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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:22pm

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xx Life and times of stormy
« Thread started on: Sep 22nd, 2009, 4:48pm »

~ The shadowed figure slipped away from the alley in which she was hiding , rence and charcoal in hand she raced to the waterfront .. she wasn't truly a Karian slave but maybe that would change , her destiny not really hers it was what Odin would want .. she plopped down under the docks the tide on the raging thassa low and with her back pressed against the wood . she smoothed the wrinkled rence and begun her story ~

she found her way to Gorean Chat in the summer of 1997 or was it 98 , The memories lay deep within her brain but the times were a blur ,,, She went into TRT, Captain Garan just vacating his spot and Master Xertog and Jarl Deathmate with Master Robert and Mistress Noreen and she cannot remember if Jarl Traish was there and timbre . There she remained collared there and placed as white silk, she under went vigorous training for a bondmaid , but also as a silk. Master Napa made sure all slaves were trained both ways just in case they had to serve a Man or Woman from any area. There under the watchful eye of go anna and the first girl ari. stormy learned and grew , she wanted to exhibit nothing less then exquisite beauty and absolute obdience. She wanted to know what it was like to be in the strong arms of a Gorean man and at his mercy , nothing but a beast at his feet and a treasure to his heart .. To be breathless serving or dancing for Him .. So many beautiful slaves surrounded her , she had competition from these well schooled slaves .

She grew , graduation to yellow and red , she remembers showing heat for the first time and blushing but oh how wicked she felt !!! Things begun to change and at that point she had made new friends , Master Lucient , Mistress Karmania , Jarl Alcant , Jarl DaemonStorm , Jarl Byron, Master Osarios , Jarl Caligula , Master Just Bad ( rest in peace ) , mira , leah , sweets and so on .. During many transitions she would come to GS and visit , she remembers gal and penny and Sabre Wolf and others .. her gorean birth and upbringing was at GC and GS. And then the people stopped coming , the nights of wishing hard , hoping for a person to interract with , to serve came to a halt and stormy moved on ..

She travelled along the Vosk River and the Glorious city of AR ( Chatropolis ) where she was a city slave till captured by DevoN of Port Kar ( Xeno Chat ) , there she would be enslaved as Nazerrs city slut as the many district captains foiught amongst themselves , thieves running the roof tops and she urts whoring at the wharves , yet she had no guarantee she would breath , she kept on her toes until one day freed .. manumission papers in her hands and they burned she was no Free Woman , she was a pleasure slave .

She was travelling back to Ar when she was waylaid by Assassins that killed her guard and raped her , beat her and enslaved her reducing her to nothing but property , collared and now owned by Lucifer .. she would remain in his collar for a while

storny took a break to deal with rt and when she returned Lucifer had left Gor for his own rt and she was released .. that was when she met Keegan Blade of Prison Moon Village .. he owned her in every way .. on December 24 , stormys birthday her owner of 4 years was killed by a man who used a throw away name to have a good laugh , they killed her Master who was on Gor for many years , over a stupid laugh and when she lost her Master along went her heart and belly ..Ohh she stayed on gor it is in her blood owned by a few that just wanted stormy for the name she had created then for the pleasure of a good slave

stormy has been a Fg , Sg , Trainer , healer and pleasure slave ..

stormy seeks to have that fire back , she yearns and searches for that Master that will mold her and create a slave that cries softly from his touch , in pleasure from his taking and at the kiss of his whip in learning

~ she presses the black finger tip against the white background , leaving her print . the chalk spent .. on her knees she crawls to the waters edge , thassa greens peering back against her reflection , platinum curls falling like a cloak around her face .. the rence placed atop the water her palm barely pressing on it , making a small circle and wathcing it dragged out with the tide ... washing her hands in the chilly water , she rises and with pride in her steps sauntered back out the way she came in pondering a collar of this home ~
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