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Apr 30th, 2017, 03:03am

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 1   Book discussion and book quotes / Marking the passage of time  on: Apr 28th, 2017, 10:39pm
Started by Xertog | Post by Xertog
10 years ago this week the GS weekly book discussion started. I am pleased to see it continues.
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 2   General and RT / Procrastination  on: Apr 28th, 2017, 01:21am
Started by flicka{GS}~fg | Post by flicka{GS}~fg
flicka is a procrastinator, has been all her life, but recently saw this quote by The American, author, humourist, satirist Mark Twain.

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

One can lateral think this quote to: Perform your least liked/most pressing/most difficult task first thing and the rest of the day will be a breeze.

Today flicka did this and felt liberated. ~laughing~

But of course the habit/character traits of a lifetime will most likely rear their ugly heads tomorrow or maybe they wont.

A girl is thinking about what she can defer doing tomorrow. No she isn't a girl is determined to change.....maybe.
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 3   Forum Notes / Re: Forum 04/23/2017.  on: Apr 27th, 2017, 9:40pm
Started by flicka{GS}~fg | Post by flicka{GS}~fg
flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:38:07 pm CDT
~scrambling her fingers under the slave furs, finding a squashed and rather linty tasta, holding it toward Master of one~

Master would a slightly nibbled and sucked tasta be enough of a price?

20:38:37 pm CDT
I have no desire for a Master

Master of one 20:39:12 pm CDT
yes Zoran but he had to have his own slave after capitalizing his name
~shakes My head

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:39:13 pm CDT
aura truly wasn't asking of the business of the council she wouldn't dare.... hushes...

20:39:44 pm CDT
fryer? as in Dyer rayne Zoran?

20:40:03 pm CDT
fyer rayne

Master of one 20:40:15 pm CDT
~ smelling what used to be a tasta
We can work something else out flicka, you keep that

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:40:21 pm CDT

smiling to aura no worries dear girl

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:40:29 pm CDT

Aye scary, but flicka thought only we slaves found it so. Would any Gorean Master admit to fear in any format?

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:40:59 pm CDT

I ment try laughs

Master of one 20:41:43 pm CDT

its not fear flicka...its smell

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:42:47 pm CDT
Yes he
Was flip flopping all over the place
But I told him he should watch for a bit and read the books

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:42:54 pm CDT
thank you Master Sandman

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:44:20 pm CDT
I think long ago when I first came here
I was afraid of showing what little I knew
I was lucky to have a few friends as guides
I try to do the same for others now

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:44:20 pm CDT

good advice - Master Zoran

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:45:08 pm CDT
flicka likes the way Masters smell, especially when They have been sparring or, ~blushes~ furring.

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:45:40 pm CDT

I think it can be intimidating in the tavern at any time...and demands adding to ones knowledge...for slave and Free alike the tavern should be like that ...when it gets too cosy perhaps we are are getting soft and forgetting the whole point ...LOL

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:46:22 pm CDT
I think we might be the last active Gor site
I also feel it is because we have many Captian
Not a One man show that might piss everyone off
Or disappear cause he is bored with it

20:46:30 pm CDT
Most newbies won't enter because they get told to read books that aren't readily avalable

aasima{GS} 20:47:11 pm CDT
When one first entered the GS, she was scared to death...for her, it was a good thing to have a Captain welcome her, even having read much of the GS Manual...and, to have a Captain available when she begged to receive a ko'lar, then to be branded.

Master of one 20:47:30 pm CDT
perhaps we should have a link to a couple of the books on the website

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:47:35 pm CDT
So true Hunter
I sometime wish some one would come into the tavern just to make trouble

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:48:13 pm CDT
couldnt agree more with Master Hunter

keeping the Gorean principles alive...should be a number one priority

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:48:19 pm CDT
the books are copy righted, MO1... we cant make them available from the site for free

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:48:53 pm CDT
That is a great idea One
Pokes my slut wondering how hard it be to do

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 20:49:20 pm CDT
Please forgive this one
She is needed by her Jarl
-quickly leaves-

20:49:22 pm CDT

What are you gonna do when you get to the last book ruby and there is nothing left to follow?

natasha{Zoran} 20:49:42 pm CDT

it wouldnt be hard to do, Master, but not sure it is a good idea

this one has all the ebooks and is willing to share them with whomever wishes to read them

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:49:46 pm CDT
We read them again, Sissy... lol

Master of one 20:49:48 pm CDT
but they are available elsewhere are they not?
Just make it easy to get them

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:50:27 pm CDT
Dam that sucks
Are there sights that have parts of the book on them?
Or maybe we could set a link to were they can buy them

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:50:33 pm CDT

Laughs.....I never read a book the first 3 didnt stop Me going there...I dont mind admitting it either...its a slow process to be *assimilated* into the whole fabric...and requires patience with anyone new from us that know why we stuck around and always remembering where we also came from

20:50:39 pm CDT
Thadron honestly I'm not interested in the first one

larissa{Austin} 20:51:09 pm CDT
a shy voice, barely above a whisper

larissa has the first 28 books that she can share by email.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:51:26 pm CDT
It is long ago that flicka was a newbie entering Gor for the first time. Prudence demanded that flicka kneel quietly and listen, watch and learn.

