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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:20pm

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xx Book Club 10/10/17
« Thread started on: Oct 10th, 2017, 8:39pm »

Bretval- Modorater
Master of one

Bretval {meral}: 19:48:17 pm CDT
Very well... off We go
But - assuming that this same hero is Bosk (previously known as Tarl Cabot) - the reader will recall that he was in a bad way when last seen taking ship from the northern forests following his fruitless search for Talena; and we will be keenly interested to know what state he is in now. We had better lose no time finding out.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:48:23 pm CDT
Master Bretval she is ace is she not? ~nodding~

Bretval {meral}: 19:50:35 pm CDT
Marauders of Gor Book Nine

Chapter One

The story opens with Bosk enthroned in the darkness and silence of his own hall in Port Kar. The whole atmosphere is of gloom and despondency, and the first hint we are given as to Bosk’s physical state is to learn that it causes him pain to turn his head. He has a visitor: Luma, the chief Scribe of his house, whom he rescued from Surbus the pirate three books ago, thereby coincidentally gaining possession of Surbus’s former property, ships and pirate crews. Luma tries to make encouraging noises, presenting him with a favourable balance sheet and some light affairs of business that make it clear how much his fortunes are advancing; but he finds little in this to cheer him, and does not intend to lighten his gloom even by playing Kaissa with his loyal sidekick Thurnock.

Bosk reflects on how much he has changed over time. To his way of thinking, everything about the young red-haired hero he was a few short years ago is gone for good; even his trademark red hair is faded and bleached, and he thinks it is now of an unremarkable colour. He quickly recapitulates his previous career - for which I shall immodestly direct the reader to the archives of this column - and seizes the opportunity to beat himself over the head once again with the enormity of his disgraceful act in pleading for his life in the rence marshes. (It is little to him that Ho-Hak the Rencer, and Samos himself, have both urged him to take a more pragmatic view of himself.)

Bretval {meral}: 19:56:17 pm CDT
For those that do not know Bosk was badly injured at the end of Book *... when fighting and defeating an enemy that largely out numbered Him

Bretval {meral}: 19:57:39 pm CDT
damn bad hand ... end of book 8

flicka {GS}~ fg. 19:58:48 pm CDT
~gently strokes Master Bretval's hand, knowing it plays Him false at times~

karinda {GS} 20:00:18 pm CDT
Listens intently
swtpea{Frederick} 20:01:50 pm CDT
pea will be honest she is kinda lost as she is still on book one

Bretval {meral}: 20:02:36 pm CDT
We will also discover that His disgrace added to Huis current condition... a crippled wondering what His life is all about

Bretval {meral}: 20:04:23 pm CDT
it is a disadvantage, pea... but read the chapters as they come up and it will make sense

karinda {GS} 20:05:07 pm CDT
karinda likes this part. It shows just a hint of vulnerability. Sometimes even thd hero has to ask if He is good enough.

Bretval {meral}: 20:07:29 pm CDT
moving on,,, hoping to clear up some of the confusion..........

He philosophises over the large question of how men should live, and compares Earthen and Gorean ethics and moralities without coming to any clear conclusion, though it is plain that he holds the larger contempt for the belief-systems of his former world. This musing includes a couple of oft-repeated quotes that will bear reiterating: “Truth not won is not possessed. We are not entitled to truths for which we have not fought” and “Do not ask how to live, but instead, proceed to do so.”

Having thus mused, Bosk brings us up to date on the long-awaited reunion between himself and Talena. He was abducted from her side on their wedding night many years ago, and he has spent much time on much other business since then - which was necessarily delayed by his seven years’ absence from Gor - yet never lost sight of his hope of one day finding his lost love. Samos delivers her into his presence, robed as a Free Woman though yet a slave, and of course as soon as Bosk buys her and frees her, she flings herself into his arms with declarations of love everlasting and a hope that never failed, and the joyful pair live happily ever after.

sura{GS~O~} 20:07:47 pm CDT
sura read the series years ago, when she was a teenager. Decides it's time to update herself. remembers vaguely as Master points out the storyline.

Bretval {meral}: 20:09:37 pm CDT
I agree, karinda... in many ways He war far too good as a Man and Warrior for His own good...

