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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 05/14/2017.  (Read 231 times)

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xx Forum 05/14/2017.
« Thread started on: May 15th, 2017, 6:32pm »


Master of one



Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:41:15 pm CDT
Ok let us get going
If anyone has topic whisper it to me
And keep
Chit chat to low roar grins

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:42:06 pm CDT

~pays attention to Master Zoran, pen poised~

karinda {GS} 19:44:14 pm CDT
Emeralds cast to Master Zoran

aasima{GS} 19:44:25 pm CDT
*slave turns her eyes to the Captain, focusing her attention*

prissy{GS-O} 19:46:16 pm CDT
*shifting on her knees, she kept her gaze low but listened intently to the One speaking*

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 19:49:08 pm CDT

When someone is declared dead may they come back to GS as another person?

ayrie{Thadron} 19:50:05 pm CDT
~inhales softly, listening to the topic, forming her words before replying

aasima{GS} 19:50:52 pm CDT
*listening intently*

natasha{Zoran} 19:52:41 pm CDT
declared dead as a slave being killed?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 19:53:25 pm CDT that could be a question for the medical experts...are we talking ghosts or bona fide reincarnation?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:55:42 pm CDT
~trying to contain her grin at the words of Jarl Hunter.~

If a slave is declared dead it usually means that they have been banned from our home, to flicka's mind unless for some reason the Council of Captains in THEIR wisdom decide to rescind the banning then that slave is dead in any incarnation, and would not be permitted to return under a different name.

~formerly jessenia 19:57:50 pm CDT

chess seems to recall, ages... upon more ages than chess cares to recall, that there was a slave who, "reincarnated".... who was "re-removed of her head".... so as for slaves it would seem it's a no no....

But the Free.... not sure about that...

ayrie{Thadron} 19:57:56 pm CDT

~averts eyes as the Free speak

{moira} Master of one 20:00:49 pm CDT

moira believes this has been discussed before. Aall were told that the matter may have been discussed with the Captain, not for everyone's knowledge

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:01:05 pm CDT

banning can be revisited
Men lost at sea ( missing ) may return as themselves

but if you are declared dead by the Council-- re-incarnation is unlikely.. and as far as I know has never happened since I have been in Gs ( 2006)

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:02:08 pm CDT
Yes not sure I like a brought from the dead slave
Ugh might not look so good

{moira} Master of one 20:03:09 pm CDT
Laughs at Master Zoran's observation

aasima{GS} 20:04:18 pm CDT

*lifts her hand to cover the burble of laughter at Master Zoran's words, then lowers her eyes*

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:04:29 pm CDT
I like my slaves a live
Grabs the ass of the girl on my lap

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:04:32 pm CDT

~very very softly~ The fate of a Free Person is not for flicka to discuss. But flicka has trust in the wisdom of the Council of Captains, They have sworn to keep Council business secret, it is not for us to know whether or not They are aware of circumstances.

At times someone leaves our home for no nefarious reason, but because life circumstances dictate it, or they lose interest or whatever. The desire to return becomes overwhelming and they do return, who is flicka to say that they cannot take a new name?

karinda {GS} 20:04:57 pm CDT
Turns her head away from the chatter.

Girl hates this.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:05:12 pm CDT

most who are killed and banned are tossed into the sleen pit or into the canal.. not likely to be a pretty sight

natasha{Zoran} 20:05:25 pm CDT
grins and grinds said ass deeper into his groin, his large hands kneading soft fleshy moons

{moira} Master of one 20:05:43 pm CDT
Agrees with mistress better explanation

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:06:45 pm CDT

The really important question ought to be

is GS being attacked from within or without?

ayrie{Thadron} 20:07:24 pm CDT
thank you mistress for your words

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:07:27 pm CDT

three moons is that natasha?...laughs

natasha{Zoran} 20:09:23 pm CDT
grins at the Jarl

no such thing, Jarl, girl just has the right amount of moons!

20:09:33 pm CDT
What is the topic?

karinda {GS} 20:09:55 pm CDT
Drama Mistress..

As always

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:10:14 pm CDT
Sissy the topic was if someone is declared dead can they come back

karinda {GS} 20:10:25 pm CDT
Sighs and scolds her tongue for soeaking

20:10:31 pm CDT
Didn't I warn of this last forum

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:11:17 pm CDT
I was always told by those who mentored me ( Rollo esp) that in other sites people stir up things get killed and just come back under other names

20:11:29 pm CDT

No they can't there is a reason or reasons they were killed

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:13:28 pm CDT
at the same time some idiot cant just run into the tavern,, fly thru the air like some sort of gorean ninja and kill everyone with his magic sword-- that is why the Councils rules on death

ayrie{Thadron} 20:14:33 pm CDT
~uses the hem of her sunny silk to buff a place upon the sturdy wooden leg of Master's chair, still listening with upmost respect

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:15:17 pm CDT
I think this topic is dead
If there is nothing more to say
Shall we move on?

