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Jan 23rd, 2018, 07:01am

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xx Gorean Reading Society: 24-October-2017
« Thread started on: Oct 24th, 2017, 3:51pm »

Marauders of Gor - Book nine
Chapter 4 - The Forkbeard and I Return to Our Game
Chapter 5 - Feed Her on th Gruel of Bondmaids


Jarl Randolph
Master Bretval - Moderator
Master Pax

ruby{Randolph}~t - scribe

ruby~{Randolph}~t 13:36:20 pm CDT
poises writing stick to finely milled rence parchment- listens intently

meral{Bretval} 13:37:47 pm CDT

~settles turning her attention to her Master~

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 13:38:15 pm CDT
turns her attention to Master Bretval

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:40:38 pm CDT

May not be able to stay so will not interrupt

Bretval {meral}: 13:41:27 pm CDT
Okay it is time to begin...

Chapter Four

As the ship heads north, approaching the rendezvous point for the collection of Aelgifu’s ransom, the Forkbeard mentions “the stream of Torvald”, Gor’s equivalent of the Gulf Stream that somewhat tempers the climate of the northlands. Most of his attention, though, is taken up by the Kaissa he is playing with Bosk, while other members of his crew are engaging in seamanlike pursuits of one sort or another. We get a brief Kaissa allegory when Bosk, for what seem to be good reasons, permits his Ax (called “Tarnsman” elsewhere) to be exchanged for a Singer (“Scribe” in civilized Kaissa), which would nominally be a favourable exchange but entails giving up a piece he uses well for one he is less fond of. Just to be sure that we get the point, Bosk loses the game shortly afterwards.

meral{Bretval} 13:43:40 pm CDT
Kaissa seems to be a form of mea correct in thinking that my Master?

Jarl Randolph - GS Advisor - Owner of ruby~ 13:45:52 pm CDT

yes Kaissa does seem to be like chess

Bretval {meral}: 13:46:34 pm CDT

This quick description of the game does not give enough credit to the wily Forkbeard as He plays His 'Axe' on 2 levels within the game

Bretval {meral}: 13:49:22 pm CDT
No question, mea... on Earth I believe the Tarnsman or Axe would be known as a Knight

Bretval {meral}: 13:52:54 pm CDT

A piece in Chess that can be as devastating in a game as Forkbeard's Axe is to Tarl's game

PAX ~Scholar~ 13:55:38 pm CDT

taking a seat to listen and learn

meral{Bretval} 13:55:47 pm CDT
agrees my Master

Bretval {meral}: 13:55:49 pm CDT

The Kaissa enthusiast should note, by the way, that it is still difficult to make anything coherent of the game from the description here. Ivar Forkbeard is fond of an opening called the “Jarl’s Ax’s Gambit”, indicating that the author has done his research, for this name is homologous with the “King’s Knight’s Gambit”, a famously formidable and difficult chess opening system; however, it ought to be pointed out that the King’s Knight’s Gambit has earned its reputation through certain highly specific tactical considerations that simply do not apply in Kaissa - though I am in danger of riding this hobby-horse entirely off the track of these Booknotes.

Bretval {meral}: 13:59:12 pm CDT

*grinning* I should have read the notes before Wwe started... the nest couple of Chapters are screwed up... I beg Eeveryone patience

Bretval {meral}: 14:01:05 pm CDT

Any other comments or questions so far?

meral{Bretval} 14:01:44 pm CDT

nothing from mea thank You my Master

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:02:33 pm CDT

none from ayli thank You Master Bretval

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:02:41 pm CDT

nothing from ruby

PAX ~Scholar~ 14:04:22 pm CDT
Nothing to add Bretval

Bretval {meral}: 14:05:16 pm CDT

very well ... on Wwe go... a quick lesson in weather... and sailing on Gor

Bretval {meral}: 14:05:32 pm CDT
The stream of Torvald is a current, as a broad river in the sea, pasangs wide, whose temperature is greater than that of the surrounding water. Without it, much of Torvaldsland, bleak as it is, would be only a frozen waste. Torvcliffs, inlets and mountains. Its arable soil is thin and found in patches.

Bretval {meral}: 14:09:28 pm CDT

Think of the Gulfstream on Earth... and the effect that it effects on the weather... particularly in the creation of hurricanes ... on the good side there can be the bad

meral{Bretval} 14:12:01 pm CDT

a good comparison my Master

Bretval {meral}: 14:13:20 pm CDT
As to Torvaldsland... think of Scandinavia and the Vikings of Earth

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:14:46 pm CDT

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:14:56 pm CDT
thats a good comparrison Master Bretval helps paint a picture in this girls head

meral{Bretval} 14:15:18 pm CDT
mea can imagine that my Master....the Scandinavian Countries have a unique beauty

Bretval {meral}: 14:18:49 pm CDT

Another side comment that the Captains should note... slave gruel had pieces of parsit fish... not the heads of the fish... those were used as bait...not food for slaves

PAX ~Scholar~ 14:20:39 pm CDT


Bretval {meral}: 14:22:11 pm CDT

moving on....

Aelgifu is showing signs of being snooty, which probably bodes ill for her as in most Gor stories to date; and she is served notice that, although Ivar Forkbeard will not prejudice his hopes of ransom by raping her, she is not immune to such punishments as will not harm her ransom. That attended to, Bosk and the Forkbeard get on with their game.