For many weeks flicka did nothing other than greet, new comers to our home are luckier than flicka was, we have a comprehensive manual that explains much for both slaves and Free Persons alike. We hold regular forums, book clubs and slave classes. No new person need feel intimidated as long as they are here to learn or attempt to learn the Gorean way as we interpret it.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:51:29 pm CDT

the Gorean Reading Society is held every Tues...and the scrkbe posted to the corks...yet its hardly attended...a true shame..alot can be learned

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:51:43 pm CDT
they are available from Amazon... not sure if Gary would have a problem with us listing them with a link to Amazon...

ayrie{Thadron} 20:51:43 pm CDT
Respectfully, in one's opinion, ruby will follow her Master , as all slaves should.
Here, the books do not end. one would think every book will eventually be revisited as all are read and new people join the Home.
we never stop learning

Master of one 20:52:03 pm CDT
not if you dont have the books ruby

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:52:14 pm CDT
Agrees with Hunter
You have to work at it

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:52:38 pm CDT
Mistress Sissy
girl re-reads..smiling

natasha{Zoran} 20:53:11 pm CDT

when natasha first arrived, she was unsure of herself, but many Masters and slaves made her feel welcome, overlooked her mistakes and taught her the right ways.

for any new person coming, the first thing that will matter is how much of an effort they will make. There will be those that stay, and those that leave. It happens in every site

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:53:58 pm CDT
the books are available as ereads...they are not expensive

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:54:03 pm CDT
Master GaryM could earn money from a link to things in Amazon ....

Rorik Utar 20:54:17 pm CDT
*standing up* great topic...once I have better mastery of typing - i.e. My fighting hand is back to normal - I'll be more involved.

The most important thing here is that there's an awareness that things can always improve. However, never stray too far from "don't fix what ain't broke" philosophy. This place wouldn't still be active if you didn't have the most important thing down - community.

I'll return when I can


Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:55:00 pm CDT

flicka not much has changed...we are still admiring your bottom....grins

aasima{GS} 20:55:09 pm CDT
Gor is no easy...Gor is not fair. At least, the books and the GS Manual exist to learn, the Council, Captains, mistress...and, M/most are willing to help.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:55:35 pm CDT

~smiling at Master Rorik's words~

Fare well Master.

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:55:38 pm CDT
Barnes and Nobel. Has them also
As does eBay

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:55:51 pm CDT

Winds Rorik

natasha{Zoran} 20:55:55 pm CDT
well wishes, Master Rorik

moira 20:56:25 pm CDT
Well wishes Master Rorik

20:56:38 pm CDT

Be Well Rorik

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:56:49 pm CDT
I sad to say but I must call forum to a end
Thank you flika for scribing
Thank you all for your input

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:57:11 pm CDT
Hunter she has nice one grins

Thadron - Captain of GS 20:57:30 pm CDT
Thanks for hosting, Brother Zoran... and flicka... thanks for scribing

larissa{Austin} 20:57:38 pm CDT
thank you for leading Master Zoran,

mistress thank you for scribing

and congrats again natasha on your new silks. blows a kiss to the beauty.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:57:51 pm CDT
Thank You Master Zoran for both leading and allowing flicka to assist with the giving of natasha her red silks.

karinda {GS} 20:58:06 pm CDT
Thanks Master Zoran for leading forum

Thanks mistress for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:58:06 pm CDT

Thank You Master Zoran for leading Forum

thank you mistress for scribing

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:58:25 pm CDT
Thanks for leading Zoran

thanks for scribing dear flicka...*S*

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 4   Forum Notes / Forum 04/23/2017.  on: Apr 27th, 2017, 9:35pm
Started by flicka{GS}~fg | Post by flicka{GS}~fg

Master of one
Rorik Utar



Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:04:01 pm CDT
Well now let us start the forum
We all know the rules
If you have a topic
Whisper it to me
Looking into my sluts eye so proud of her

20:10:26 pm CDT
tapping my nails against the table waiting patciently

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:13:17 pm CDT

Thanks Sissy...we needed something to hush the sounds of all the naughty kissing of slaves....LOL

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:14:18 pm CDT
Sissy grins that gets ones attention

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:14:45 pm CDT

whispers to her Jarl aura is missing out on the kissing

karinda {GS} 20:15:14 pm CDT kisses came to katinda....damn..giggles

20:15:36 pm CDT
If y'all are gonna kiss em at least post it public so we have something to discuss during forum

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:15:41 pm CDT

How many Captian does are home need
Do we have to few or to many?

karinda {GS} 20:15:41 pm CDT
you aren't stone ayra...snickers

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:15:47 pm CDT
her browns lift and look to the water clock seeing her time is coming towards the end goes so fast

moira 20:15:58 pm CDT
Moira missed that too

20:16:28 pm CDT
My nails across the corks are

aasima{GS} 20:17:07 pm CDT
*playful sigh of agreement...then turns her attention to the topic*

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:17:17 pm CDT

Zoran not a question of how many but when are they in the tavern

20:17:21 pm CDT

To many and not enough FW

ayrie{Thadron} 20:17:35 pm CDT
one thought the urts had her again

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:17:40 pm CDT
how long is a piece of string...

