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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:22pm

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xx amina's enslavement
« Thread started on: Apr 22nd, 2011, 09:16am »

The morning was bright and the air crisp with the scent of the fresh dew as she took her daily stroll through the woodlands near her childhood home. The scent of the forest all around her, she smiles as she kneels to pluck a small dina flower and places it in her hair, perfectly content in the beautiful morning…But the serenity of the moment was not to last, as the sound of small trees crashing reached her ears, startling her. Fear gripped her as she spun about, taking notice of the small group of Men circling her. One, a tall burley Man, stepped from the ring, eyeing her form before speaking. “Well pretty one, I’m just going to skip pleasantries today as We are quite tired and wish to return home. We are slavers and you will be coming with us.” Rushing forward, He had her in His grasp before she could blink and was binding her arms tightly behind her back. The next moment saw her beautiful clothing ripped from her body to lay in the dirt. Whistling and crude comments brought a blush to her face. Chuckling, the leader spoke again. “Oh yes, We will be getting a handsome sum at the auction once they see her. How old are you girl, and what’s your name?…not that it matters really, your new Master will rename you what He wishes.”

Glaring at the Man, she fought down the rage building within her, trying to appear calm outwardly. “My name is Quileen and I have seen 19 summers. You have no right to bind me like this. Once word reaches My father He will..” A backhand to the jaw silenced her, sending her to land in a heap on the forest floor. Shaking her head to clear it, she tries to rise, but a boot on her neck keeps her in place. “slave, you will never speak to Me in such a way again. I am a Master, you will address Me as such and with the proper respect.” His deep voice growled above her. Not heeding His words, she continued to struggle, having no desire to obey this Man. A scream is ripped from her throat as she feels a burning slash across her bare back. Turning as best as she could given the situation, frightened blue eyes widen at the sight of a Man holding a kurt, curling it for another strike. Tears flow freely from her eyes, she feels the lash twice more before the leader addresses her again, boot digging into her slender neck. “ Will you resist? Know that I would take great joy in breaking you, but sadly we are in a hurry to be home and I don’t have the time to waste.” His boot pressed harder as the other slaver slid the whip lazily against her burning back. The leader’s patience at it’s end, He growls out to the girl. “Submit to your fate, you cannot escape Me.”

Tears renewed a soft “Yes” escaped her lips, but the slaver wasn’t satisfied. Reaching down He snagged her by her lava red hair and jerks her head to the side sharply. “Pardon? Try that again.” He Hisses. Gasping at the pain, she cries out a loud “Yes Master!” and is released. Replacing His boot with a cord of rope, the ties it securely around her neck. Leaving a few feet available as a lesha, He takes firm hold of the rope and the begins the trek back to the city, the group of Men keeping a tight circle around her so she cannot try and escape. Minutes pass by and they venture further into the large city, though still able to see the shining waves of the Thassa, until they arrived outside of a Tavern. Tying her to a post for the night, the slavers enter the heavy doors for a relaxing evening. Seeing her chance, the picks furiously and the bindings until they finally pull free. Bolting, she makes a break for the tree line, determined to make it back to her home…however, she failed to see the Master Guardsman and ran headlong into Him, sending them both tumbling to the ground, Him on top of her. Glaring down at her, He picks Himself up from the ground and hoists her onto a broad shoulder and enters the Tavern, depositing her at the slave Master’s feet. Glaring at the troublesome girl, He pulls His kurt from the folds of His tunic and delivers five quick, successive lashes to her back. Then, binding her hands behind her once more, He places her in a slave cage in a corner of the Tavern until dawn, when she is then led by lesha to a large ship and placed her amongst the rest of the slaves. Many days passes in the small confines of the cage, eight girls in all, all crying for want of their home…but Quileen knew she must be strong, and would allow no tears to befall her face. Instead, he quietly soothed the other slaves, singing them soft sweet lullabies. On the seventh night they were brought up out of the cage and shackled to the slave pegs on the side of the ship. Molten lava red locks blew lightly in the breeze as they entered the city’s docks. Aqua blue eyes cast upon her naked body, making her feel totally exposed.

Hearing a voice behind bellowing to turn around, she is forcibly jerked to meet His gaze, His baritone voice strict. “Avert your eyes slave, you have no right to look upon Me.” Quickly lowering her eyes, she prayed she wouldn’t be beaten again as she watched His shadow as He stalked around her, like a predator to prey, before speaking to the slaver. “she is a good looking slave, I am very satisfied with Your catch. I will be taking her with Me.” When the bargaining was done, He turned back to stand before her. “Raise your head, look at Me now girl.” Obeying His order, she hesitantly looks upon His face for the first time. “I am Tiberias, your new Master. You own nothing from this point on, not even your name, which as of the moment onward will be amina. You will obey My every command, to the letter and without hesitation, or you will be punished. Do you understand?” Choking back a sob at her lost freedom, she nods softly. “Yes Master, amina understands.” He then removes the lesha from her slender neck and replaces it with a shining silver kolar, His name clearly visible on the steel. Locking it in place, He turns and heads down the main road. “Come girl, we have much work to be done” Hurrying to His side, she stands slightly behind and to His left, and was led off to her new life…

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