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Oct 20th, 2017, 12:48am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Forum 07/09/2017.  (Read 126 times)

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xx Forum 07/09/2017.
« Thread started on: Jul 14th, 2017, 12:09am »


Master of one



OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:45:09 pm CDT
well folks lets get started

you all know the rules

whisper topics to me
keep cross talk in pm's

and respect for all

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 19:45:53 pm CDT
Settles in my curule chair, ready for forum

karinda {GS} 19:46:37 pm CDT
Nlows kisses to the other sisters and hushes...eyes focused on Master Sandman

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:47:10 pm CDT
warm browns lift to Master Sandman - listens intently

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:48:08 pm CDT
please pm any topics to me

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:49:21 pm CDT
~gazing at her dimpled knees thinking how Masterfully Master Sandman says those commands.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:49:25 pm CDT
I have a topic:

Is it honorable for a Master to lie to a slave, just because He has the right?

Sissy 19:50:19 pm CDT
a soft laugh escaping my veiled lips then looking serious again

Sissy 19:51:11 pm CDT
Gor is a Mans World
He may do & say what he wishes
but the truth shall set him free

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 19:52:45 pm CDT
Is it important that the question is asked about a Master to a slave? Any lie can ride the fine line of a Masters honor...

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:53:28 pm CDT
Why would a Master ever need to besmirch His honour by lying to a slave? Surely He would feel no need to do so. A slave accepts what a Master says and does without question. To lie and be deceitful merely lessens any respect that others would have for Him.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 19:53:54 pm CDT

ate if one lies too his slave whats stopping one from lieing too Other Jarls

Sissy 19:54:24 pm CDT
Thadron with All due Respect
several here have No honor when it comes to a yummy piece of ass

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:55:29 pm CDT
one lie, and all your truths become doubtful

that is what this one learnt, and she thinks it applies to anyone

ruby~{Randolph}~t 19:55:47 pm CDT
this one can't see a need for a Master to lie to slave...would it be dishonorable to lie to a pet?

Bretval {meral}: 19:55:58 pm CDT

Perhaps the reason for the lie may be a factor.. on the whole I dess lies an Dishonourable... but circumstances must be taken into consideration

ayrie{Thadron} 19:56:10 pm CDT

Apologies, but is that not assuming the Master truly lied?
the topic could equally be of a slave lying?
Or Any Person really

moira aka Unwanted 19:56:24 pm CDT

Laughs softly agrees with Mistress Sissy

Sissy 19:57:18 pm CDT
Aye I agree natasha

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 19:57:48 pm CDT

I suppose that could be true Sissy.... not sure why one would have to lie to enjoy a yummy piece of ass. Chuckles

Sissy 19:58:19 pm CDT

ayrie I trust No one til my trust is earned
and its earned by actions

ayrie{Thadron} 19:59:00 pm CDT
~smiles up at her yummy Master

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 19:59:58 pm CDT

Mark Twain said
"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember what you said

if you tell a lie you have to remember everything you ever said

and I don't have a memory that good"

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:00:21 pm CDT
flicka agrees with natasha. ~laughs~ However if a sister asks if her bum looks big in this camisk, well flicka is not going to say yes is she? That is diplomacy.

Sissy 20:01:03 pm CDT
Thadron there are also girls here that just want a pretty kolar
they think they have to have one it makes them feel needed
So there are some Men that would promise or even give that kolar
then quickly remove it when they got what they wanted

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:01:14 pm CDT
Sandman one lie begets another `

if one tells the truth no need to remember what was said ~ in the first place

ayrie{Thadron} 20:01:24 pm CDT

~grins at mistress flicka

Oh we don't lie, we say, your eyes are dazzling beneath the three moons sister

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:01:46 pm CDT
Sissy sadly that is true

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:02:11 pm CDT
grins at mistress, vowing to never ask her about this one bum!

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:02:26 pm CDT
~tossing ayrie a hug~ aye sister.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:02:46 pm CDT
I also have problems with Velcro collars, Sissy.