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:17:56 pm CDT

I dont know if its polite to post in public when kissing ...coughs...those lips....mmmmhmmmmm

20:19:18 pm CDT
Then don't talk with your mouthful Hunter

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:19:29 pm CDT

it is stated in Oour GS manual..there is no limit to to the number of Captains is solely up to the Councils discretion

Master of one 20:19:50 pm CDT
Since when is Gor polite

Austin - Scholar- 20:19:54 pm CDT
mmm Thank you my slut.. returns kiss... but sits and listens quietly

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:20:10 pm CDT

I see Kazar more as wear are we
I know I been missing a lot of late as my rt
Is like a roller coaster

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:20:41 pm CDT

Does it matter if there is one captain or a hundred? will always be right and always be wrong...depending on each individuals point of view....much more important is what worth do they give?...and there again its always a matter of opinion.

20:21:08 pm CDT
Kazar when are you in the Tavern?

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:22:03 pm CDT
Zoran we have enough captains just not enough going on in the tavern
Always Starts with Captain

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:22:49 pm CDT

Sissy I go in. From time to time

aasima{GS} 20:22:51 pm CDT
*sim thinks another Captain might be beneficial, for the reason given by Master Zoran...sometimes a Captain's r/t keeps Him from being here on a regular basis, and it's nice to have One who isn't on the same r/t schedule, if that makes sense*

Master of one 20:23:04 pm CDT
I beg to differ.... a Captain is not required to bring life to the tavern

20:23:47 pm CDT
Kazar didn't we beat this topic before the holiday was already said that real time comes first

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:24:33 pm CDT

Zoran Randolph would make a good Captsin just my opion

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:24:39 pm CDT
Any number of Captains is the right number. As flicka sees it, the Captains are here to govern our home, to display Their wisdom and loyalty to Gorean Shores.

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:24:43 pm CDT
I agree with One
The tavern can be lively with any
We had fun the other night

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:24:45 pm CDT
agrees Mastet of One

its the Patrons that brings a cohesive atmosphere to Gorean Shores

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:25:46 pm CDT

Sissy always does why their are 4 captains

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:25:56 pm CDT

Well we think the same as he. Is a advisor at the moment

Xertog 20:26:03 pm CDT

I think the Council has been as few as 3 and may be as many as 7 was the most. I think it was 6 or 7 when I became a Captain. I think that may have been 2004.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:26:16 pm CDT
her heart thumps quicker - hearing her Jarls name

20:26:41 pm CDT
Explain why a Captain in the Tavern is solo important Kazar

Austin - Scholar- 20:26:50 pm CDT
MO1 I have seen the Tavern hop jump and things point with you in there and ahummm with Icle chuckles

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:27:38 pm CDT
Sissy cause brings slaves in
White yellow silks pledged to the tavern

larissa{Austin} 20:27:47 pm CDT
shivers at the thought of icicles and hard nibbly bits.

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:27:55 pm CDT
this truly seems the business of the free ...but it would be nice to see the decisions of the Council posted on the corks.
This ones time zone is not always kind to GS time zones so she is often around when no others are.
girl has no idea how often the Council meet weekly? monthly?

20:27:56 pm CDT

is solo important
Sorry my phone has a mind of its own

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:28:08 pm CDT

I feel to many it is hard to get things felt with
But to few and not all ideas will be heard

20:28:09 pm CDT
Ggrrr fuck it

Master of one 20:28:15 pm CDT
Is the business of the Home, and are the needs of its patron's, being taken care of?

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:28:40 pm CDT
Xertog yes think 7 back then

ruby~{Randolph}~t 20:28:49 pm CDT

when girl first started at GS...Master Xertog was Senior Captain...smiling

Master of one 20:29:15 pm CDT
I do try Austin

20:29:34 pm CDT
Kazar seems the Men in general would bring the slaves in

Austin - Scholar- 20:29:51 pm CDT
And my Friend MO1 you do well.. and most if not all Patrons enjoy the entertainment

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:30:19 pm CDT
looking to aura,, the Council's decisions do get posted to the message boards as needed,, as for meetings and how matters are settled that is the business of the Council

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:30:40 pm CDT
I know what your saying Kazar....but I think as some have also said thatreally it starts with whoever is there ....and it starts with whoever is there doing their best to make the tavern a thriving and enjoyable place...wether new or old...its easy to to go in alone and have a conversation in gorean spirit that adds to the realism ...truth be it or not...sometimes captains being in attendance can even go against the growth... because new people become very timid and scared to make mistakes....that is a pity of course and need not be...but it takes work to change things around

20:30:47 pm CDT
MO1 have you been dancing again?

moira 20:31:14 pm CDT
Agrees with Mistress Sissy

Master of one 20:31:38 pm CDT

Not in public Sissy

natasha{Zoran} 20:31:46 pm CDT

this one thinks that a lively Home, not just the Tavern, is what attracts new Masters and slaves to us, and it pertains to each and everyone of us to make it so, not just the Captains.

20:32:47 pm CDT
Ah ok I thought that's what I missed in the Tavern

Kazar~infamous pirate.~{sei} 20:33:16 pm CDT
Hunter agreed

ayrie{Thadron} 20:33:23 pm CDT
~smiles, head nodding in agreement with natasha

Master of one 20:33:36 pm CDT
~raises a brow
I will dance for a price Sissy... I can be a bit of a mercenary at times

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:33:45 pm CDT
~nodding at the wisdom of Jarl Hunter's words~

But Jarl, it would be a sad day if a Captain felt he could not enter the Tavern for fear of upsetting a timid new person.

