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Bretvalís Biography
Post by Bretval on Sep 22nd, 2012, 01:56am

I was born on the planet Earth in the year 1841 in South Carolina of the United States of America with the name Breton De Valier. My father was a scholar and taught me languages, astronomy, history, the arts of war, and mythology, as he believed that a well rounded education would serve me well. I was saddened when both my parents died in a typhus epidemic shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War. They left me with a fine home, a few slaves and the means and education to care for all I had inherited.

Then the War came and my world changed. I offered myself to the military in order to protect my holdings from the Northern aggressors and, given my education and facility with arms, was commissioned as a Lieutenant. I was lucky, I suppose, and went uninjured until Shermanís March. I had gotten separated from my men when I was hit by a bullet in the side and left to die even though I was not mortally injured. Sometime later, after dark, I found myself facing a man oddly dressed. He injected me with something and the pain was gone. He asked some general questions about my education and I answered, mainly as a thank you for my relief from the pain, and because he asked nothing of strategic importance. He gave me another shot. As I was passing out I heard another voice say, ďHe will do.Ē And turning to see who had spoken, I saw what I took to be a centaur. Then the world went black.

I awoke to face the man I had seen after the battle and another man dressed in green robes that, I learned later, was a Physician enlisted to minister to my injuries and administer the Serums that would extend my life span. I learned that I was on Gor and had been brought here to serve the Priest-Kings as a Scribe and to update them about conditions on Earth. (I had had no idea of how far my fatherís insistence on learning all I could would take me.) On first meeting a P-K I was not surprised as that look I had as I passed out had prepared me. (I had not realized that the P-K was not a centaur in shape but had only appeared that way because he was on his knees.)When I learned that they had been visiting Earth and taking people back with them to Gor for ten thousand years, it explained much of the mythology I had learned in my studies.

I was always given information about the goings on on Earth. I was outraged by the assassin of President Lincoln and subsequent invasion of the South by those who came to be called Ďcarpetbaggersí. Although a Southerner, I had had respect for Lincoln and felt he was an honorable man who would never have allowed the rape of the South if he had lived. It was this action of the North that broke the final emotional bonds between myself and the planet of my birth. I was now a Gorean. Although my allegiance is now Gorean, however, a part of me is, and will always be, at heart, a Southern gentleman. So if there are those who find me a little lenient with the slave girls, so be it. It is who and what I am, but make no mistake, when punisment is required it will be given, coldly and efficiently.

I served the P-K for thirty-five years as an adviser on the meaning of the happenings on Earth and then the world changed and I found that I no longer understood the world of my birth. The coming of the Great War on Earth and the machines that dealt death from great distances on the ground and air were beyond my ken and I was reduced to performing almost meaningless chores. I was miserable and it came to show. Then I was given a choice by the P-K, I could be assigned to a place of my choice outside of the Sardar as a Scribe ... or I could be dropped off to make my own way as I chose.

I chose the latter and made my way to Thentis where I made my living as a bodyguard-for-hire. I was content travelling much of the world and experiencing all that could be seen and felt for many years. During those years I learned that I was above average with a sword, but not anywhere near the top of the list of Warriors whose name causes a man to quake in his boots. But I am deadly with throwing knives and am never without at least a pair, either at waist or neck... or both.

Over time I learned the intricacies of buying and selling by listening to the dealings of the merchants I was protecting. (An agile mind is never at a loss to take any advantage to learn new things.) I did have one rule, I did not hire out of to slavers. They could look out for themselves. It is not that I am opposed to slavery or its dealings, just that I do not want a part of the business. A personal preference, if you prefer.

It was a foolish merchant who travelled with bags of gold and silver tarns that gave me the gold I needed to go into business for myself. It was during a raid by bandits that he was killed. My men and I were reducing their numbers and the fight was almost done in our favor when this idiotic, fat merchant stepped out of his wagon for a look at the action. He was seen by one of the few remaining bandits who got off a shot at my employer. The bandit was either an extremely good shot or extremely lucky, as the merchant took the crossbow bolt in the heart. He was dead almost immediately.

Every man in the caravan knew that the merchant had been warned, by me, to stay safely in the wagon. But they, and I, felt that the story would not be believed by anyone else... except, perhaps, in Port Kar, where no one cared how the gold was acquired, just that we had it to spend. The remaining men of the caravan agreed that I would receive the lionís share of the gold and merchandise if I could get them to Port Kar safely. I did as they asked and thus I was re-born, again, as the Merchant, Bretval.

Bretval's Holdings

My Holding is only a short difference from the Gorean Shores Tavern on one of the smaller canals of Port Kar and has about a half acre of land. The house has only 20 rooms and is 3 stories high.

The top level is My bedroom and has all the facilities.... including a sunken bath. The second level has ten rooms including 3 rooms for My staff, 2 washrooms and 5 medium sized guest rooms for visitors and their slaves. The first level includes a study, library, dining room, kitchen and living room. There is a basement level as well for storage, cleaning materials and laundry.

