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Feb 24th, 2018, 9:13pm

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xx Gorean Reading Society: 07-March-2017
« Thread started on: Mar 8th, 2017, 12:07pm »

Captive of Gor - Book 7

Chapter 8 - "What Occurred North of Laura"


Jarl Randolph
Master Jondalar
Master Bretval - Moderator

ruby{Randolph}~t - scribe

Bretval {meral}: 13:44:40 pm CST
Time to begin...

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:44:49 pm CST
poises nib to fine milled linen rence parchment - listens intently

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:44:57 pm CST

Bretval {meral}: 13:45:16 pm CST
Chapter Eight

The journey continues, and the slave caravan reaches Laura, the first township of any size that they have reached, but although Elinor is still entertaining hopes of being returned to Earth, nothing comes of this. She does, however, get her first look at male slaves. These bear a shaven stripe on their heads as a mark of having been taken by the Panther Women, free-ranging female outlaws who live in the forests. In the course of telling her about the Panthers, Ute comforts Elinor, who doesn't seem happy, with the thought that she will soon have a nice collar and master, although Elinor rejects the notion out of hand. Ute's philosophy is worth stating:

"In every woman there is a Free Companion and a slave girl. The Free Companion seeks for her companion, and the slave girl seeks her master."

meral{Bretval} 13:45:59 pm CST

~settles listening to her Master~

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:48:27 pm CST
Thinks Ute's quote is true of life here on urth - basic biology really

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:49:44 pm CST
just loves that famous quote by Ute..a truism even on earth

Bretval {meral}: 13:49:59 pm CST
Well said, Randolph

meral{Bretval} 13:50:18 pm CST
very true....nods agreeing with Jarl and ruby

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:51:22 pm CST

ohh, and Bretval and mea

Bretval {meral}: 13:52:46 pm CST
It appears to Me that even on Urth there is a Master and slave.. grin... though the Master may be a Mistress

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:52:56 pm CST

and when Ute admits to Elinor that she was sold because she tried to manipulate her Master...really had an affect on prissy princess she realized she just a mere piece of property

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:53:23 pm CST
yes my Jarl as always...kiss

meral{Bretval} 13:54:12 pm CST

good point my Master, two Dominants would not make a good match

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:55:14 pm CST
yes, fully agree Bretval. Perhaps the pendulum will swing back one day, to where it should be !!!

Bretval {meral}: 13:55:50 pm CST
*grin to mea* personal experience

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:57:15 pm CST
one can only hope my Master...that Men and women live as nature intended

meral{Bretval} 13:57:41 pm CST
mea has never known the pendulum swing forward Jarl

Bretval {meral}: 13:58:20 pm CST
next part...

It ought to be said that, on the strength of her own account of herself, Elinor doth protest too much; but she earns the mockery of her fellow-slaves, and Ute has to scold them for being nasty to her. In fact, almost as soon as they arrive at Laura, Elinor is groped by one of the locals, and can't suppress a feeling of satisfaction that she, and not Lana, was singled out to be groped. Targo, noticing a change in her demeanour, promotes her on the slave chain, and she seems pleased at the gain in status, even if it is slave status.

meral{Bretval} 13:59:50 pm CST
Ute seems so kind it's hard to believe she tried to manipulate her Master

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:00:02 pm CST
thinks it's swinging forward now, mea, or back, depending on the point of view.

meral{Bretval} 14:01:13 pm CST
mea has always been fortunate to live as nature intended

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:01:35 pm CST
yes mea, I think Ute is one of the kindest girls in Gor. but all slaves have their day, perhaps, and maybe she over did it.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:03:14 pm CST
indeed with Elinor now being promoted to #11 on the chain...she is feeling the fire of a slave ignite in her belly...finally Elinor is yearning for the gifted touch of a Man...Targo deeming her interesting enough, beautiful enough to be enslaved

Bretval {meral}: 14:04:32 pm CST
Can't see that, Randolph... more that couples are getting more comfortable with the idea that only one can be in charge... without that they just trip over each other....

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:07:22 pm CST
In this world there is a growing attitude of women wanting to be in charge - that would be an unnatural instinct in Gor. Maybe the pendulum will swing that way here on urth at some point.

Jondalar 14:09:59 pm CST
Tal and greetings.....To All

Bretval {meral}: 14:10:02 pm CST
and now a lesson in long life and beauty *grin*

She is taken to a physician, who administers some preventive medicine to her, and also something he calls the "Stabilisation Serums". When she defies orders to attempt to speak to this high-caste man, her guard punishes her, and it seems that he is about to rape her, until another guard interrupts him; but this whole incident causes the guards to remark that she is learning slave-girl wiles, and Elinor doesn't seem to mind this all that much - and for that matter, she is finding men a good deal more interesting than she was wont to. She is coming to terms with the idea that she is a slave girl, that she is not going home, and that a master might be a very nice idea indeed, and her unconscious reaction to this earns her further promotion on the slave chain.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:10:38 pm CST
laughing as the idea finally light bulbs in Elinors thick princess skull, that she is an animal..when her cost to cross the river Laurius was a mere copper tarsk

Jondalar 14:13:44 pm CST
Reading Bretval's post!!!

