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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:22pm

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xx nassy's bio
« Thread started on: Sep 22nd, 2009, 12:53pm »

nassy sits on the docks at the Thassa pondering where to begin.
she remembers being at work at some other place, long ago she thinks the year was 2001. she was working the graveyard shift and had taken up the habit of visiting the Dungeon Myst. In this place nassy at first thought that she could be what in that place is called a Domme, she tried very hard to be that, but it was not in her heart.
While in this place nassy meet a couple of Master's that though they visited the Dungeon Myst they kept talking about a place called Gorean Shores.
nassy asked to be shown this place and Master Errand Knight had her start coming to Forums. The more of those that she attended the more she knew that she was not just a submissive but that she in her submissiveness was is a slave to that.
she wants nothing more then to be found pleasing and to bring honor and pleasure to her Owners.

Master Errand Knight collared the girl and was responsible for her learning more about herself and the world of Gor. He had her attending slave class and the forums he taught her many things. He left the web for real time reasons known only to Him, when He had stopped showing up and answering e-mails the girl was left on her own lost and scared, though his collar was on her neck she felt alone.

Master Shadowglade saw that in this girl and He went through steps or made her go through steps to have her collar removed, she sent Master Errand Knight many e-mails begging release He didn't respond, so Master Shadowglade cut the steel from her neck. He placed His steel upon her and whipped her, branded her as slave, something that had not been done before. He introduced her to knew places and took her sisters and herself to another land. she learned about that place but longed for her home in GS.
He too has left her life and left His mark on the girl.

she has had various Others that have owned her, the girl has for whatever reason found herself alone as all the Masters have left Gorean Shores for one reason or another. After the last one she took a break both due to real time and her heart hurting she couldn't find it in herself to be pleasing.

After she found her heart had healed and she wanted to serve again she found her way back to GS she visited on Forum nights and in the Kennels or maybe she would sneak to the Piazza..she was careful to stay out of the Tavern. Then her Friend and a Gorean Master Jake talked with about many things and led her to the decision that she should beg a GS collar. She did this in 2008 and though she had to take breaks forced upon her by her work she always returns to what she feels her home is.

adding to her bio ...

the girl was purchased by Master Thadron on 11/30/09..this girl was renamed by her new Master..she is now nasreen..

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