Bretval {meral}: 20:11:27 pm CDT
and the Priest-King had part to play be playing with His life

karinda {GS} 20:12:49 pm CDT

Master of one 20:15:59 pm CDT
~ slips out

Bretval {meral}: 20:16:05 pm CDT
and moving on... and Tarl Cabot living happily ...

Fat Chance

What actually happens, as soon as Bosk has freed her, is that she takes advantage of a Free Woman’s leave to speak as she wishes to blame Bosk for leaving her side (for Samos tacitly drops the hint that he is not to mention the eist-pray ings-kay), to revile him for his cowardice (Samos again, for telling her about the business in the marshes - though, as Bosk fairly observes, it is no secret in Port Kar) and to scorn him for being a cripple. Bosk mutely bows his head to her scorn, still considering himself beneath contempt (though Samos remarks that he has heard of Bosk’s courageous deeds in the stockade, for which see the last instalment), and lets her go with no more than an anguished exclamation. She takes one final opportunity to scorn him for his weakness in letting her go, and tells him that he was never a man.

All this has happened some indefinite time before the present, and Bosk has been attended by the finest physicians that money can buy, and also one who will take no payment: Iskander of Turia, once known to Kamchak the Tuchuk, later on the staff of Sullius Maximus. This last was one of the five Ubars of Port Kar when Bosk first arrived, and he is now in exile in the court of Chenbar of Tyros. Bosk doubts that a Warrior of the prowess of Sarus of Tyros would endorse the use of poisoned blades, but Iskander, knowing Sullius Maximus quite well, advances the hypothesis that such is the cause of Bosk’s paralysis. If so, Iskander informs Bosk, there is no antidote.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:18:54 pm CDT

Bretval {meral}: 20:21:23 pm CDT
Note that there is no physical reason for Bosk's pain and crippled condition...

karinda {GS} 20:24:12 pm CDT
Such language from was indeed a shock Master Bretval

Bretval {meral}: 20:24:56 pm CDT
He should have been healed weeks ago.... so what is the real problem is the question Wwe must ask ourselves

*grin at flicka* and it is not totally because Talena was a bitch

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:27:12 pm CDT
Master Bretval, flicka guesses it is because this girl just cannot imagine being so horrid to a Man.

Especially a scrumptious one like Boskie Baby. ~winks.~

Bretval {meral}: 20:28:32 pm CDT
Ant that brings Uus to the present..

karinda {GS} 20:28:38 pm CDT
Grins as mistress speaks

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:29:29 pm CDT
Master Bretval, flicka promises on slave's honour to have read the pertinent chapters by next week.

karinda {GS} 20:30:30 pm CDT
Hmmm....thinking about what we all have to asj ourselves in order to heal an achy body or tge mental soul.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:32:14 pm CDT
A good question karinda, flicka thinks that assuaging a Master's damaged soul is what we slaves do best.

Bretval {meral}: 20:33:00 pm CDT
But when Talina saw Him, flicka, He was not the Man that she had wed.. instead She saw this...

So it is that Bosk, wealthy but crippled and bitter, is sitting in his darkened throne-hall when he receives a visitor in great haste: Ho-Hak, the Rencer chieftain. He has bad news concerning Telima, Bosk’s ex-companion who fled in jealous rage when he announced his intent to go and search for Talena. She has been either abducted or killed - probably the latter - by a mysterious “beast” in the marshes. For the first time we hear the name “Kurii”, which Samos says is a Gorean corruption for their own name for themselves and which Captain Tab remarks is also a Torvaldslander word for “beast”. From this Bosk logically concludes that such beasts are known of in Torvaldsland (in which direction this particular specimen was seen making for aboard a tarn); but logic is not his primary consideration at this moment.

As a wave of fury sweeps over him, Bosk finds to his astonishment that he can move his arms and legs again; evidently the paralysis has been driven into remission by a flood of adrenalin. He calls for meat, drink and his sword, and declares his intention to head for Torvaldsland, though Samos urges Bosk to let him go instead; and he orders Luma to his couch, and when she protests that she is free, he reduces both her and Sandra the dancer to slavery. This is a poor reward for Luma’s loyalty, I am inclined to think.

riss{GS} 20:33:31 pm CDT
may this one please be excused?

sura{GS~O~} 20:35:24 pm CDT
from what sura remembers it sets the stage for Bosk's breakthrough to finally face the unthinkable challenge ! but she doesn't want to jump ahead, storylines are jumbled up in her head!