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:16:32 pm CDT
The next question would be... attacked by whom, and is it one or a group effort?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:16:41 pm CDT

Aaaww shucks Master Sandman, flicka would love to see that. Do all we slaves rush off to a safe place or do we kneel on the sidelines and ooh and ahh?
This girl reckons that our Masters and even Free Women would put up a pretty good fight against a ninja.

karinda {GS} 20:17:09 pm CDT
Please...lets hope to move on...

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:18:46 pm CDT
Hunter we might come back to that topic
I would like bring up some good news first

ayrie{Thadron} 20:19:39 pm CDT

~lifts a happy smile hearing the Master say good news

karinda {GS} 20:20:13 pm CDT
Emerald eyes shimmer with hope of good news

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:20:23 pm CDT
~wriggles with delight at the thought of good news~

20:21:09 pm CDT
what is the good news I could use some

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:21:24 pm CDT
Looks to the one on my lap stand before the Diaz
My slut

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:21:25 pm CDT

Motions mine to me as I quietly take my seat

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:21:32 pm CDT
~whispers to ayrie to keep polishing hard~

natasha{Zoran} 20:21:32 pm CDT
turns her eyes to her Master, listening quietly

ayrie{Thadron} 20:21:52 pm CDT
~pearly teeth catch her lower lip, molten browns lifting to the thud of His boots

swtpea{Frederick} 20:22:02 pm CDT
listening intently

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:22:08 pm CDT
and then ...why does gs leave itself open to such attacks by not cleaning up all the debris that floats around the the Tamber gulf and canals. We are too damn forgiving and easy going by a long way far too My humble opinion....If this was truly Gor there would be a lot more dead bodies is all I can say.

And I expect its highly likely some would wish Me to be one of them...LOL

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:22:42 pm CDT
looks on as Zoran speaks

natasha{Zoran} 20:23:28 pm CDT
a startled look in the depths of dark browns, the girl quickly heeds his command, sliding from his lap and standing before him, a shiver shaking her small frame

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:24:00 pm CDT
smiling at my Brother and natasha

aasima{GS} 20:25:20 pm CDT
*sim sneaks back in, silent and quick, skipping around the urts*

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:26:34 pm CDT

Sighs. Rti.... Bbl

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:26:46 pm CDT
natasha has earned her red silks
Which I am still very proud of my girl
She is also been very helpful to many of the girls
We have decided that she would make a great trainer
And make are home even stronger

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:27:19 pm CDT
~a grin threatening to split flicka's face into two~

ayrie{Thadron} 20:27:34 pm CDT
~slides off His boots, blowing hot kisses in His wake

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:27:38 pm CDT
Looks to flika to bring her the silks of trainer
Smiles to flika

karinda {GS} 20:28:00 pm CDT
Grins wide hearing Master speak...thinkong His slave is perfect for a traoner...gushes with happiness

ayrie{Thadron} 20:28:08 pm CDT
~turning her smile up to Master Zoran and His natasha

{moira} Master of one 20:28:15 pm CDT
Smiles at the hard earned honor

natasha{Zoran} 20:29:03 pm CDT
hands nervously wringing her red silks, happiness swelling in her breast at being allowed to serve further the Home of her Master, she blinks back joyful tears that threathen to spill

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:30:12 pm CDT
~laughing happily and rising from her knees beside Jarl Hunter, clutched in her hand the tiny little charm in the shape of a t. ~

Master Zoran ~giggling~ considering that often trainers are naked a small "t" charm attached to the slave's collar denotes her highly acclaimed proficiency.

~handing Him the tiny little token.~

swtpea{Frederick} 20:30:21 pm CDT
smiles brightly well done natasha

20:31:14 pm CDT
Well done natasha

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:31:19 pm CDT
well done Natasha, you have earned it

aasima{GS} 20:31:43 pm CDT
*soft* Och, what an honour! *listening*

karinda {GS} 20:32:07 pm CDT
Congratulations natasha...a true testament to hard work and devotion

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.

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Gender: Female
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xx Re: Forum 05/14/2017.
« Reply #1 on: May 15th, 2017, 6:37pm »

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:32:19 pm CDT
Laughs as I must be getting old
Taking the pendent and placing it on her neck
Welll done my slut kiss her deeply

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:32:25 pm CDT
thumps My fist into My shoulder....good news it is....a step in the right diection...looks to the Sardar...perhaps they look favorably on a den of thieves and scoundrels after all

Well done natasha sweet girl

ahyoka{GS~O} 20:33:03 pm CDT
congratulations, natasha

ayrie{Thadron} 20:33:18 pm CDT

congratulations natasha ~floats warmest hugs

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:33:27 pm CDT
~rubbing her hands in utter glee, wicked smile~

Congratulations natasha. ~hugging her warmly~ Be prepared to be swamped in work.