~tongue firmly in a girl's cheek~

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:34:23 pm CDT
Why so secret though...and to what end?....what aura asked is not an attack Sandman..its an honest question?...honesty is no crime

20:35:18 pm CDT
Haha I don't pay for what I can get for free from a slave boi MO1

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 20:36:24 pm CDT

Master Sandman auras post was said with all due respect, she wasnt questioning how often the council met.... this girl was the president of a peak body and was thinking how they had regular meeting times etc.

she will also take better notice of the corks for decisions ....blushes madly...

20:36:44 pm CDT
Sandman is right Hunter if Council decides anything it is always posted on the corks

OriginalSandman_Builder/ Sr. Captain of GS 20:36:58 pm CDT

you are right Hunter Honesty is no crime and aura has a perfect right to ask.

as for the Council's business that has always been secret

Master of one 20:37:17 pm CDT
a slave boi is no Master Sissy... larma and ta grapes

Zoran ~Captain~ Merchant 20:37:25 pm CDT
Laughs rember the new person the other night Master of One
We fryer to be nice laughs

Jarl Hunter {aura - mirren} 20:37:55 pm CDT
grins to flicka...I think that also has a good side to keeps new ones on their toes...makes learning the captains are important in that sense by mere put in another way the tavern can be scary and that might be a good thing in the long run

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 5   Book discussion and book quotes / Re: Gorean Reading Society: 25-April-2017  on: Apr 25th, 2017, 10:14pm
Started by ruby~{Randolph}~t | Post by ruby~{Randolph}~t
Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:18:46 pm CDT
Children, do not try this at home. In the first place, this is only a story. In the second place, we may presume that Rask, an experienced slave-keeper from a culture in which slave-keeping is endemic, is very well acquainted indeed with what a slave can and cannot endure and will recover from. In her subsequent imprisonment, she is encouraged to believe that Rask has forgotten all about her and will never have her released; but I prefer to think that, especially in the light of future events, he knew very well exactly what condition she was in from start to finish, even if he displayed no concern that Elinor ever heard about. And in the third place, we neither want any dead bodies on our hands, nor do we want any of our number to wind up in the freezer. All clear?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:20:11 pm CDT
JN.. really wrote that part well...could truly feel Elinors peril

meral{Bretval} 14:20:27 pm CDT
just as any Master should know His girl.....inside and out

meral{Bretval} 14:21:12 pm CDT
agrees ruby

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:21:30 pm CDT
that is My thinking... being alone for 18 days... what could she really think about ... other than her whole life and what kind of person she was...and did she like herself?

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:23:17 pm CDT
Eighteen days later, Elinor is released, washed, cared for, given a day off, and then put back to work again. In purely practical terms, she has learned her lesson, and refrains from lying or stealing ever again; and, additionally, she has had plenty of time in the slave box to think seriously about what kind of woman she had had to be in order to end up there, and she does not like it. So she reforms, in a way, taking refuge in a kind of chilly priggishness; she desires nothing but her work during the day, and leave to sleep at night, and endures any petty cruelty put on her with stoicism, although Ute, despite all that Elinor has done, still has some tenderness in her heart for her.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:24:37 pm CDT
smh at Elinor once again

trying to lessen her beating, saying she was illiterate...and could not count the strokes of the lash...and Ute helped out in that regard

meral{Bretval} 14:24:56 pm CDT
Ute has been such a kind girl throughout the book

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:29:02 pm CDT
Elinor finally learns...her body is a slave body, that is owned, and that it stood for swift punishment by a strong Master...deserved or not

Elinor has now withdrawn

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:29:34 pm CDT
Unfortunately her turn-around to a priggish better than any others slave is not good either... and I have known such Ppeople in RT... JN got this part on right on the money

meral{Bretval} 14:32:08 pm CDT
yes my Master......elinor has a real struggle within herself

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:34:32 pm CDT
okay girls lets finish this chapter.....

Although now Elinor no longer wants to be allowed, like the other slaves, to attend the men at their feasting, the decision is not in her hands, and soon she is included in another entertainment after Rask’s men have enjoyed a particularly successful raid. She is treated as something of a novelty act - it is not every day that the men have dance for them a liar, thief and traitress, all in one handy package, and she avails herself of the opportunity to dance brilliantly, beautifully, tauntingly, and even angrily, before all of the men but most especially before Rask of Treve. His response to this is to order her sent to his tent, there to have visited upon her what used to be termed “a fate worse than death”.

meral{Bretval} 14:38:01 pm CDT
at last she learns she has no say in what happens to's the will of her Master

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:39:01 pm CDT
Elinor is a fine dancer...realizing the power of a dance over Men...she had been trained in Ko-ro-ba

and finally Elinor is put to her Elinor pities the white silk slaves

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:40:56 pm CDT
ruby... a jump ahead *shake of My head*

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:41:27 pm CDT
Master..may girl speak freely please?