Austin - Scholar- 20:35:33 pm CDT
slips in quiety
Tal and Greetings
riss{GS} 20:36:30 pm CDT
whispers...nevermind rt doesn't need her anymore

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:37:20 pm CDT
~softly laughing~ wow riss, flicka wishes that her real times went away as easily.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:38:17 pm CDT
There was a kurri in the Tavern once.

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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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“It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.”~Ghandi~


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xx Re: Book Club 10/10/17
« Reply #1 on: Oct 10th, 2017, 8:39pm »

Bretval {meral}: 20:39:44 pm CDT
I am with you on this, karinda... in speaking with My meral earlier I called it a 'soul sickness'... the writer of the scrolls says He was healed by a surge of adrenaline... and that is no doubt a big part of is.... but it was His ability to throw off the shackles of the 'sould sickness' tjhat allowed Him to get that angry

karinda {GS} 20:39:49 pm CDT
Looks shocked

When mistress?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:40:35 pm CDT
Hmm soul sickness, an interesting concept.

karinda {GS} 20:40:39 pm CDT
Nods along with Master Bretval

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:41:35 pm CDT
It was when snowrose was fg karinda, quite awhile ago. As flicka recalls the story, He was quite "civilized".

Bretval {meral}: 20:41:52 pm CDT
no need to ask riss.... Forum and Book Club have special rules

riss{GS} 20:42:31 pm CDT
smiles..thankyou Master Bretval for the information

Frederick 20:42:57 pm CDT
-enters quietly-

karinda {GS} 20:44:30 pm CDT
A civilized kurri? Is tgere such a thing,?

Frederick 20:45:33 pm CDT
-growls at the urts-

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:45:44 pm CDT
Master Bretval, alas due to the change over of the clocks down here, flicka must depart, she promises to be better prepared next week.

~warmly smiling at You~

Fare well to all.

Master thank You for the effort You put in.

pea thank you for scribing.

Bretval {meral}: 20:46:44 pm CDT
I seem to remember that incident, flicka... and it also showed that Kurri are not mindless... something to be aware of in this book

karinda {GS} 20:47:10 pm CDT
Hugs mistress farewell

karinda {GS} 20:47:32 pm CDT
How interesting

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:47:52 pm CDT
`pausing` Aye Master Bretval, we think of them as mindless beasts, but they are merely a different kind of sentience.

~hugging You warmly as a girl rushes out~

Bretval {meral}: 20:49:00 pm CDT
I was about to end the session anyway flicka... a lot to cover in chapter One

so any other questions or comments?

~naia {CLH} 20:49:28 pm CDT
~slips quietly out

karinda {GS} 20:50:11 pm CDT
Smiles...girl is just hapoy book club has started again...she likes it Master Bretval

sura{GS~O~} 20:50:16 pm CDT
None from this one Master. Thank you for your excellent description.

sura{GS~O~} 20:51:04 pm CDT
girl will also read the assigned chapter and is glad she was here tonight.

karinda {GS} 20:51:33 pm CDT
Isn't He great, sura? Smiles to Master Bretval

So is pea...who scribes so much .....

Austin - Scholar- 20:53:06 pm CDT
Thank you Bretval for leading... Good to have Book club back

riss{GS} 20:54:08 pm CDT
thankyou Master Bretval for leading,
and thanks to swtpea for scribing...smiles

sura{GS~O~} 20:54:22 pm CDT
oh He is indeed, karinda. I feel like I'm in literature class with a Great Teacher. And oh sweet sweet pea, thank you so much.

Bretval {meral}: 20:54:53 pm CDT
Okay session is over and I thank all that attended and took part...
and My personal thanks to swtpea for scribing

Austin - Scholar- 20:55:22 pm CDT
Thank you pea for scribing

Frederick 20:55:28 pm CDT
-smiles with pride in Mine-

Bretval {meral}: 20:57:05 pm CDT
I appreciate that sura... I hope not to fail you in the future

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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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