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Oct 20th, 2017, 08:28am

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 1   Book discussion and book quotes / Re: quote  on: Yesterday at 6:20pm
Started by swtpea{Frederick} | Post by flicka{GS}~fg
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 2   Book discussion and book quotes / Re: quote  on: Yesterday at 6:19pm
Started by swtpea{Frederick} | Post by flicka{GS}~fg
~reading this and thinking about the words that life is not a dress rehearsal. ~

So true, we are each of us unique, so why would we wish to live our life in a pale imitation of another?
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 3   Fun stuff / Re: pea's word of the day 10/19/17  on: Yesterday at 6:17pm
Started by swtpea{Frederick} | Post by flicka{GS}~fg
"I was walking down the road and I saw a donkey heehaw

He only had three legs, one eye and he liked to listen to country music and he was quite tall and slim and he smelt really bad and that morning he got up early and he hadn't had any coffee and he was always getting up to mischief but he was quite good looking He was a spunky hanky panky cranky stinky dinky lanky honky tonky winky wonky donkey"

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 4   slave chores / Brave flicka  on: Yesterday at 6:06pm
Started by flicka{GS}~fg | Post by flicka{GS}~fg
flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:29:31 pm CDT
~stepping into the Tavern, thinking about what is up in the rafters, goosebumps rising all over a slave's body at the knowledge there are monsters with eight legs.~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:32:22 pm CDT
~what is ficka if she is not intrepid, she is a bondsmaid of The North, she is strong and used to all manner of nasty little tasks.

Once more flicka looks to the rafters, her whole body shuddering as a slight movement causes a web to shimmer. Flicka stifles a sob.~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:34:46 pm CDT
~turning to the kitchen flicka begins to prepare herself for the task that she as first girl of Gorean Shores needs to do. For what do they say? if you are not prepared to do a thing yourself you cannot ask others to do it for you. ~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:43:04 pm CDT

~rummaging in the special slaves cupboard flicka unearths her special "suit" slithering out of her silks, folding them carefully before donning the special suit, flicka hopes and prays that no one Master or slave will come in.

A little wriggle has the heavily woven silk clinging tightly to her body. Every slender line fully defined in the pale pink material, breasts sharply delineated, every pore of her nipples etched against the fabric. Carefully flicka encloses her golden hair in the hood, pulling tightly the drawstring, and securing the fine mesh over her face.
A little giggle issues from flicka's lips, as she now looks like a strange hybrid Mistress/slave.~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:49:33 pm CDT
~as flicka walks across the kitchen her silken encased feet make a strangely sweet purr, pausing flicka wonders if Masters would enjoy the feel of silken encased feet travelling over Their naked bodies. This slave must experiment with that.

Now to business, going out the door flicka seeks the long step ladder, she ceases to breath as she passes the necessaries, and thinks that the time has come once more to assign a kajirus to do a little cleaning within.

The stepladder is housed in the out-shed if flicka recalls. Pulling open the door, the tightly woven enveloping silken suit in whichh flicka is enshrouded creaks and a girl prays to not split a seam.

Note to self: stop eating tastas.~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:53:52 pm CDT

~flicka begins to hunt for the ladder, for unless she can find it she will not be able to deal with the eight legged ones. With her eyes closed flicka enters the shed, placing her soft, delicate hands over her eyes she diligently seeks the ladder. Nope not here. No ladders in this shed.

Being a faithful and hardworking little slave slave patters over to the rear of the outhouse, once more closing her eyes she searches for the ladder. She trips over a wooden object, but with eyes tightly screwed shut, just knows this cannot be the ladder~

Oh what a shame someone must have borrowed it and failed to return it.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 18:59:54 pm CDT
~Entering once more into the kitchen of the Tavern, flicka smiles to herself, she has been reprieved, for it is impossible to reach the rafters without the ladder.

~slowly and with great reluctance flicka divests herself of the all encompassing suit, enjoying the feel of the heavy fabric against her legs and body. So sad that flicka was unable to fulfill this task. Freeing her flaxen locks from the hood, flicka shakes her head, allowing the cascade of molten strands falling down her naked back.

Stowing the spider suit into the very back of the cupboard flicka wills her mind to forget where it is. For next time perhaps she will find the ladder but not the suit.

With a smile flicka slips into her diaphanous red silks and feels her heart sing with joy at not being able to address the eight legged monster issue. Perhaps someone else will feel the need remove them after a Master has one drop into His tankard of paga. ~
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 5   slave restrictions / Re: Restrictions and description of sura  on: Yesterday at 1:42pm
Started by Austin | Post by sura
-steps on the corks, kissing the parchment with her Master's handwriting, she takes His quill in slender finger-

this mere slave read and understands, my Master. a girl prays to serve her Master in honesty, total devotion, and absolute submission.
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 6   slave restrictions / release of shirin  on: Yesterday at 1:29pm
Started by Austin | Post by Austin
shirin has been released. I wish her well on her journey.
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 7   slave restrictions / Restrictions and description of sura{Austin}  on: Yesterday at 1:14pm
Started by Austin | Post by Austin
name: sura

collar: {Austin}

Owner: Austin

hair: long auburn curls

eyes: emeralds with gold flecked gems

brand: None at this time

silks: white silk; may wear light blue to match Master's

adornments: Bronze collar engraved with the symbol Au:


sura is restricted from any sexual use There will be No lapping or sexual contact of any kind until further notice

My slave is to tower before All Free

in minor cases of flawed behavior - she may be cuffed or pushed aside

in cases of grievous behavior - the girl is to be tied to the whipping post I, as her Master, will care for My property's punishment as I see fit - informed as soon as possible..(a c/p of the incident is required)..My slave will supply her Masters e-mail upon demand

Pledged Free - may be served food and drinks with only passion

Non-pledged Free - may serve food and drinks with passion, no heat

My slave may not travel to any sites other than PoolSide and approval to those on Yahoo Messenger or Skype at this time. sura will not be allowed to whisper or receive whisper or a msg except those designated by myself. If she receives a whisper she is 1. copy and paste the whisper and send it to me via email and to publicly tell the Free that she is NOT allowed to whisper but will talk publicly. sura is allowed to whisper to other sisters and members of the Council. she will follow my rules and restrictions always.
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 8   GS new arrivals/welcome home / Re: Master Austin collars the slave sura  on: Yesterday at 12:10pm
Started by natasha{Zoran} | Post by swtpea{Frederick}
congratulations Master Austin and sura.. Wwe hope Yyour journey is a long and joyous one!

Master Frederick and his pea
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 9   Fun stuff / pea's word of the day 10/19/17  on: Yesterday at 12:05pm
Started by swtpea{Frederick} | Post by swtpea{Frederick}
wonky- turned or twisted toward one side

walking down the docs, of Port Kar girl see's, a wonky looking ship, she wonders what has happened to it?

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 10   Book discussion and book quotes / quote  on: Yesterday at 11:58am
Started by swtpea{Frederick} | Post by swtpea{Frederick}

"They are different men. They are not earthlings. They are Goreans. They are strong, they are hard, and they will conquer you. For a man of earth, you might never be a woman. For a man of Gor, I assure you, my dear, sooner or later you will be."

Page 12 - Tribesmen of Gor
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