~formerly jessenia 20:34:25 pm CDT
congratulations natasha... *s*

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:34:26 pm CDT
Laughs at flika

natasha{Zoran} 20:35:11 pm CDT
still shaken, half laughing half crying, the girl kisses her Master with all the love in her slave heart, before turning swiftly to her beloved trainer, mistress flicka, whispering fiercely

girl would never have made it without all your help, Master and mistress, or indeed, without the help of all her sisters

she is truly thankful of being found worthy of such an honor and she will strive to merit the trust you place in her!

karinda {GS} 20:36:13 pm CDT
Claps her hands ...for tasha richly deserved this honor

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 20:36:54 pm CDT
entering quietly.
heart full of joy, weaving through the room as this girl moves directly to kneel at my Jarl's feet
pressing a loving kiss to His boot

greetings Master

congratulations natasha!

natasha{Zoran} 20:37:29 pm CDT
thank You, Master Sandman, this girl will work hard to make You all proud of her

thank you Jarl Hunter, for your kind words to this slut

and thank you, my lovely, sweet, funny and beloved sisters

aasima{GS} 20:37:48 pm CDT
*floats a hug8 Congratulations dear sister 'tasha. girl is eternally grateful for all the new trainer has done for one, without the tag. Well-deserved, well-earned.

Master of one 20:38:09 pm CDT
Congrats natasha

swtpea{Frederick} 20:38:57 pm CDT
girl is very very happy for you natasha you deserve it muchly floats warm hugs

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 20:39:17 pm CDT
Congratulations sweet natasha
The t looks remarkable on your collar.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:39:30 pm CDT
grasps mirren into My lap....greetings Mine....soft kiss upon slave lips

natasha{Zoran} ~t 20:39:35 pm CDT
grins and hugs tight the newly minted yellow silk

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:40:35 pm CDT
seriously for a moment.

Dearest natasha, you worked hard for your red silks, not once did you take an easy option, you agonised over your dances wanting them to not just be perfect, but to be filled with the passion you devote to firstly your Master and secondly our home. You are truely the jewel in our crown.

To be a good trainer, nay, to be a great trainer takes far more than mere knowledge of the facts, it takes empathy and understanding, it takes genuine desire for the trainee to succeed, excel and out shine the trainer. You have empathy overflowing, and you have a compassionate understanding.

natasha{Zoran} ~t 20:41:32 pm CDT

flushes a bright red at mistress words, bereft of words for once

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:41:46 pm CDT
perfectly spoken flicka

karinda {GS} 20:41:55 pm CDT
Nods in agreement to misstress

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:42:20 pm CDT
Smiles to my slut
She will be great in her new job

prissy{GS-O} 20:43:10 pm CDT
priss smiles gently..

congratulations sweet one

natasha{Zoran} ~t 20:43:19 pm CDT
this one hopes she will, all she can say is that she will put all her heart into it

ayrie{Thadron} 20:43:49 pm CDT
~smiles to mistress, beautiful words for our beautiful sister

natasha{Zoran} ~t 20:45:10 pm CDT
fingering the small charm, wonder still shining in her eyes, she sinks into her Master's lap, still trembling but now from joy

prissy{GS-O} 20:48:22 pm CDT

priss must go for the night, she wishes Eeveryone well..

*smiling gently, she moved to kiss the boots of Master Sandman, wiping her kiss free with her locks of hair, she moves Master Zoran.. kissing His boots likewise wiping her kiss free with her hair..

she thanks Yyou all for the opportunity to visit here..

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:49:08 pm CDT
Be well prissy

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:49:21 pm CDT
~eyes dancing~ and tonight we have here with us two new slaves in their o collars.

~smiling at ahyoka and prissy~ flicka hopes that when they truely become a part of our home we can put the lovely natasha to work.

This girl would like to welcome not just ahyoka and prissy but also has another congratulations to give.

~turning to swtpea.~ Sister yellow silks, a girl must ask did Master Austin supply that glorious shade of yellow?

ahyoka{GS~O} 20:49:50 pm CDT

aasima{GS} 20:50:05 pm CDT train other sisters in this world is one of this lowly white silks goals. *dazzling smile*

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:50:10 pm CDT
Yes congrats sweetpea

prissy{GS-O} 20:50:22 pm CDT
she smiled softly to the girl earning her yellows.. a warmth filled prissy's heart.. nodding to Master Zoran.. she slipped quietly away..

take care Eeveryone.. it was a pleasure to be here

swtpea{Frederick} 20:50:29 pm CDT
smiling softly at mistress flicka yes he did

karinda {GS} 20:51:18 pm CDT
Smiles a warm welcome to the new girl's

Flashes a smile and blows a congrats kiss to the cheery pea!