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:13:51 pm CST
I don't know why but I just cannot take to Elinor at all.

Bretval {meral}: 14:14:50 pm CST
I suspect there were some added estrogen in those serums as well *grin*

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:15:09 pm CST

smiles to Elinor receiving the stabilization serum jabs...even slaves have that right...girl didn't know it was given four times...very interesting

meral{Bretval} 14:16:18 pm CST
mea thinks her Master suspicions are correct

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:16:49 pm CST
chuckles my Jarl...the answer is simple...Elinor still thinks she can manipulate Men...

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:18:27 pm CST
yes, ruby, probably right

Bretval {meral}: 14:20:12 pm CST
At heart Elinor is still an Urthen 'princess'.... but that is beginning to change

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:20:46 pm CST
tastes the bile of fear present on her tongue...yes my Jarl, things can get very ugly with an attitude like that

meral{Bretval} 14:20:48 pm CST
and she is very competitive

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:23:01 pm CST
indeed mea

it is well known slaves jockey for position on the chain

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:23:25 pm CST
If I remember correctly at the beginning of this book she was a kettle slave asked to record her experiences - perhaps she never changes

Bretval {meral}: 14:23:33 pm CST
she was near the top of society on Urth.... those attitudes do not change overnight

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:24:18 pm CST
True enough Bretval

meral{Bretval} 14:24:42 pm CST
yes ruby

Jondalar 14:24:48 pm CST
Listening and learning!!!!

Bretval {meral}: 14:26:41 pm CST

you are correct, Randolph... but her history is the change from 'princess' to kettle slave and the change in her thinking and attitudes

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:27:00 pm CST
my Master, girl remembers You saying that You liked the Panther girls...wonders why

They hate Men...capture and enslave Them, then sell when they grow bored

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:28:45 pm CST

without wishing to jump ahead, but perhaps because the princess could never be trained out of her she had to remain as a lowly kettle slave - rather than being personally owned - glancing at the lucky ruby and mea.

Bretval {meral}: 14:30:57 pm CST
it must be remembered that every Female born on Gor is quite aware of the difference between Free Woman and slave.... hence the dress and where the Free spend time... they are protecting themselves

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:31:10 pm CST
yes, ruby, but those enslaved by men made became devoted to them

(oops, now moving books )

Bretval {meral}: 14:33:23 pm CST
moving on..

They are entertained by a clown and his trained beast, an animal like none Elinor has ever heard of, and a terrifying one at that. Also, disturbingly, she seems to notice it looking at her with signs of intelligence. The difference between men and women is brought home to her when the beast, as a prearranged joke, pretends to charge at the slave girls and they all flee in terror, and Elinor tells us of how in Gorean society male strength and courage are very much to the point, unlike on Earth (by which the author generally means the West, and America in particular), where they are dismissed as of little consequence and have not much impact on society.

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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor

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Gender: Female
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xx Re: Gorean Reading Society: 07-March-2017
« Reply #1 on: Mar 8th, 2017, 12:40pm »

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:34:31 pm CST
Free Women...just shudders...cant even imagine...slaves fear the Free Women and Their cruelity to slaves...they yearn to submit in Their dreams, They yearn for the sexual freedom of a kajira

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:35:36 pm CST
Elinor does have a point, even if not entirely true

Jondalar 14:35:45 pm CST

But not all kajira have sexual freedom!

Jondalar 14:36:11 pm CST
Sorry for butting in!

meral{Bretval} 14:36:41 pm CST
and having wear all those robes of concealment ruby.......just yukky

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:36:46 pm CST
(glances idly at Jondalar )

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:37:58 pm CST
Master Jondalar
girl begs to disagree...ruby has the freedom of a kajira to be a sexual yielding beast

perhaps girl doesn't understand Your comment

Bretval {meral}: 14:38:31 pm CST
hmmmmm I think the author has gone a little over the edge with this comment.... Men are of little consequence and have little impact on society.... bullshit...

meral{Bretval} 14:39:30 pm CST
mea has all the sexual freedom she needs Master Jondalar

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:39:52 pm CST
It is a different kind of Freedom - they are not free with whom and when they are required to have sex, but when permitted are totally free, and expected, to give themselves totally and without any holding back whatsoever - which is a sexual freedom.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:41:17 pm CST
yes my Jarl...Your words as always make perfect sense - kiss

Bretval {meral}: 14:42:14 pm CST
I have agree with Jondalar though... consider the white silks aching to be used be a Master

Jondalar 14:42:49 pm CST
ruby..My meaning was that not all kajira have found there sexual freedom...I would think it depends on how their Masters brought it out of them..How well the Master understood His sexuality..If their Masters because of their(Master) poor self worth was afraid to allow a girl to be "all she could be" Just saying....

