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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:22pm

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As asked by her first girl to write down her life, she remembers back, though only able to recall to the dark night of September 9th, 2000. The fifth hand of the Sixth Month, she found herself standing naked at a large green door. This is the farthest back she can seem to remember. Though at times, strange thoughts do come to her, as if she is from another place, another world. This girl can not explain what happened before this time, she is unsure.

she entered a paga tavern that night, hearing many happy voices inside. The tavern was Gorean Shores in the city of Port Kar. she soon found this was a place she longed for, a home as it were. she studied and learned quickly her place...she was a slave to Men. Within only three short days, a Master took her for His own. she learned from Him and grew to be a lovely young dina bud, starting to be nurtured and just as her arms reached for Him, her petals opening in the Tor~Tu~Gor, He was taken from her and this life and returned to the Cities of Dust. Alone and scared, she returned to the paga tavern and begged of the large mighty Captain there, Master Rollo, to collar her. Though she had never really met this Man, very frightened by Him, He was kind and gentle to her. He collared her, whipped her and branded her with the mark of a slave.

Over the next six months, zoya studied and learned to a good slave, to serve and dance. With the help of her chain sisters and other sisters in the city and the Many Masters she has met, zoya flourished into a delicate beautiful dina, strong in her desire to please. There was a very special Master in zoya's life, One who knew her completely and she knew Him, but just as He was ready to collar her His own, He was called out to sea, on the great Thassa, and has never been seen or heard from again. Completely distraught and feeling so alone, the collar just removed from her, she ran away. she wandered alone and naked. Quickly she was collared by a Master in another city. After three hands, she longed for the salt airs of Port Kar. When begging release from Him, Master Rollo appeared, having heard where the slave was, and bought the slave girl and returned her home with Him to His tavern, Gorean Shores. There she remained and was sold quickly to a mighty warrior of the tavern. He was only pleased to keep her for four months and gave her back to the tavern. she is happy to serve Him when He is about.

This one's life has dealt her many twists and turns, ups and down, some good, some not so good. Through each experience she has learned and blooms as what she is, a kajira. This one has been owned by several wonderful Masters, each one bringing something special to her life, teaching her as only a Master can. This girl hopes to also show her sisters in bondage a good example, for without the girls before her, she would have stumbled even more than she did.
On the third day, forth hand in Se'Kara, Master Sholgar bought this one from the tavern and took her name away.

This slave is now known as shirin, for her Master has changed her name as it pleases Him. He makes her strive for perfection as she craves with every fiber to bring honor and praise to the name SholGar etched on the golden ko~lar about her neck. After 2 years, due to work and being away on travels most of the year, Master SholGar had to sell the wench back to Gorean Shores tavern where she is to this day.
shirin was placed as second girl to the tavern by the Slave Master for a few months but shirin is much happier to not be in a leadership position. So she now just helps as a trainer for her other chain sisters. shirin still longs to be the slave of a private Master and find that closeness she so desires, serving His every need with perfection.
Written by shirin{GS}, June 9, 2004.

So many things have happened to this one over the past 5 yrs. She has been owned by two Captains of Gorean Shores, a Captain Emeritus, been back and forth in the GS collar each time in between. zoya has often viewed this time back in a GS collar as a healing period, a time to find herself again and find the slave heart she needs to serve the Free more fully and more freely. zoya has traveled by tarn back, tarn basket and ship to the lands of Farnacium, Ar and into the plains in the back of a wagon. A girl would not change anything that has happened in her life here on gor, because everything and every Master in her life has made her into the slave girl she is today.

Apon being returned to Port Kar from a former Owner, she wandered the city but life became very hard as a branded uncollared slave and she begged to be belong once more to the Captains at Gorean Shores. zoya was made first girl and tries with all her heart to serve the Captains, Masters, Mistressí and slaves of GS well. Around this same time there was a new Master in town and He was quite taken by this one and insisted to have her serve Him in His private home. zoya is very pleased to be Master Zaroudís beast.
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"A slave girl is not permitted to conceal anything from her master. She is his. She must be completely open to him, in all ways, and at all times."

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