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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:20pm

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elaan{Dak}His pride

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xx elaan's adventure
« Thread started on: Dec 13th, 2009, 12:07pm »

*wandering along the shores of the thassa, her mind flutters back, thinking of her past, many parts blurry and unremberable, her voice soft as she starts to tell the tale*

girl remembers a land far away where she walked with the Men. Where she hid from Them what she really was. This place she can remember was called Urth. She remembers one day, great warriors, the likes of that which she had never seen upon Urth, thunder down a stoned street on beasts, strange to her at that time. The Warriors were grabbing the women that were upon that street, placing them in cages or putting shackles to their wrists then to another girl. The Urthen men ran, they did not try to stop the maddness that was happening. This one stood, frozen in terror, eyes wide as she watched the girls fighting these Warriors, trying to escape their grasps.

*she swallows hard, starting to tremble as the memories flood back, taking a breath, she continues*

girl only wanted to run but her legs and feet would not carry her away as one of the Warriors marched up to her, long dark hair framing His face, dark eyes burning with fire as they looked upon her, His voice booming making her jump as He said with a smile "This one dares to stand as a Man does, she dares to look a Man in the eyes, there is defiance in her lovely eyes, she will be a treat for the Ubar". He reached for girl, tearing her clothes from her body, grabbing girl by the hair he yanked her head back and placed a band of steel about her kneck, forcing her to her knees as she fought and sratched and screamed at Him as He leaned closely to her, His grasp contorting her bodt painfully, His voice commanding as He said "You will learn to be an excellent slave lil one and the Man that gets to train You will make good use of His whip, that I am sure".

*tears welling in her eyes as she continues*

After that day she was caged like an animal, takn to an unfamiliar place that she heard the Warriors call Gor. She knew she would need to escape or die. She would never bend or be broken to serve Men. she was not a slave and never would be.
After sometime of being beaten and brutalized for her disobediance she was able to slip away from the Warriors that held her captive with the aid of a slave girl called wren. girl knows not of what happened to her but if it was found that she helped girl escape she is sure that They killed her.
girl ran as fast and as far as she could to make sure that They would not find her. After days of running through unknown lands she reached the outskirts of a city called Port Cos, unsure of where she had ran from, how far or how long it had been since leaving. Smells of food overwhelmed her nearly making her retch as her belly professed loudly that it was in need of feeding. she found a tavern and tried to slink in the back door to steal some food. Much to her surprise she was snatched up by her arm and thrown into a cage. A Man called Midnight Rambler, owner of the Tavern she had tried to steal from gave her two choices after hearing her story.