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:42:14 pm CDT
yes you may, ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:43:26 pm CDT
always with due respect..thank You Master

Elinor is used at the end of Chapt 15... the summaries are not exactly right

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:49:59 pm CDT
hmmm come to think I think you are right, ruby

she gets used and loves her 'fate worse then death'
Sometimes Socrates sense of humour even escapes Me

I stand corrected ruby....

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:50:53 pm CDT
lowers her head...thank You Master

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:56:12 pm CDT
Okay lets stop now and read to the end of the book... for those that have not *grin*

Wwe may be able to finish the book nest session... or at least Chapters 16 & 17

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:57:19 pm CDT
I thank you for scribing, ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:57:50 pm CDT
thank You Master for leading...girl always enjoys book club

meral{Bretval} 14:58:00 pm CDT
Thank You so much my Master for leading yet another interesting GRS......kiss

thank you ruby for always scribing so wonderfully.....hugs

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:59:09 pm CDT

rolls up the sacred scribe always a delight to serve my Jarls Home
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 6   Book discussion and book quotes / Gorean Reading Society: 25-April-2017  on: Apr 25th, 2017, 9:59pm
Started by ruby~{Randolph}~t | Post by ruby~{Randolph}~t
Captive of Gor - Book Seven
Chapter 15
"My Master Will Have His Girl Please Him"


Master Bretval - Moderator


Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:34:29 pm CDT
Okay girls... this is a lot in this chapter so lets get right into it

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:34:54 pm CDT
poises nib to finely milled rence parchment - listens intently

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:35:54 pm CDT
Chapter Fifteen

Of course, all Elinor needs in her present straits is to find herself delivered into the hands of Ute, whom she so callously betrayed; and that is exactly what she gets. Ute is not best pleased to see her, but once Elinor has confessed her crime, in the sight and hearing of Rask as it turns out, she scrupulously treats her no worse than the other work slaves whom she oversees. Elinor being Elinor, mere fairness doesn’t satisfy her for much longer than it takes for her to realize that she has been let off, and she starts expecting preferential treatment. This she doesn’t get; indeed, as soon as Ute catches her slacking, she gives Elinor a severe warning by showing her the “meat-hanging ring”, which is actually for hanging slaves from by the wrists while they are whipped (should such treatment be necessary).

Life is not too hard, but it has its share of frustrations. The other girls, though only work slaves, still get called upon to serve the men when there is feasting and merrymaking, and Elinor isn’t, being left in the dormitory shed while all the fun is going on. She tells herself she doesn’t care, and is unable to convince herself.

meral{Bretval} 13:40:17 pm CDT
Ute showed great strength of character mea thought

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:41:05 pm CDT
I constantly amazed at how often Ute is consciously forgives Elonor's behaviour... tan the girl fails to understand what she could be in her future

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:41:06 pm CDT
Ute is a really good slave for treating Elinor fairly...pleased that Rask knows of Elinors betrayal..while in the forests of the Panther girls...setting Ute up to be captured by the Slavers, hitting her on the head with a rock

meral{Bretval} 13:42:43 pm CDT

what kind of mind thinks of that to save herself......shakes her head

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:43:48 pm CDT
agrees mea
Elinor would of perished long ago without Utes knowledge

meral{Bretval} 13:44:33 pm CDT
exactly ruby

Ute helped elinor so much

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:46:17 pm CDT
but Rask now knows it all *wink* and as a good Master He will remember

as to Elinor getting out of serving the party... I think it is more of the case that none of the other girls want her ruining things

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:48:54 pm CDT
shall Wwe go on?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:49:01 pm CDT
thinking nothing gets past Rask of Treve

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:49:29 pm CDT
yes please Master...before ruby gets ahead

meral{Bretval} 13:49:30 pm CDT

yes please my Master, mea is looking forward to the good bit

meral{Bretval} 13:50:14 pm CDT
and mea gets ahead.....winks to ruby

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:50:28 pm CDT

It does not exactly gladden her heart when the camp enjoys a visit from Verna, the Panther Woman, whom Elinor amused herself by taunting and having slave girls attack when she was helpless in Marlenus’s prize cage a few chapters ago. Of course, fearful for her own skin, Elinor mendaciously denies all knowledge of such events, to Verna’s amusement and to Rask’s ire. He gives her a final warning about telling lies, which is at least one more warning than slaves generally get, and she can consider herself fortunate.

Verna, by the way, has been sprung from Marlenus’s clutches by Rask in order that the Ubar of Ubars can be annoyed and embarrassed, and also because he has a further such plan which Elinor soon learns about. Present in Rask’s camp, as a slave, is none other than Talena, daughter of Marlenus and once the Free Companion of Tarl Cabot; and he is deciding what best to do with her - one possibility being to give her to Verna, who will be returning to the forests shortly and will gladly take the chance to teach Talena a whole new depth of abject slavery.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:50:57 pm CDT

oh yes mea...the hot and steamy parts...ohhhh yes yes yes

meral{Bretval} 13:52:11 pm CDT

elinor should really count herself as very lucky getting these chances from Eeveryone

meral{Bretval} 13:52:57 pm CDT
~giggles hearing ruby~

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:55:09 pm CDT
the good bit, mea.... when Rask has finally had enough and the world of Gor fall onto Elinor's head?

meral{Bretval} 13:55:57 pm CDT
no my Master....the other good bit.....grins

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:56:07 pm CDT
Rask of Treve and the Ubar of Ar Marlenus hate each other..thus it seems fit that Talena, Marlenus Daughter is used to seek revenge, along with Verna

meral{Bretval} 13:57:28 pm CDT
Will Marlenus want His daughter back after she has become a slave?