Jondalar 14:44:09 pm CST
And I'm not referring to meral or ruby...~s`

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:44:23 pm CST
even slaves are more free to come and go over a Free Woman...They must have a Male Member of the Family as a Guardian

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:44:38 pm CST
yes, I can see that, Jondalar, also true of urthern life.

Bretval {meral}: 14:44:51 pm CST
At any rate I hope you all read the description of the beast.... *grin*
it sounds not so vaguely familiar

Jondalar 14:45:41 pm CST
Well said Randolph. This Tuchuk is not the sharpest nail in the tool box...~L~

Bretval {meral}: 14:45:50 pm CST
I agree Jon

meral{Bretval} 14:46:00 pm CST
a Beast my Master......eyes go wide

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:46:56 pm CST
understands more fully..thank You Master Jondalar

Master Bretval...white silks are not often purchased..a Master normally seeks a slave that knows the fire in her belly

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:48:35 pm CST
yes that must be the Kur girl surmises

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:49:43 pm CST
yes, the beast is, but a 'trained' beast? surprised at that.

Bretval {meral}: 14:50:43 pm CST
moving on....

Still, on the whole, Elinor seems to be becoming quite contented with her lot, and this even carries over into her dealings with the former Lady Rena, whom she starts to treat kindly. She is surprisingly pleased to be allowed to go and entertain a group of guard, along with Ute and Lana, and she joins in enthusiastically with the business of amusing them. She still has some reservations about her own response to being treated as a pleasure slave, and suddenly reacts in fear and denial when being handled by one of the guards excites her (and him).

But while he is still pondering the exact nature of his reaction to her reaction, they are ambushed by a party of Panther Women and taken prisoner. The leader of the Panther Women, one Verna, enjoys herself with a spot of taunting of the guards and the slaves alike; then she takes Elinor and the whole band vanish into the forest.

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:54:17 pm CST
what ruby found informative in this part of the Chapter, was the games played

cats cradle
stone - guessing game
throwing a cloth ball

and of course
meat toss

meral{Bretval} 14:54:56 pm CST
mea enjoyed learning about the different games

Bretval {meral}: 14:55:08 pm CST
I would think that the beast was separated from his family and controlled by drug(maybe) and food most certainly

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:55:11 pm CST

ruby is correct, I do like the Panther Women - mainly because they always seem to come to a sticky end and become Gor slaves - but this is a backward step in Elinor's progress.

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 14:57:14 pm CST
thinks the games are a reflection of the author's age - games from his childhood and no technology needed

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:59:14 pm CST
really my Jarl?... girl didn't know the Outlaw Panther Women were enslaved...of course any Woman could be enslaved on Gor

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 15:00:00 pm CST
when they are captured ruby

Bretval {meral}: 15:00:01 pm CST

I agree Randolph a stick and a ball were good enough for Me... as a youngster...

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 15:00:58 pm CST
lol, Bretval, who needed iPads !!!!!!!

meral{Bretval} 15:01:32 pm CST
another shock for elinor being taken by the Panther Girls

Bretval {meral}: 15:03:21 pm CST
your Master has been reading ahead again, ruby

but lets finish up....

So, just as Elinor was becoming used to her new station in life, though she still had a few issues to resolve, the goalposts have been moved and she has yet another set of circumstances to adjust to. And what these may be, and how she will react, we shall learn in time

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:03:46 pm CST
is this where the Panther Women dance in the circle, clawing at the three moons? primal and savage ...simply outstanding

Bretval {meral}: 15:05:09 pm CST
I believe that is in the next chapter ruby

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 15:05:21 pm CST

We will see ruby

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:05:47 pm CST
oh...opps, sorry Master Bretval..a girl got ahead

meral{Bretval} 15:06:20 pm CST
mea will look forward to seeing what happens my Master

Bretval {meral}: 15:07:50 pm CST
Any other final thoughts or comments?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:08:37 pm CST

none from this lowly slut, Master Bretval..thank You

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 15:09:10 pm CST
None her Bretval.

meral{Bretval} 15:09:33 pm CST

none from mea thank You my Master

Bretval {meral}: 15:11:48 pm CST
Then this session is at an end and I thank Aall for listening and learning...
and a particular to ruby for scribing once again

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 15:12:33 pm CST
Many thanks Bretval for a very informative GRS. Very enjoyable

kisses the scribe

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 15:12:46 pm CST
and gives a big smile to mea

meral{Bretval} 15:12:50 pm CST
Thank You for leading once more my Master.....kiss

thank you sweet ruby for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:12:52 pm CST

thank You Master Bretval for leading book club

a fine cliff hanger...wonders what will happen to Elinor now, on the choke leash of Verna

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:16:06 pm CST

rolls up the parchment swiftly

as always a gift to serve my Jarls Home
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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor
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