swtpea{Frederick} 20:51:21 pm CDT
thank you Master Zoran

ayrie{Thadron} 20:51:27 pm CDT
~smiles and whispers warm congratulations to the sweet pea

natasha{Zoran} ~t 20:51:27 pm CDT
grins at swetpea

yellow silks for a golden girl, you look beautiful in them, and you have worked really hard for them *hugs*

swtpea{Frederick} 20:51:38 pm CDT
warm hugs thank you karinda

{moira} Master of one 20:52:21 pm CDT
Congrats pea smiles

swtpea{Frederick} 20:52:22 pm CDT
hugs thank you natasha and congratulations again to you

20:52:29 pm CDT
From what I read on the corks isn't prissy someone that was here before perhaps under a different nic

aasima{GS} 20:52:33 pm CDT
*delighted...clapping her palms against her thighs* Congratulations dear pea. sim will not be long behind her sister.

swtpea{Frederick} 20:52:35 pm CDT
thank you moira smiles

swtpea{Frederick} 20:52:54 pm CDT
thank you sim hugs

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 20:53:10 pm CDT
-huge smile-
Congrats pea
This one knew you'd make yellow look lovelier than ever before

20:53:28 pm CDT
Congrats swtpea

swtpea{Frederick} 20:53:29 pm CDT

thank you rykl warm smiles

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:53:34 pm CDT
~smiling at aasima~ a great aspiration to have sister.

swtpea{Frederick} 20:53:49 pm CDT
thank you Mistress Sissy

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 20:56:05 pm CDT
sinking happily into my Jarl's lap

congratulations swtpea.-s-

welcome to Gorean Shores prissy and ahyoka...sending hugs , so wonderful to have new sisters!

swtpea{Frederick} 20:56:34 pm CDT
thank you mirren

aasima{GS} 20:56:43 pm CDT
*heat creeps up her cheeks* Apologies, mistress, sim sill wears whie. That should probably not have been public. But, what higher goal, than to train her sisters?

ahyoka{GS~O} 20:57:01 pm CDT
thank you, mirren ~smiles~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:57:46 pm CDT
~laughing~ sim, it is a great goal to have.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:59:47 pm CDT
throws My hunting blade and it sinks into the wood of the door....grins....still got a dead eye aim and the hunting season is close...practise never hurts

ayrie{Thadron} 21:01:53 pm CDT
~eyes the blade appreciatively yet wonders how much buffing the door will require

aasima{GS} 21:02:00 pm CDT
*flinches back, orbs rolling in intimidation*

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 21:02:51 pm CDT
I think we shall call forum to close this night

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:03:18 pm CDT
Tis a great pity there isnt more good news more often...and the right kind....growls as I retrieve the knife

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:03:23 pm CDT
~feeling the parting in her golden locks

voice trembling~

Jarl Hunter You missed.

ayrie{Thadron} 21:03:25 pm CDT
Thank You for leading Master Zoran

Thank you mistress for scribing

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 21:03:31 pm CDT

feels His strong muscles flex as He throws

natasha, you are positively glowing and we are so fortunate to have you both as a sister and a trainer

karinda {GS} 21:03:43 pm CDT
girl thanks Master Z oran for leading forum

Thanks mistress flicka for scribing

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:03:45 pm CDT
thank you Brother Zoran and flicka

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:03:51 pm CDT
Thank You Master Zoran for leading an ummmm interesting forum.

natasha{Zoran} ~t 21:04:06 pm CDT
thank you for leading, my Master

and thank you mistress, for scribing

swtpea{Frederick} 21:04:15 pm CDT
thank you Master Zoran for leading
thank you mistress flicka for scribing

natasha{Zoran} ~t 21:04:29 pm CDT
grins and hugs mirren tight

thank you sweet sister!

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.

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xx Re: Forum 05/14/2017.
« Reply #2 on: May 15th, 2017, 6:40pm »

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 21:04:36 pm CDT
Laughs yes very interesting

{moira} Master of one 21:05:02 pm CDT
Thank You for leading Master Zoran

Thanks flicka for scribing

mirren{Hunter}~~ heart sister to aura 21:05:12 pm CDT
thank You Master Zoran for leading
and mistress for scribing

aasima{GS} 21:05:27 pm CDT
girl was finishing lesson 4 when she had to leave. When she returned, 5 weeks ago, she requested to start over again, so just finished lesson 2.

aasima{GS} 21:07:04 pm CDT
she thank*s Master Zoran and first girl flicka. *slipping away

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 21:07:23 pm CDT
Thanks Zoran and flicka

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:07:35 pm CDT
aasima and that was very wise of you. it is hard to go back over what we have already done, but sometimes the longer way is the shorter way. Umm flicka thinks she got that right. ~laughs softly~

User IP Logged

"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I donít mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.
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