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:58:58 pm CDT
But staying at this part... I am surprised at the levels Rask will go to 'annoy' Marlenus... by freeing His prize trophy Verna

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:59:02 pm CDT
oh good question mea...girl thought Marlenus was ousted from Ar...without bread or salt

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:01:03 pm CDT
good question mea... not to mention how will Tarl aka Bosk react?

meral{Bretval} 14:01:16 pm CDT
Rask seems a very clever Man my most good Masters.....They always seem to have a plan

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:02:30 pm CDT
maybe not in this book...but fairly sure TC will eventually find His one Love Talena

meral{Bretval} 14:02:41 pm CDT

oooo good question my Master re Bosk

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:02:54 pm CDT
Agreed mea...

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:07:00 pm CDT
and finally Elinor crosses the line with Her Master....

Returning to Elinor, however, it seems that she is becoming more accepted as a part of the camp, and she is to be included in the ranks of the serving slaves at the next feast, within limitations proper to White Silk slaves. Between then and now, though, comes another berry-picking expedition, and Elinor is soon up to her old tricks, stealing from the basket of her fellow slave to get her own work done the sooner, and also pilfering berries for herself; and this in spite of a cryptic “Be careful” from Ute. When she gets back to camp, the sword of Damocles falls. Despite the evidence against her, Elinor can’t resist lying in an attempt to escape punishment, and once again Rask sees the whole thing. This infuriates him beyond endurance, and he decides to punish her as she richly, by Gorean lights, deserves.

He brands her four times, as liar, thief, traitress, and with the city brand of Treve to remember the other three brands by; he beats her, probably about two dozen lashes (one stroke for each letter in the Gorean words for liar, thief and traitress, plus another ten for good measure) and has her confined in the slave box, the tiny cage she earlier saw; and he leaves her there for many days.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:08:32 pm CDT

Elinor sure is curious who the beautiful olive skinned girl is...(Talena)

meral{Bretval} 14:08:37 pm CDT
how can elinor be so stupid?

meral{Bretval} 14:12:23 pm CDT
she finally received all the punishments she deserved

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:13:00 pm CDT

Her background, mea a rich, spoiled brat that always got what she wanted no matter how trivial... and never had to pay and consequences

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:13:07 pm CDT
ohhhh..that was a heavy scene...the penalty brands..the whippings..the slave box for 18 days...almost felt empathy for Elinor..however the kiss of the whip and irons finally induced a transformation in Elinor

meral{Bretval} 14:14:35 pm CDT

it's almost as if she believed before the punishments were only empty threats

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:15:54 pm CDT
thing is...what kind of price can be had when a slave has all those penalty brands...liar, thief, traitress??

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:16:21 pm CDT

I think not, ruby.... the whips and irons are nothing... nothing that could not be bared... it was the time in the box

meral{Bretval} 14:17:00 pm CDT

the price of a sleens dinner comes to mind ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:18:19 pm CDT

indeed Master...Elinor was almost driven into madness in the slave box....and when she was fed only those insects

meral{Bretval} 14:18:28 pm CDT
yes my Master.....that gave elinor time to reflect on what she had done

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:18:44 pm CDT
lol @ mea...yes

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 7   General Board / Re: Master Zoran's natasha is given her red silks.  on: Apr 25th, 2017, 12:02pm
Started by flicka{GS}~fg | Post by ruby~{Randolph}~t
~a beaming smile etches her features, as she dances swiftly up to the corks~

ruby extends her heartfelt congratulations on your well earned promotion natasha

spins you into a tight hug ..


"Indeed, I suspected that there would always be more to learn about service and love, that such things were fathomless and limitless, and, thus, in a sense, the notion of being 'fully trained,' or knowing all there was to know, was in actuality less of a practical goal than a lovely ideal, one which might perhaps be approached ever more closely, but would never be, and perhaps should never be, fully attained.

Let the girl revel in her growth, and not fear that one day there will be no more to learn, nowhere else to go. There are no summits on the heights of love."

Dancer of Gor - pg. 129

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 8   Forum Notes / Re: Euro-Forum notes..23-April-2017  on: Apr 25th, 2017, 11:52am
Started by ruby~{Randolph}~t | Post by ruby~{Randolph}~t
Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:30:36 pm CDT
Agreed Randolph... I know I spent My first 6 months sitting quietly and watching Others and asking questions

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:30:51 pm CDT

agrees with my Jarl and Master Bretval

Gorean Peers often can perceive the lack of self-mastery, the lack of self-control... looking closely, you can see how the Master is controlled by Their emotions, They are easy to anger and lack girls opinion it stands to reason, if a Master does not understand Themselves, They cannot understand others either....They lack confidence and calmness of turn fail to possess proper self-discipline.

tamara{Kyoto} 14:31:36 pm CDT
-listens quietly-

**English Rose Sophie** 14:31:44 pm CDT
I learnt My Gorean a place...far far from here...chuckles...

meral{Bretval} 14:32:10 pm CDT
very valid points ruby

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:36:22 pm CDT
And there is Mentoring for new Masters...

