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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:22pm

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xx the girl dina
« Thread started on: Mar 26th, 2010, 12:25pm »

~dina lays upon her sleeping mat in the kennels, awaiting the tender embrace of sleep, her mind roaming over her past, remembering her life, and the journey that brought her to this place~
Born of the breif union between a dashing blond haired, blue eyed seaman, and a short, dark haired, dark skinned, plump native Tlingit woman, the girl called mellie was a pleasant happy child. Her amazing blue eyes, lighter skin, and hair set her apart from her mother's people, but her happy disposition, quick wide smile, and sharp intelligence quickly made her a favorite nonetheless. Her parents marriage ended before her first year of life, and so the only home she ever knew was one filled with women. Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother, two Aunts and a younger sister filled the small 3 bedroom home that the child was raised in. It quickly became apparent, that mellie had an aptitude for scholarly things, and the entire clan garnered their resources to put this unlikely girl through first private schooling, then later, university. They were very proud of this girl, she having been the first of their line to finish grade school, much less high school and college. It was at College, that she first encountered Men that were not family or teachers. Drawn by her exotic beauty, and friendly smile, they courted and complimented, confusing and thrilling this shy earnest girl. She had no idea what to do with their attentions, and did her best to avoid and hide from them. Arming herself with long skirts, and bulky garments to try and disquise herself, she studied hard, and avoided the parties and dances that would have put her in their paths more often. She returned to her tribe after college, offering her new skills for their betterment, and living once again, with her Mother's clan, sharing the house with many women, and having no space to truly call her own, she often gave her time to volunteer efforts, and rescue missions in the mountains that surround her home, simply because it afforded her some sense of self, and privacy to be away from the loud boisterous group of female kin. With desperation for privacy, the shy girl finally convinced her family that she needed a home of her own, and with their loud misgivings, she moved, into a small place, with only her loyal dog for company, and finally found some peace and quiet at last. It was not long after moving that she went for a long hike one day, wandering aimlessly in the woods near her home, she never felt the threat, or the sensed the strike that knocked her unconsious.
When the girl awoke, she was laying, chained and shackled in a cage, her immense fear was only intensified when a Huge hulking blond haired man, the likes of which she had never imagined, pulled her from the cage, and dragged her almost fainting body to a strange wooden platform. Strapped tightly, so she could not move, a red hot iron, bearing a strange design, was pressed mercilessly into her thigh, marking her forever as a slave. It was only when she regained consiousness, that she with horror, found the collar around her neck. In the months that followed, she learned her fate. She was now a slave, owned by a Jarl of Torvaldsland. The collar she wore was His, and the brand in her thigh marked her as "a slave whose belly lies under the sword" or in other words, a bondmaid. Luck was with her though, the first girl on her Jarls chain was sweet and patient, even if her whip was quick, and she taught the shy earth girl everything she needed to know, and more. After spending a year in quiet study among the slaves in the worksheds at her Jarls holdings, the girl who was still called mellie, was taught to read and write gorean. Something not many barbarian girls would be taught, but it was discovered that the former girl of Earth was a very quick study with languages, having spoken five of them in her time on Earth, and being able to read and right 3 of them fluently, her Jarl was quick to give her any skill that might raise her value at the time of her eventual sale.
~Finally, the day came for her Jarl to make the trip to Semris, and with Him he took six girls in coffle for sale. The petite former girl of earth removed her white kirtle of a bondmaid and was put on the block in Semris, trembling and afraid, and quite astonished as the bidding for her actually proceeded briskly~ Finally, she was bought by a Scribe, for 3 gold pieces, an exorbitant sum for one such as she, and her new life began~ Her new Master, was on His way to the city of Fina, to accept a post as Magistrate there, and had purchased dina for one reason....her ability to read and write, meant that she could aide Him with His duties of filing and writing and recording. He was kind, to the former earthgirl, and named her dina, because He hated most everything about Earth, even the girls former name~
In the Magistrates collar, dina learned much about the new world she lived in. She learned the rules, and regulations, the punishments and the historical writings that back them up. She learned to be a true tower slave. Serving with quietness and earnest ability. It was during the course of such dilligent service, that she was noticed by the Administrator of Fina, and when He mentioned to her Owner, the Magistrate, that He found dina appealing, she was given to Him as a matter of course. Her days were quiet in her new home. Surrounded by oppulent wealth, and many beautiful slaves, her new Owner had little use for dina, beyond her duties of scribing for Him. She was very lonely, and very bored when she was not working, but that boredom quickly ended when Her Master took a Free Companion. The beautiful Woman turned the once peaceful home into a chaos of change. Nothing suited her, especially the lovely slaves devoted to their Master. The slave dina was the last she got rid of, and then, it was probably not her original intention to sell the girl, but during a visit to another city, with dina attending her, they were both captured by raiding outlaws, and taken to a secret cave stronghold. Both dina and her Mistress were raped repeatedly before the Administrators sums of ransom could be paid. After that, the Mistress could not stand the sight of dina, perhaps because she felt dina had witnessed her shame. The Administrator sold dina to a slave trader, who took her with Him to Thentis. The quiet girl with dazzling blue eyes was more than footsore when they arrived, she was heartsick inside, feeling to be of no use to any, and wishing that the Priest Kings would take her life, she again climbed the blocks to be sold. A tavern Master, a Fat jolly greedy but kind Master, bought her immediately for a single silver tarsk, and head hanging in shame, dina followed her new Master not to the tavern but to His home. He wanted her, a white silk girl who could both read and write, for His personal use. He instructed the sensual red silk girl that was first in His chain to begin to train dina for her yellow silks, but that girl was willful, and spoiled and only did the barest of efforts, with dina. It was during this time, that her home burned to the ground, preventing her from returning to it, and so, lost and frightened the girl wandered....and was picked up by a slave trader heading to Port Kar. Grateful to be with protection, dina, weary and tired, found herself in Gorean Shores. Yet another new collar upon her slender throat, dina at first rebelled a bit, her heart hardened by her trials, but with the patience and love of her new sisters, and the firm but patient guidance of her new owners, the girl began to thrive.
~smiling to herself with the knowledge that she is owned, and loved, the small girl rolls over on her sleeping mat, settling into easy dreams~
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