*hands trembling*

The first choice, to beg Him for a collar to the tavern. Of course, the defiance she showed Him as she screamed NEVER amused Him as He unsheathed a sword, twisting it in His large hand.
The second choice, death. He slid the sword through the bars of her cage, its point pressing to her side as she pressed hard to the opposite side of the cage. He pressed and pressed, blood starting to ooze around the tip of His sword as it slid deeper in her side, she screamed and screamed, the pain so much worse than the beatings she had indured, tears were streaming down her face, she screamed to the O/others that were in the tavern that night, begging T/then to save her. Their eyes brilliant as T/they watched the horror of her torcher. her eyes raised to Him through the cage, her mind was starting to swirl as the pain was becoming unbearable as He pushed the steel deeper in her side, she did not want to die and she said "please, i will beg You". The Man smiled as He pulled the steel from her side, reaching for the lock on the gate, He opened it and yanked her out, throwing her to the floor bellowing at her "NOW GIRL OR IT WILL BE DEATH". girls mind was blurring as she was nearing the point of passing out, her hand to her side, she threw herself to her belly, tears of defiance flowing down her cheeks, through clenched teeth she begged the collar of His tavern. He pryed the collar from her kneck that the Warriors had placed there, awwww, freedom. And then, another band of steel closed about her kneck. He lifted her from the floor, throwing her upon a table, He and another Man tied her down to a table, legs spread wide. How demeaning these Men of this new land were to women was her thought as her eyes scanned her surroundings, not being able to see Him. The next instance, she felt heat against her inner right thigh and then excuciating pain as hot metal pressed against her, the other Man holding her down as she bucked and screamed, the dark claiming her as she lost consciousness.
*she closes her eyes, her whole body shaking*
When girl awoke, she was again in a cage, naked but clean, the wound on her side was sewn together and now, there was a mark upon her inner thigh that she would later know as a kef, a brand to tell all she was a slave. A slave that sat outside of her cage, at that time she did not know, arose and left her. Only a few moments later, she returned trailing the Man that had given her the choice of life or of death. He pulled open the cage door, girl was terrified that He would hurt her futher so pressed herself to the back of it. He reached in, His voice soothing this time assuring her that He would not hurt her. His hands gentle as He lifted her out of the cage, cradling her against Him. He layed her across soft furs, inspecting the wound, the look in His eyes tender. she knew at that moment that her opinion of these Men might be wrong. This one started to learn from His girl lara, first girl of His Tavern. her heart open, she learned quickly the ways of a slave. she soon was gifted with silks as white as Urthen snow instead of the rough camisk that was abrasive on her bare flesh. she started serving the Captains of His Home and quickly learned to love the way They treated her. They were harsh, but adored her. her learning progressed at an accelerated pace because she was so eager to be as pleasing to Them as she could. she was soon wearing yellow silks as bright as talenders. not long after, she was sold to a wonderful Captain named Zanthius. girl was collared to Him and loved bringing Him honor through every move of her body, every word that slipped from her lips. He was her everything. she lived only to serve and please Him. He had became ill and was starting to deteriorate physically. He went on a hunting trip to return with a gift for His girl, a beautiful larl cub, they had killed its mother as she was attacking their band because of her babies. Master trained the larl to protect her, knowing that He would be leaving her soon. After about one Urthen year, He was on His death bed from the illness. He reached out His hand with a key, unlocking the collar from about her kneck, she begged and begged for Him not to let her go. He told her "It is time little one, the Priest Kings come to take Me Home, the larl will protect you while you need it". He died that night and again, she ran, stripping off the silks He had given her, the only thing that remained was the larl, following her, keeping her safe and warm, bringing her food to keep her alive. As she wandered, alone and devestated at the loss of her Master, she came across a camp. Tired of being alone, she commanded to larl to stay at a distance while she made her way into the camp, wrapped in pieces of cloth that she had found or stolen. This was a Tuchuk Camp, the wagon people, she begged to be collared to the camp. The collar was granted, but, Their leader made her kill the larl that protected her, to prove her servitude to that camp. girl did as she was commanded, pain and hurt ripping a huge hole in her slave heart. The last part of her Master gone, her healing started with the Wagon People. she was training to become a healers assistant. The healer of that clan was a Mistress named Peryadls. She was caring and warm towards girl. Soon, girl was in Her personal collar and Her assistant with healing. Wwe traveled all about the plains to other Camps healing their wounded or just checking generally the health of each camp. During a raid, the Urthen warriors had captured her and returned her to Urth. For a while, she thought, finally, girl is free. After only a short time of four Urthen years, her slave heart grew very lonely. her need to serve and be pleasing wildly overtaking the feeling of being "free". Once again, she escaped and found her way back to Gor. Stowing away upon a boat that has taken her to the city of Port Kar.

*her saphire orbs glittering brightly as her thoughts are put into words, her skin glowing with the pride she shows at being a kajira*

This one wandered into the Tavern here within Gorean Shores and a kind Man offered her a chance to be free again. girl wore an observation collar, knowing, the minute it was placed there that this would be the Home she would beg to keep her. girl begged Master Xertog to please keep her.

*with saddness in her heart, resonating true, she continues writing*

It is time once again that elaans path has abruptly changed and will take her from the wonderful chain of GS. A girls time here has been wonderful and perfect, but her slave heart has other plans for her. It carries her away to be truly owned by a wonderful man........Master Dak........she is His!

*smiling brightly as she replaces the writing stick to its spot and whispers*

la kajira
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~la kajira~
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