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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:22pm

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xx The Barbarian pazia
« Thread started on: Mar 26th, 2010, 03:34am »

*smileing softly she remembers her old life not daring to forget she takes up the charcol stick and pens out her sorrows and happyniess in her best gorean*
ShayLa was a typical girl from Utah, United States of America Earth. she was raised by good parents that loved her and taught her importance of religion, her grandparents lived on a farm and it was her favorite place in the world. she was bright and eager to learn when she was nineteen her and her best friend Helena decide to go to England, now you must understand that ShayLa had lived a sheltered and innocent life so she was a little naive and expesially with Males as the story will show.
one day of there trip it was pouring hard so the best friends decide to go into an old pub, Shayla had forgoten her cell phone at her cousins just outside of London, so trying to contact them with the pone there while she was waiting in line there was a Nice musclar man sitting at the bar he wore a nice suit and had glasses that gave him a scholar look he tried to flirt with her but she ignored him made the call to her cousin and returned to her freind. After hearing the story of the Man, Helena dares Shayla to go flirt with him, this man may not seem verry important to the story but to pazia he is for this was her first time she had ever really conversed with a man she didnt know for practically her whole life. and it was the first man she ever flirted with. Going up to him she tosses her golden curls and smiles her soft smile and talked to the him in her soft melodious tone he buys her a drink but the thing that strikes intresting to pazia as now she remembers is he had a copy of The Tarnsman of Gor Shayla had just finished reading that book and found it to be amazing she was discussing it.
the ran hand slowed down a bit and it was getting dark
Shayla and Helena decide it was best they would leave, ShayLa smiled at the Man and thanked him for the drink. They exit the pub and begin to walk to the restraunt they were to meet her cousin Heather and her husband at. Helena began to run, Shayla couldnt see very well in the bluring ran as she chased after her friend, she must have taken a wrong turn for she end up in dark part of Londan, she felt someone fallowing her, she glances and finds the Man from the pub running after her, scared shayla begings to run faster and faster she saw a flash of blue light and slipped hitting her head on the hard pavement
shayla woke up in a unfamilar hilly valley, her soft grey orbs that she was so pround of, (for they were the same color as her favorite animal the grey timber wolf, or when she was really giggley the burned with impish fire and were stormy grey, but when she was constrating or very mad they turned cold as steel and burned with such intensty) gaze about in wonder and fear not knowing where she was she pushes herself up off the ground to find that every peice of artical of clothing was stripped from her body, scared she looked around for something to where finding nothening tears filled her orbs afraid of being taken advantge of, seeing a lonly house that looked abandon not far she carefully moves to it, hideing behind pile of wood she watchs the lodgeing all that day only seeing a beautiful black skin women with deep crimsion locks that wore nothing but a bandage across her chest inside, Shayla slowlly slips inside of the house. she was greeted by the woman in a forighn tounge shayla cauks her head, and begs the women for clothing. the women speaks in english and explains to the poor lost girl where she is and that she couldnt clothed her. that fellow barbarian became one of shayla's closest friends in Gor. Shayla was collared by a Master that knew samira the barbarian kajira that had first explained things to her. The Master was a member of the black caste she wasnt kept long but was sold off to a paravachi women who taught her many things. The Mistres Armica was kind and sweet to the girl calling pazia, for her golden curls and her sweet dispostion. Armica soon adopted pazia as her own relesing her but pazia learned that it was rare for a barbarian to be Free, and her freedom didnt last long one day they were camped near the city of Ar she was captured and collared. her papers of freedom destroyed her paravachi clothes destroyed she was sold to a group of merchants traveling down to Turia, she was bought by cruel tavern owner, pazia hated him with burnning passion she was given to his wife a surly women with a more evil temperment then the Master.
Then one night the fates deside to deal a unexpected turn who should walk into the tavern but the scholarly Looking man from the pub. he wore an outfit of Slavers cast he was hired by her adoptived Grandfather the leader of the paravich people. pazia was so happy she missed her loveing adopted fammily and the poor little bosk calf that was birthed on the day she first met Armica
she was rideing with him on his Kaiila, but one night he went to to rape her, in fear she ran from him jumping on to his mount, rideing with skill of her adopted people. to this day pazia has no clue why she was able to get away nor does she rember much of how she got to port Kar she just remebers being stranded and lost not knowing where her fammily camped, and hearing laughter and sweet music from the tavern and she entered and has been happy since but sometimes she wonders what either of her fammilys are doing and if they are happy
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