The three 'permanent' staff are a cook (robie), maid (phoebe) and major domo/butler (alfred). They are all slaves that are on 'lease' from their owner... meaning they are permanent only as long as they continue to please Me. The maid is responsible for taking cleaning and such... the butler is the only one that is allowed in My study and library.

As for you, My meral, your job is to take care of all My needs of whatever manner... cleaning, tidying, making sure I have clean clothes and sexual release. (The maid might not be happy that I bought you as she was in charge of those things before. If she becomes a problem she can be replaced but I believe the cook and butler take care of her sexual needs.)

As for Myself I normally wear leather... I became accustomed to them during My travels. I am always armed with two throwing knives in sheave at My neck. I do wear formal clothes on the days it is appropriate... such as Forum.

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Post by flicka{GS}~fg on Sep 22nd, 2012, 5:22pm

~kneeling before the Board and reading the life story of Master Bretval, becoming more enthralled at each sentence~

Master Bretval,

How wonderful and how lucky we are that You were brought to Gor.
What a full and exciting life You have lead, and now You are with us in Gorean Shores. We are indeed blessed.

~flicka gently replaces the writing stick, her thoughts turn inward as she reflects on the swings and round-abouts that brings happenings about.~
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Post by Keeper on Sep 27th, 2012, 04:50am

Reading the story of Bretval. Indeed Lincoln was an honourable man. Perhaps the most most honourable man to hold the title of President of the United States. He had one flaw, he did not chose his Vice-President very wisely. A great pity for the South, and for the country. Bretval's story highlights the importance of honour to Us all.
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Post by Bretval on Mar 26th, 2015, 12:55pm

A raid for Blackwine

Some months ago, being a merchant who does not deal in slaves, I decided it would be to My advantage to look around Port Kar to discover business opportunities that might show a high return on minimal investment. One of the first potential investments that came to mind I found right in the Tavern of Gorean Shores.
Both the Lady Lita and I enjoy blackwine. Granted, I prefer to spice Mine up with Turian Liqueur, but I found the price of 2 copper tarsks per servings a little excessive. This is not the fault of the Tavern, of course, it is fault of the people of Thentis that have a stranglehold on the sale of the beans of the plant. So I spoke to our resident Physician, the above mentioned Lady Lita, and proposed that We could take over the distribution of blackwine in all of Port Kar. She was skeptical, of course, but as I laid out My plan to Her, She became intrigued at the boldness of the plan My fertile brain had come up with.

The first thing We required was about 10 male slaves, preferably hard men toughened by the sea, or even better, captured warriors. Fearless Men who would not quell at risking their lives in an attempt to win their freedom. I acquired such men at a mere 30 copper tarsks each. They were all promised a Gold Tarsk and their certified manumission documents on the completion of their mission. (I believe My use of the word 'mission' increased their interest as much or more than the money and potential freedom. Having once been an officer I know it had that effect on Me.)

We also required four Tarnsmen and their Tarns to move the slaves to one of the blackwine plantations. Along with lengths of binding fiber, pickaxes, rakes and shovels. (As an added note both Lady Lita and I were allowed, by the Tarnsmen, a ride on the Tarns before the mission took flight. But that is another tale for another time.) The use of the Tarnsmen cost 2 Gold Tarns apiece so the cost of this opportunity was mounting.

Finally, all the plans were in place and the Tarnsmen and I packed the slaves and equipment into carry baskets to the sides of the Tarns and took flight. I did not allow the Tarns to be overworked so it took some Ohns to make the journey from Port Kar to the plantations above Thentis. But having seen a plantation on My journeys after being released from the service of the Priest-Kings, I knew exactly where I wanted to go and the view from the backs of the tarns allowed Me to direct the Tarnsmen directly to it.

We landed in the darkness, illuminated by the three moons and I directed the slaves to the outer edge of the plantation. Moving quickly but as quietly as possible I had the slaves dig up two full blackwine trees and a number of shrubs. These were bundled together and tied to the bellies of the Tarns who demonstrated their training by tolerating such indignities. As part of My plan for the theft to go undiscovered, I had the Men digging and raking the ground to make it look as nothing had been disturbed. The coins and documents had been given to the slaves who now had to disappear into the wilds of Thentis. Up to this point My plan had worked perfectly... which I admit worried Me. No plan ever goes off without a hitch... ever!

Sure enough I was about join the one of the Tarnsmen on His Tarn when two male slaves of the plantations strolled around the corner of the trees and shrubbery into view. My knives, whom I affectionately call Belle and Patsy, were in My hands in a split second... but My brain was working almost as quickly and My throws caught them in the heads by the hilt instead of the blade.

Stunned and facing a Master they lay in the dirt. In moments the Tarnsmen and I had the slaves bundled up and gagged. I grinned as I told the Tarnsmen that I would have use of experienced slaves on the plantations I was establishing. They agreed, laughing, as We all mounted the Tarns and took to the skies... Me with the two Tarns and one of the slaves headed for the mountains near Piedmont and the other Tarns two and the other slave south to Lake Shaba where other men in My employ waited.

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