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Mar 17th, 2018, 3:50pm

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Many women do not know how beautiful they are until they see themselves, bound and collared, in a mirror. (Witness of Gor, p.544)


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xx Libi life main points
« Thread started on: Aug 31st, 2016, 05:47am »

This girl decided she wanted get her past out in open secrets are not permitted a slave

libi born by the name Libidine was child of two high caste her dad was a warrior of Ar and mother a scribe as she took after. She was born with dark Raven black hair with eyes naturally purple like amethysts with pale skin almost with a tint of violet as a disorder from her barbarian ancestor passed down dormant she very ashamed of look , raised as a scribe from young age never got much attention so turned to reading alone some books from her grandad who was a barbarian they Entailed the many things from Earth from the understanding of symbology and runology and acient religions , more spiritual she only took as interest of reading not one for believing heresy or any belief really she knows what she sees and don't beliefe stories ,her brother brought back some gems one day from market they court her eye specifically a amethyst this led to her wanting to collect the pretty stones giving her the nickname gem from her brother , one day her uncle told her the barbarian meaning of her name its Latin for lust or desire , so she shortened it to Libi so was not as shameful

When she was 10 she was with her brother and sister they whent for a walk around the markets in Ar only to end up in much trouble with a man of the caste of players since sister thought be smart to challenge him to a game she never played she lost after all but he made worse by insulting family and kicking this girls sister this made mad leading to her beginning her dark road committing first of her deviant assaults, sneaking into his home when his companion was cooking poisoning the food with strong paralysis making sure she takes the blame and he never plays again .

At 12 a woman decided to not pay this girls mother for her work her father could do little due to working in guards and the woman was protected by the Ubar , the woman tormented at mother for long time till libi git involved when she was going travel libi slightly sabotaged her bail and robes of concealment so they would break easy, the next day as the woman met her gaurd libi watched as the bail and robe fell apart publicly causing her enslavment for shaming the ubars name protecting such a woman by this time libi started see to get what want is most important the means to a end don't matter.

By her coming the age of 14 she allready had passed many small time acts of poison and shaming without laying hand on people and then started work for a merchant that the family had business with traveling between cities and making deals with new patrons for him but this only widened her capacity to minipulate people.

Her first trip was to ko ro ba as she made payments across to the kennel keepers sent ahead of the merchant to make sure his business gies well while he prepared the merchandise here she met Brad a mysteries warrior more scary than anyone she met she spoke him and found he was one of five brought to the world by priest kings as a small group of uni grads that never fit in on earth and would do much better on gor as their agents, finding he was after this girls uncle who was working against the priest kings libi was forced to help Brad have her beloved uncle killed cutting off part her emotional attachment to people that was so little at time.

Through next 4 years she spend all days traveling making deals having people taken care of ended up with contacts from many places warriors , assassins , outlaws but her acts started get more open as more risky having more high end people messed with more do with boredom by then her acts would only lead to a inexorable end. but still buying the pretty gem stones one for each person this was all well and good but she stayed away from the coast not ever needed to be near such places till that fateful day she lost her sister.

At 18 the girl had lost her sister who ran away to some outlaw she loved and begged his collar the family was so ashamed that they disowned her but libi hated her the most but nit for being weak as she led herself to to believe but her own desires fear of what inside herself. She was then told she would be going port kar so she packed her bags and that night her brother showed up at her room they then planed two things to poison the wine shipment to the gaurds of Ar to blame the merchant so he will be an outlaw and libi won't be forced to companion with the fat merchant, her other plan was to have her brothers men placed in each majore city in the tunic of anougher city and kill gaurds this would of led to war between most the cities causing chaos and the social order would fall.

When she arrived at port kar she went straight to work recruiting the caste of thieves to help her as got them to poison the shipment she went to tavern later that day meeting a pirate she felt happy first time as got attention he listened to her but she let guard down as she annoyed him her snobbery insulting port kar and its people he took her to his room stripping and shaming her before letting her go but by then she was disowned and submitted alone not branded or collared she now only had port kar no way of surviving alone she gave in and begged a o collar not long that night she found that her brothers men failed and he was discovered and killed leaving her parents with no free children left and this girl concludes for now a scribe became a slave now feeling guilty for her past and wishes make it to world by serving well

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