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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:39pm

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xx FWIW: LionHeart of Old History
« Thread started on: Feb 25th, 2018, 4:24pm »

Though not a member of GS I share this:

LionHeart appeared long ago with a brief journey through Gorean Shores and then found, not a home, but a place to roam in OldGorChat. He wandered for many years learning many things. He finally found a Home in Gorean Chat where He met so many He still knows to this day.

As the Home He found started to die He came to the shores of soi/jag/gor and made a home. It was a different land where treachery and behind the scenes plotting was more important than the honor of His old Home. He adapted, but became bitter and cruel especially to W/women that seemed to Him to plot the most and run Men in ways He had never seen in His former home. From an almost "knightly" idealist He became a cynical rogue who played that part in answer to what He experienced. After leaving for a time and trying some short term changes (was locked out of name LionHeart) He returned and lives in the isolated southern edge of the Great Northern Forests where they are thinnest between the South and the North.

In recent years He has found a few that think like He used to. Free and slaves who place honor and loyalty above plotting and games. He is humbled in that those folk have helped Him find what He once was a bit more. The role play of His home is more character that story oriented and A/any with honor are welcome (and yes slaves can and do have honor -- they have to to survive Him)

He was the sort of man who would set his terms for a woman, even a free woman. No woman, even one who was free, would be permitted to relate to him save on his terms, and on his terms alone... He would be, even in a companionship... master. ~Slave Girl of Gor

"Men tend to be extremely interested in things they own, and tend, usually, to be quite fond of them. Owned women do not form an exception to this general rule. The slave girl is commonly desired and prized by her master; she is one of his treasures. The Gorean Master, interested in her and attentive to her, wants to know everything about her, in her emotions and feelings, in their feminine, lyrical detail. Conversing with a lovely slave is one of the many pleasures of owning her." ~Fighting Slave of Gor

"In short we shall suppose that he discovers that he has purchased as is often the case not a mere slave, but a treasure. And she belongs to him! What a fortune, and joy, to own such a woman! He will want to watch her, to observe her least movement, to know her smallest thought. He will want to talk with her and listen to her, and know her with a depth and fullness" ~Guardsman of Gor
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