Sissy 20:02:56 pm CDT
see I'm not the only one who has seen such

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:03:35 pm CDT
Thadron way too many of them ~`

ayrie{Thadron} 20:03:41 pm CDT
~flings two back at mistress fiicka
Besides, better love handles for Master

moira aka Unwanted 20:04:04 pm CDT
But such collars aren't always a slaves fault alone

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:04:30 pm CDT
It takes two, moira

Sissy 20:04:36 pm CDT
I have been here & at the DM at Poolside for over 12 years and I have collard 3...I take my collars Very serious..the word velcro makes my skin crawl

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:05:22 pm CDT
A collar is very important to me as well

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:06:43 pm CDT
Sometimes a slave sees the only validation of what she wishes to be is a collar. A Master's collar and so she will rush into any collar which is offered. Other times it is because she truly believes that he is the One and she will find what she is seeking there.

This girl has no doubt that some Masters collar merely for the bit of fluff They can obtain, just as some Men on earth flit from girl to girl.

This girl would ask Who is the loser, the Master or the slave?

ayrie{Thadron} 20:07:42 pm CDT
~warm hues lift to His, a tender finger tracing the T upon her thigh

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:08:17 pm CDT

agrees with all stated...its prudent to not rush a collar

Sissy 20:08:19 pm CDT
I will not give names

Bretval {meral}: 20:08:31 pm CDT

Well having only given one collar to a slave I have no comment to make in regards to velco collars other than I also disapprove of the very idea

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:08:38 pm CDT
Let's not get mushy, ayrie. Chuckles

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:09:41 pm CDT
Any more comments on this subject?

ayrie{Thadron} 20:10:30 pm CDT

~lips press together, silencing the beasts... mushy thoughts

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:11:01 pm CDT
To be prepared, I will take discussion topics in whispers while Sandman is away

Bretval {meral}: 20:11:12 pm CDT
nothing here,Captain

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:11:14 pm CDT
none from this one, Master Thadron

ayrie{Thadron} 20:11:31 pm CDT
nothing from Yours, Master

Sissy 20:12:08 pm CDT
nothing more from me

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:15:13 pm CDT
I have one thing to add... we do not wish for Free or slave to be hurt here. Seek them out and gather their wisdom on the subject of collars. We love to give advice

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:16:18 pm CDT
indeed Master Thadron...advice ...taken or not

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:16:42 pm CDT
Whoops part of my sentence is missing. The "them" I was referring to are the experienced ones here....

Sissy 20:17:03 pm CDT
and don't wear your heart on your sleeve this is roleplay
and that seems to be forgotten

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:17:06 pm CDT
Mistress Sissy, flicka was speaking hypothetically. Most of us have made mistakes in our lives.

Sissy 20:18:12 pm CDT
of course Wwe all have..Wwe are Human not machines flicka

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:18:19 pm CDT

Airs a moment longer

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:19:29 pm CDT
~smiling at Mistress Sissy unable to resist~ Aye Mistress but at times some of us do need a bit of oiling.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:19:32 pm CDT
I will close discussion on that subject...

Sissy 20:19:42 pm CDT
I'm Sorry Thadron I did say I was done

Sissy 20:20:04 pm CDT

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:21:14 pm CDT
Next topic

it is in our rules that a white silk GS may not Pm with a Master other than a Captain..

Thoughts on this?

ayrie{Thadron} 20:23:21 pm CDT
one thinks the rule was made for a reason

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:23:45 pm CDT
returning back from rt

thank you Brother please continue as rt may interrupt again soon

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:24:29 pm CDT
natasha understands it is in the rules, and as such, must be followed, but having herself undergone such restriction, she also knows how lonesome and isolated a girl does feel, and how frustrating it is not to be able to interact with the pledged Free

Sissy 20:24:36 pm CDT
I see nothing wrong with that rule
and like ayrie I think that rule was made for a reason

Bretval {meral}: 20:25:51 pm CDT
I think there could be an exception.... in the case of a new member that does not know the rules and is asking a white slave to do something forbidden to her....
better to keep it PM then open to the room

Sissy 20:25:53 pm CDT
why can you not interact natasha? there should be nothing discussed thats so private or personel that it has to be whispered

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:26:33 pm CDT
flicka does not wish to second guess the Captain's in Their wisdom in making this rule but would think it is because:

1/ A good test of obedience.

2/ A protection for a slave new to Gor/Gorean Shores from being importuned.

