of the wood..her flesh collecting a layer of dust she decides to clean that up.

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 21:37:06 pm CST
emptying the shelves she stands on her tippy toes... stretching to collect the vessels from the top shelf she slowly plucks tankard off after another...finially seeing that they are all removed she smiles..slowly she starts to hum a quiet tune while working..

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 21:43:42 pm CST
backing up she starts looking for a rag to wash off the shelves..finding one she smiles..grasping the cloth she makes her way back to the shelving...bnding down she washes aff the bottom shelf and the slowly making sure she gets every single inch of the shelf she moves her way up the towards the top highest shelf...jumping up she tries to reach the back of it..doing her best she settles back upon the bottom of her feet

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 21:54:13 pm CST
Seeing that the shelving is clean again she slowly starts replacing the tankards as they were found before but in little neater clump.. Once again she places a few on the tippy top.,.placing them closer to the edge but not to close to fall off...smiling seeing that everything looks straight and clean here she turns around to find something new to work on

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:03:47 pm CST
Seeing a stack of tankards, plates, and pots she moans inwardly...seeing that the sink was dry as a bone she clasps a bucket from the counter... Spotting a barrel full of water near the sink, the girl dunks the bucket in the water..letting out a quiet giggle as some water splashes her arms..

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:11:56 pm CST
Hauling the water bucket up towards the sink riss makes sure that the sink is plugged before dumping the water into the sink. Dumping the fresh clean water in she stoops down and grabs one more bucket of water and fills the sink up nice and full..ready to battle the dishes.

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:19:09 pm CST
Before letting the dishes enter the water she adds a little soap to ensure that they get clean. Seeing the bubbles grow she places in the used tankards in the water first...reaching for a cloth she plunges her hands into the water and grasps a vessel and starts to wash it off. Scrubbing the whole things and the lip of it she repeats with the rest of the tankards in the water

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:31:14 pm CST
After washing all of the tankards riss lines them up ontop of the drying rack..starting to quietly hum a Christmas song she grabs a plate and drowns it with water..scrubbing it clean she places it to dry and the girl keeps repeating the action with the other plates present. Seeing her hands turn wrinkly from the water she lets out a little laugh. Nibbling on her bottom lip she looks for the pots and pans

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:38:57 pm CST
Seeing two pots and a pan near the fire she waltzes over in their direction...seeing the tavern empty she starts to hum a little louder... Bending down nearer to the ground she checks to see if the stew needs to be remade...seeing that it looks ok she grabs the dirty pots and pans..balancing them she walks quickly back over towards the sink...setting them down upon the counter they make a loud crash causing her to jump in fright. Steadying the dishes she grabs the pan drenching it in the soapy water she scubs it with her cloth

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:46:06 pm CST
Setting the pan on the rack to dry she submerges a pot. Drowning it so that it fills with water inside she starts to scrub vigorously at the bottom of the pot to make sure that it gets clean. Whacking her hand on the side she pulls it out and sucks on her finger for a second and then placing it back in the water she sees to the pot getting clean..also setting it aside to dry she drenches the last pot and dish in the stack. Scrubbing it with all her strength she gets it clean a little faster than the first one.careful not to miss a mark she sets it along the other pots when it is clean.

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 22:54:23 pm CST
Seeing that the dishes are all clean she leaves them alone for a little bit. Rinsing her cloth in the water she wrings it out over the basin. She steps over to one end of the counter..setting the cloth down she washes off the counter top...still seeing that the tavern was empty she starts singing out loud quietly..a song about disturbing the silence..washing off the entire counter top the girl rinses off the cloth and sets it aside. Grabbing the bucket once more she fills it up with the dirty waster to lighten the basin she walks it out to the door and throws the dirty water out upon the cool ground. Returning to the sink she finishes emptying it outside leaving the sink clean and ready for next load of dirty dishes

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 23:00:49 pm CST
The girl goes to see if the tankards and plates are clean..laughing with joy in seeing that they are she carefully cradles all of the tankards...walking nearer to the shelves where they belong she sets them down gently...keeping the vessels organized she places the freshly cleaned vessels back in their home until the next use. Going back she collects the plates..looking to see where they go she sets them back where they belong..seeing that the pots and pan were still a little wet she finds a dry towel and buffs the dishes dry and ready to be put away... Grabbing the three of them stacked she puts them away for the night

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 23:09:45 pm CST
Seeing a bunch of little ledges on the counters and the wood in the kitchen she knows that there will be dust there. Searching for a newish cloth that doesnt look to dirty she makes dips it in the water making it nice and wet to complete this chore. Finding small ledges all over the place she kneels but sits up so she can easily reach the ledges. Poking her finger through the cloth she runs it along the edge collecting all of the dust and crumbs that have settled there...getting up she goes to the back doors and shakes the rag out. Going back tot he next area on the edge she continues to clean them off

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 11:31:06 am CST
stepping into the tavern from the kennels she walks over to the kitchen..and looks for work to do.

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 11:37:28 am CST
Remembering that last night she washed up all the dirty dishes and the shelving and dusted the kitchen. Grabbing a dry cloth she notices that the trays should be washed off. Looking for the bucket she skipps over to the barrel of water..filling the bucket she accidently spills some water..on the ground thinking she will deal with that a little later... The girl collects the cloth and water and goes to the stack of trays..

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 11:41:39 am CST
Laying the trays out on top of the counter out in a line she dips the cloth into the cool water in the bucket.. A shiver running up she spin she pulls the cloth out quickly and wrings it out. After she slowly wipes all of the trays off... Making sure that they are all left clean..moving from one end of the line to the other. Careful not to miss a crumb or a stray drop of drink.

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 11:52:11 am CST
Coming to the last tray she comes across a really sticky spot. Nibbling her lip to keep quiet she drowns the rag in the water again...wrings it out and sets it on top of the sticky spot to try to ease the amount of scrubbing...waiting for a few minutes she then starts to the scrub the sticky spot so that it goes away... Seeing that it is almost gone she gets excited..picking up the pace she scrubs it till it completely goes away . And she sees that all of the trays are nice and clean.

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 11:57:02 am CST
Tossing the cloth onto the counter she goes out to the back and throws out the water to the ground again. Remembering the water that she spilled in the beginning she grasps her cloth and walks over near the barrel of water... Stooping down she dries the spillage and then stands up and takes the cloth and dumps it near the rest of the dirty cloths. Seeing that the kitchen looks cleaner she does a little happy dance and then stands quietly for a few minutes..

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 12:00:13 pm CST
Making sure that everything looks clean and organized to anyone who would walk into the kitchen she walks around quickly to inspect her work. Running her fingers on the edges of everything she gets really happy seeing that its still clean. Seeing that all of the tankards were still organized she checks the time really quick...

riss{GS}{kettle slave} 12:07:31 pm CST
Thinking for a moment she then searches for the courage deep down in her to open the door to the cold room and make sure that it is clean in there. Taking in a quick sharp breath she pushes open the door..the rush of the cold running through all of her body..holding the door open she takes a quick peek around...making sure that stuff looks organized and fairly clean..moving fast she leaves the cold room closing the door...a huge shiver runs through her whole body...once again seeing that everything still looked clean she checks to see if she has time to do anything else

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