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:36:44 pm CDT
GS is a very special place and only for a minority of people. It is not easy for either Free or slave to interact in a Gorean manner and does require certain social interaction skills to succeed.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:38:47 pm CDT
Agrees Bretval - a Masters' 'get together' would be a good thing if sufficient numbers could be attracted.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:39:55 pm CDT

Any other comments on this Topic??

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:40:59 pm CDT
Nothing from Me ... but things to think about

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:42:07 pm CDT
thinks that's a wonderful idea my Jarl...then perhaps the Free could get an overall view on other Masters ways...nothing right or wrong

because Wwe all know the Free are never wrong

**English Rose Sophie** 14:42:42 pm CDT
nothing further from Me Randolph..soft smiles

meral{Bretval} 14:42:56 pm CDT
nothing from mea thank You Jarl

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:43:18 pm CDT
kisses My well trained slut, of course We are never wrong !!!!!

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:44:17 pm CDT
girl speaks the language of "yes my Master"

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:44:48 pm CDT

A difficult one to summarise - so I won't, but there is much to think about.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:46:11 pm CDT
On that note I close EForum for this week

I thank A/all for attending and contributing.

Kisses the scribe

meral{Bretval} 14:46:57 pm CDT
Thank You a Jarl Randolph for leading

thank you ruby for scribing

**English Rose Sophie** 14:47:11 pm CDT
Many thanks Randolph for leading and allowing Your girl to scribe....which she does very well I must add..soft smiles

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:47:40 pm CDT
I thank You for leading, Randolph and your lovely gemstone for scribing one again

natasha{Zoran} 14:48:17 pm CDT
thank you Jarl Randolph for leading and lovely ruby for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:48:18 pm CDT
meets her Masters gifted kiss, with passion

Thank You my Jarl for leading...nests into her forever Home

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:49:51 pm CDT
rolls up the sacred always a pleasure to serve my Jarls Home
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 9   Forum Notes / Euro-Forum notes..23-April-2017  on: Apr 25th, 2017, 11:39am
Started by ruby~{Randolph}~t | Post by ruby~{Randolph}~t
Jarl Randolph - Moderator
Master Bretval
Master Rorik Utar
Mistress Sophie

ruby{Randolph}~t - scribe

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:44:07 pm CDT
Good, before W/we begin a summary of the rules: Everyone is allowed to speak and contribute freely, keep all greets to whispers, keep to the point, no extraneous chit chat - and politeness is required at all times.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:44:35 pm CDT
ruby is scribing so be kind to her !!!!!!!

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:44:41 pm CDT

poises nib to finely milled linen parchment...listens intently

meral{Bretval} 13:44:46 pm CDT
~settles quietly listening to Jarl Randolph~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:45:39 pm CDT
Topic 1:

E/everyone really had fun when ruby did her quiz at one event, perhaps the Euros could have one night per month to have a quiz and games night.

natasha{Zoran} 13:46:02 pm CDT
turns eyes towards the Jarl

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:46:03 pm CDT
-smiles endearingly and listens to the handsome Jarl lead the group-

meral{Bretval} 13:46:23 pm CDT
likes that idea very much

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:46:55 pm CDT
Sounds like a good idea, Randolph

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:46:55 pm CDT
I would welcome that, and once a month may be sufficient to encourage a reasonable turnout.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:47:52 pm CDT
oh yes..admits this one loved doing the triva night for the 25th of Se'Kara was great fun

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:48:59 pm CDT
What day would be most suitable?

meral{Bretval} 13:50:21 pm CDT
maybe a Saturday Jarl......give a chance for Aall to attend

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:50:48 pm CDT
If it is a special event then perhaps approval of the Council would be needed.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:51:03 pm CDT

my Master
girl can put something together, in two shakes of a verrs tail

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:51:49 pm CDT
Agree mea, so those in the US have more chance of attending

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:52:00 pm CDT
Saturdays were fairly successful for he dancing... a day that could be attended by more on a NA time schedule

meral{Bretval} 13:52:31 pm CDT
yes Jarl and Australia

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:53:20 pm CDT
looks at tasha and ry...... girls' thoughts on day and time??

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 13:54:04 pm CDT
I see no need to ask permission, Randolph.... in many ways it is just another day

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:54:22 pm CDT
yes my Jarl
seeking approval of the Council, seems a prudent idea

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:54:36 pm CDT
Yes, Oz as well, although they will have to have a very early morning. Perhaps ry could awaken her Master !!!!!

rykl.{Keeper}~t~ 13:55:33 pm CDT
This one thinks Saturday's are a good choice but with the summer coming's hit or miss dealing with weekends

natasha{Zoran} 13:56:52 pm CDT
for tasha, euro times are difficult, even if it sounds funny, she has rt commitments to fulfill, almost daily at the usual times

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:57:07 pm CDT
agree ry, Saturdays can be hit and miss for Me (as happened yesterday). We need to have about 6 or more present for it to be fun.

karinda {GS} 13:59:58 pm CDT
Slips in quietly and listens in

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:57:36 pm CDT
nods to tasha,

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:00:29 pm CDT
agreed ry.... summers are a problem in most of NA as well as Europe

tamara{Kyoto} 14:00:40 pm CDT
-quietly easing in to listen-

**English Rose Sophie** 14:01:29 pm CDT
slips in quietly nodding to all

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:02:48 pm CDT
Looks to the 3 new arrivals for comments on days and times??

karinda {GS} 14:02:55 pm CDT
That sounds like a fine time Jarl Randolph for those that can attend. Smiles and nods at Him

tamara{Kyoto} 14:03:14 pm CDT
tamaras time is completely sporadic Jarl Randolph as is her days.