3/ An opportunity for the slave to not be dragged into corners by just one Master.

ayrie{Thadron} 20:26:44 pm CDT
one thinks the idea is to interact publicly, a white silk could serve the Free

Sissy 20:27:10 pm CDT
the question was for a wht silk and a pledged free Bretval not newbie to wht silk

Sissy 20:28:34 pm CDT
she politely tells them she isn't allowed to whisper and she says it publicly

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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.

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xx Re: Forum 07/09/2017.
« Reply #1 on: Jul 14th, 2017, 12:14am »

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:28:48 pm CDT
this rule was made for a give a new girl in be patient and not bothersome to the learn patience...learn from ones sisters

it has been this ones experience that at times Masters give the wrong can be quite confusing

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:28:50 pm CDT
Bretval white silk can say she is not allowed too pm `

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:29:12 pm CDT
And as ayrie said for the white silk to serve openly.

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:29:31 pm CDT
for some, Mistress Sissy, it is not easy to inteact in public, natasha is one of those.

One tends to think that whispering must be about things that cannot be said openly, more often than not, it is not the case.

and she thought the same...till she was restricted.

she often felt rude, and it made her retreat, when she could not even return a greeting, or a how do you do.

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:29:34 pm CDT
nodding to aryie I believe that is the intent

that a white silk talk in public and interact in public

rather than be monopolized in whispers,, and frankly tempted to go beyond their restrictions

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:31:27 pm CDT
If a white silk is whispered to by a Master, there is absolutely no need for her to name Him. She can merely state openly that she is not permitted to respond to PMs from free Persons.

This girl also sees natasha's point, it can be isolating to not be permitted to whisper.

ayrie{Thadron} 20:31:57 pm CDT
could she not post publicly with respect?

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:31:59 pm CDT

Good point, Bretval... however we teach slaves from the beginning to gracefully handle "tricky" circumstances in public when possible... it helps them quickly become accustomed to role play here

~chessie 20:33:45 pm CDT
When chess first started here, many moons ago, she was told it was also to keep a girl focused on her training. Perhaps a good incentive for her to quickly move up to those yellows.

Sissy 20:34:33 pm CDT
Aye chessie
a slave always needs incentive

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:34:37 pm CDT
And flicka, if it is handled in that manner, a new Free should learn quickly how things are role played here

karinda {GS} 20:34:38 pm CDT
Agrees with chessie

Bretval {meral}: 20:34:46 pm CDT
The point is that is may not have anything to do with PM... a newbie may not know anything and be asking a white silk for services for bidden to her... should Wwe embarrass the new Master when a quick word by PM could end it and leave His Honour untarnished

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:34:48 pm CDT
Aye chessie a very good carrot to induce a slave to not dally with their training and to attain yellow silks as soon as she may.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:35:11 pm CDT
Nods... yes, chessie, that is also correct

~chessie 20:36:26 pm CDT
Sure helped chess learn fast, *giggles*

Sissy 20:37:14 pm CDT
Bretval I don't see why a wht silk couldn't handle that publicly & Respectfully..if the Mans Honor is lost that quickly then does he really need to be here?

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:38:44 pm CDT
We would not discipline a slave for a clarification in private if she thought that was the best way to guard a Free's honor, Bretval..... we just try to teach handling it gracefully in public...

Bretval {meral}: 20:39:40 pm CDT
It is My nature to consider all sides of a question Sissy *grin*
and explore the topic thoroughly

Sissy 20:40:54 pm CDT

I'm just trying to grasp the concept of a No tarnishing a Mans Honor
or is it that it tarnishes his ego??

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:41:00 pm CDT
We would discipline her if she did it repeatedly.... especially with little or no cause

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:41:05 pm CDT
to ruby...its all in the tone used publicly..and that is taught ...and hopefully learned in class

Bretval {meral}: 20:42:14 pm CDT

Thank you, Thadron ... that makes perfect sense

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:42:20 pm CDT
Or Her ego. Touché, Sissy

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:43:19 pm CDT
chessie need to tie you down

~chessie 20:44:07 pm CDT
chess definitely needs an anchor tonight, she's flooded here... lol

Bretval {meral}: 20:44:25 pm CDT
The both could be the same for someone new, Sissy

Sissy 20:44:26 pm CDT
yes or Her ego..No Touche here Thadron its not like I've never been told No

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:45:06 pm CDT
~deep breath~

Sometimes a person new to Gorean Shores will PM a white silk and do so in all good intent. This is an adult and sexually explicit site. To then be told for all to see that the girl is not permitted PMs can make that new person very uncomfortable, as it could be implied that His PM was salacious, and maybe it was.

