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Feb 21st, 2018, 6:20pm

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xx Where did karma come from? Gor of course!
« Thread started on: May 27th, 2013, 11:44am »

Bio of a passion slave-

karma was born in one of the great slave houses of
Gor. Her mother's sole purpose in life was to breed
what was known as passion slaves. When karma and her
twin sister were born, one was perfect, but the
other shared with most, a medical deformity. A club
foot. Though fixable these slaves would have been
regaurded as the cast aways...those of second best.
karma was lucky though...she bore the mark of a true
passion slave as an infant...thick rich
lips....formed specifically for a Master's kiss.

karma was regaurded as one of the most beautiful
slaves of the house...she played only with her
sisters...never seeing a Man until the day of her
first sale. When karma first stood on the auction
block her attributes consisted of lusciuos succulent
curves perfect beneath those black silks...and the
fullest lips of all that stood with her that day.
her skin an olive toned...though her curves were
luscious they were also fit and trim...for the girl
worked out regularly in the barn working with the
bosk as they birthed their own calves.She had been
gifted with a long chocolate mane , with deep brown
eyes to boot.

Her second attribute was not of beauty but of her
way with animals. They seemed to listen to her words
as she sung sweet lulaby's to the young...or
comforted those who suffered from attack
wounds...aside from a passion slave...she was a good
husbandry slave.

The day of her auction karma drew in 5 Double weight
gold tarns. A fortune for most Masters of Gor. Earth
currency would have been roughly $10,000.00, but
Gorean values were a bit lower than those of earth,
however it was a high price for one very good slut!

karma's training started in the slavery house only
to continue with her new owner, Captain Lunn
Windrider of scagnar Island in Torvaldsland. When
the Captain sucommed to serious injury she was sold
to a Master GreyHawk...of Tarnsburg in the great
Volti Mountains.It was here that her training was
completed and she recieved her second set of
silks...She was now a true passion slave whos belly
of fire had lain beneath the sword...bred to serve
true Gorean Masters, in whatever way they saw fit.

In Falco's Eyrie, karma was promoted to fg and the
homes trainer. Here she learned to dish out
punishments as well as rewards, assignments and
silks. She readied the whites for there first sexual
experience with the homes Master, but not usually
after a night that karma had served the homes

When the home passed from view after a horrible
Torvaldslan raid, karma was taken as far north as
land would allow. Farther even that the berg where
The great war arrow was kept. The steading Hall was
in the far reaches...her black silks taken she was
placed in kirtles, fur cloak and wooly boots...not
what she had in mind but it mattered not what she
wore...for if the Master deemed it so she could have
been only given a ta-teera...a slaves rag...and so
for this she was greatful.

Here she learned the finer arts to being a
Bondmaid...she learned to relax a little and be
playful, she served in the fields and hunted small
game with only strings and sticks...She already knew
what the other girls didnt about men and was often
sought after for cold winter nights....The mere
sight of her stirred the lustful flames in the
Jarl's perhaps she found her freedom in
the furs while her sisters toiled at the ram's
landing. She was no princess though for she danced
when there were no dancers to be had...she was good
at what she did and earned many coins for the home.

On one such cold winters night...Jarl Qazir happened
upon the Steading of Kurzog....meade laiden after a
long voage raiding He settled there...and He grew
fond of karma...sadly to say...karma nearly broke
His pocketbook, for Kurzon also loved karma...But,
with supplies low and the need for money...Kurzog
let the slut Jarl Qazir needing more
dough...went a raiding once more...and thank Odin He
went south!

The Shores of Port Kar is where He landed and a
special Tavern there made Him long for Rest,
mead,ale and of course...women!...That is how karma
came to Gorean-shores tavern.
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