**English Rose Sophie** 14:03:44 pm CDT
I am sorry I missed the night but I think it is a wonderful idea Randolph..and kind of You to let Us all utilize Your girls time that way...soft smiles

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:04:12 pm CDT
my Jarl
if a trivia game is chosen...perhaps slaves may join in too

karinda {GS} 14:04:42 pm CDT

It's hard to hit Europe times unless they are on theweekend.

**English Rose Sophie** 14:05:05 pm CDT
weekends are usually ok with Me...nods

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:05:07 pm CDT
Well, I missed the opportunity for the Gay Goreans, Sophie. what are your Saturdays like in general??

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:06:36 pm CDT
yes, of course, ruby, I had anticipated the slaves also taking part

**English Rose Sophie** 14:06:52 pm CDT
ohh I missed the chance of a swing of Your kilt around the floor too Randolph...cheeky smiles.........I had a good holiday thank You...a voyage to a little pretty Island...smiles

**English Rose Sophie** 14:08:06 pm CDT were all spared a flash of My ankles...chuckles

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:08:27 pm CDT
Maybe another time Sophie, at one of the Games nights. (which island?)

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:08:58 pm CDT
( I was hoping for more than that !!!!!)

**English Rose Sophie** 14:09:19 pm CDT
I shall look forward to it Randolph....( Jersey....not New Jersey...smiles)

**English Rose Sophie** 14:10:03 pm CDT
a blush rises over Her veil......shaking head...giggling neath veil

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:11:14 pm CDT
Any other comments on this topic?

meral{Bretval} 14:11:54 pm CDT

none from mea thank You Jarl

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:12:57 pm CDT

nothing from Your beast of Jarl

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:14:56 pm CDT
As a Summary W/we all seem to be in agreement that a Quiz/Games night would be good to have. Timing to be a Saturday to maximise US and Oz attendance.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:16:33 pm CDT

I have another topic, one moment

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:17:24 pm CDT
Topic 2:

How does one properly Master and train a slave?

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:18:04 pm CDT

Hmmm, thinks about this one

Rorik Utar 14:18:25 pm CDT

Randolph...that's a discussion with many twists and turns.

**English Rose Sophie** 14:18:50 pm CDT
as a FW...I tend to train differently to Masters.....the carrot of sweetmeat working better than My kurt...though I have used it on occasion...nods

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:19:11 pm CDT

taps fingers to chin...hmmmm

in girls humble opinion, One cannot truly Master a slave unless a Master ...Masters Himself first and foremost... Self-mastery is an essential key to the proper Mastery of a slave...

**English Rose Sophie** 14:19:53 pm CDT

well said ruby...smiles to the gemstone

meral{Bretval} 14:20:01 pm CDT

as each Master is unique....mea thinks a Master trains His girl to His ways and His way

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:20:51 pm CDT
In a GS scenario it really only works if the girl has a slave heart, otherwise she won't stay. It also depends upon the Master being understanding of the girl and empathetic of her needs. the Yin/yang situation where mutual needs are satisfied. then the slave classes help.

Rorik Utar 14:22:51 pm CDT

Great topic and I have a lot to share But gotta step out.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:22:57 pm CDT

agrees my Jarl re: a slave heart

a slave may go through the motions of positions and serves....however still lack true feeling and understanding....she is technically perfect perhaps, however lacks the heart and soul of a kajira.... thus, the training of such a slave needs to go deeper.... it becomes an exploration of ones inner self, an intense self examination of ones inner nature....a true Master will guide His property to think as a slave...or the slave will be the one ending up with all of the control

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:23:01 pm CDT
Also agrees with everything said so far

Bretval {meral}: Scholar~ Warrior~Merchant 14:23:02 pm CDT
indeed Rorik,,, but the first thing is for a slave to be attending slave class if possible... but for the Master there is not much.... a continuing problem... best is best to ask privately from experienced Masters

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:27:55 pm CDT
Agrees with Bretval, it is more difficult for the Master as there is not the same level of guidance or practice. It is being somewhat quiet and listening and watching how the more experienced Masters conduct themselves.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:27:59 pm CDT

thinks the Free..don't want to give up Their secrets

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:29:50 pm CDT
kisses My slut - the truth is most don't have any

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:30:18 pm CDT
looks at the slaves for comments !!!!!

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 10   General Board / Re: Master Zoran's natasha is given her red silks.  on: Apr 25th, 2017, 11:34am
Started by flicka{GS}~fg | Post by meral{Bretval}
~grinning from ear to ear hugging natasha tight~

Congratulations to the newest red silk girl in GS......well done natasha

Master Bretval and His mea
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