It is as has been said a good lesson/opportunity for the white silk to use diplomacy in advising the PMer that she is not permitted to receive or answer them.

Sissy 20:46:08 pm CDT
if the slave uses No names then who is to be hurt?

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:46:24 pm CDT

The Touché was meant to acknowledge you were correct, it mainly is protecting egos... I should have been more clear

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:46:27 pm CDT
diplomacy is always necessary.. white silks have to tread a fine line between need and patience

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:47:32 pm CDT

And flicka has seen some really nasty and rude responses to a PM. Never should a slave treat any Free Person rudely.

chessie 20:48:50 pm CDT

it is truely more of a matter of diplomacy chess thinks..... true if it were r/t Gor,... a Man's ego probably wouldn't be considered, He either handled it or didn't.... but in an online situation, as mistress said, it could make One feel uncomfortable, whether His name was mentioned or not.. because perhaps if He were the only "new" Free about He would know the statement was about Him, and perhaps it would discourage Him from coming to the home again. and in an online situation, if there's no one here, there's no one to interact....

if that makes any sense

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:49:28 pm CDT
That's when a Free should step in with the slave and engage the newbie, cleverly put them at ease

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:52:11 pm CDT

If anyone has another short topic, whisper me

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:52:19 pm CDT
~smiling sunnily at Master Thadron~

Yes Master! You have totally cut to the heart of it. A Master experienced, and especially experienced in the ways of Gs can PM the new Master and explain the situation to Him/Her.

We want to be welcoming but we also want to have our rules and have people abide by them. To not do so is the path to anarchy.

Sissy 20:53:25 pm CDT

and Goddess knows I bring enough anarchy to this

moira aka Unwanted 20:53:49 pm CDT

Sissy 20:54:33 pm CDT

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:54:41 pm CDT
~chuckling at Mistress Sissy~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:55:01 pm CDT
If we all are saying the same thing, it's pretty boring... I think the discussion has been very good tonight...

Bretval {meral}: 20:55:45 pm CDT
Well said Thadron and flicka... truly the time for the free to speak up... quietly

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 20:56:30 pm CDT
But that implies that there are experienced Frees present

Sissy 20:57:38 pm CDT
toss the word "if" in there flicka for Thadron

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:58:05 pm CDT

Or a slave who is permitted to PM.

Bretval {meral}: 20:59:29 pm CDT
And when there are not Free present... flicka's lessons in diplomacy kick in

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:03:14 pm CDT
Are there any more comments on this topic?

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:03:56 pm CDT
none here Brother

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:04:09 pm CDT
nothing more from ruby...a fine discussion this evening

Bretval {meral}: 21:04:16 pm CDT
Not from Me

ayrie{Thadron} 21:04:18 pm CDT
Nothing from Yours, Master

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:04:23 pm CDT
none here

moira aka Unwanted 21:04:39 pm CDT
No, Master Thadron

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:04:56 pm CDT
Nothing more from flicka.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:09:03 pm CDT

If there is nothing else, I call forum to an end.

Thank you Brother for getting us started.
Thanks to the scribe as well

ruby~{Randolph}~t 21:10:05 pm CDT
thank You Master Sandman and Master Thadron for leading

mistress flicka for scribing

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 21:10:57 pm CDT
thank you Brother for taking over and to our lovely scribe for scribing

Bretval {meral}: 21:10:59 pm CDT
My thanks to the Forum leaders and the scribe

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 21:11:20 pm CDT

THanks for Sandman and Thadron for leading
flicka for scribing

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:11:22 pm CDT
Thank You Master Sandman for leading and Master Thadron for taking over.

ayrie{Thadron} 21:12:37 pm CDT
Thank You Master Sandman and her Master

Thank you mistress flicka

Well wishes All ~presses a kiss to Master's boots before rising and rushing to warm His furs

moira aka Unwanted 21:13:41 pm CDT
Thank You Both for leading, Masters
Thanks for scribing flicka
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"I want to live darkly and richly in my a woman I want to be dominated...I don’t mind being told to stand on my own feet, not to cling, be all that I am capable of doing, but I am going to be pursued, fucked, possessed by the will of a male at his time, his bidding." Anais Nin.
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