We shall now leave Bosk and his new- found friends enjoying their journey Northwards, and look forward no doubt to many deeds of derring-do and high adventure in best Viking tradition to come; and for these and Bosk’s search for the beast who did the dirty on his Telima.

Bretval {meral}: 14:28:42 pm CDT

Chapter 5

“Give Gorrn back the scoop,” said the Forkbeard, “and then carry water to my men.”
“Yes,” she said.
The Forkbeard looked at her.
“Yes,” she said “—myJarl.” To the bond-maid the meanest of the free men of the North is her jarl. We heard Aelgifu laugh from the mast.The bond- haired girl rose to her feet and surrendered the scoop to Gorm, who put it away, and then closed the deck planking. She then went to one of the large, wooden, covered water buckets, roped to the deck, and in it submerged a water-skin. I heard the bubbling as the skin filled.

meral{Bretval} 14:30:54 pm CDT

Aelgifu will soon find out princess ways are not tolerated by any Jarl or Master on Gor

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 14:31:55 pm CDT

agrees with you mea that Aelgifu will soon learn

Bretval {meral}: 14:35:08 pm CDT

No sure what jhappened there but the girl being referred to is the blonde girl with the red vest... the 'enemy' of Aelgifu as they fight to be the most beautiful girl in their Home

Bretval {meral}: 14:37:02 pm CDT

yes it is never wise to get snooty on Gor *grin*

Bretval {meral}: 14:39:00 pm CDT

At any rate, “Tarl” is now the name he goes by once again, and we shall call him Bosk no longer. He and the Forkbeard perform a simple ceremony, licking salt from each other’s wrists, and we may take it that they are now sworn friends.

As Thorgard approaches, Ivar taunts him for a while with the belief that he will be able to catch the Forkbeard; then he gives the lie to the common claim that Thorgard’s “Black Sleen” is the swiftest ship in the North by fleeing in some haste. He points out to Tarl that he already has all the plunder his ship will hold, and he would be a fool to be drawn into battle on Thorgard’s terms. The two return to their Kaissa as a raging Thorgard slips slowly astern, and the ship returns to its course for the Skerry of Einar, the exchange island where the Forkbeard is to collect ransom on one Aelgifu (see last instalment). And as they go, Ivar drops a hint that we have indeed not seen the last of Thorgard, for his own ship is named after Thorgard’s daughter Hilda, whom Ivar intends to make his slave.

meral{Bretval} 14:41:27 pm CDT
mea found the descriptions of the ships very interesting

Bretval {meral}: 14:45:53 pm CDT
The Black sleen gained ground very quickly, all looked like they were in for a fight... while Forkbeard demanded that the loot on his ship be displayed proudly to the enemy ship... then Forkbeard proves that His ship is the fastest and quickly escapes the Black Sleen

meral{Bretval} 14:46:34 pm CDT
the threatened punishment with the oar is enough to make any girl behave.....mea shivered reading that

Bretval {meral}: 14:47:45 pm CDT

That bit needs some editing *sgh*

PAX ~Scholar~ 14:48:10 pm CDT

Not a believer in "threatened punished "

Bretval {meral}: 14:48:39 pm CDT
yes mea ... a nasty punishment indeed

ruby~{Randolph}~t 14:50:19 pm CDT


Bretval {meral}: 14:51:55 pm CDT
Ote=n all that is needed, Pax... as long as a slave knows that the Master will follow though with the threat

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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
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xx Re: Gorean Reading Society: 24-October-2017
« Reply #1 on: Oct 24th, 2017, 4:00pm »

Bretval {meral}: 14:53:30 pm CDT
Okay lets finish this Chapter,,,

On arriving at the Skerry of Einar, Ivar goes ashore with a set of scales and some crooked weights, making no bones of his intention to shake down the Administrator of Kassua for every tarsk-bit in his purse. He is gone for a little longer than expected, owing to an inevitable dispute over weights and measures, and returns with the ransom money and also the purses of the men of Kassau - and also Aelgifu herself. With a piece of nit-pickery that would not disgrace a school bully, Ivar informs Aelgifu that he only said he would take ransom money for her, and not that he would let her go (and this rather revolves around the meaning of the word “ransom”). But while we might be tempted to cry out on the Forkbeard for a lying hound, we should take note that hard on the heels of the Forkbeard comes a veritable flotilla of small boats from Kassau, and as the good ship Hilda is forced to flee once again, we can chalk this whole sorry affair down to the mutual bad faith of the men of Kassau and Torvaldsland, and conclude that neither of them can claim the moral high ground.

PAX ~Scholar~ 14:53:44 pm CDT
Smiling yes but there has to be that 1st time

Bretval {meral}: 14:58:51 pm CDT

True now and then Pax *LOL* but slaves to need to learn one way of another

Bretval {meral}: 15:01:40 pm CDT
Any other comments or questions?

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:01:42 pm CDT

listens quietly

meral{Bretval} 15:01:49 pm CDT
a very good conclusion for Their meeting my Master

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:02:09 pm CDT
nothing from ruby, Master Bretval

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 15:02:40 pm CDT

none from ayli Master Bretval

meral{Bretval} 15:02:59 pm CDT

mea never thought for one moment Forkbeard would release Aelgifu

meral{Bretval} 15:03:31 pm CDT
nothing more from Your girl my Master

PAX ~Scholar~ 15:04:49 pm CDT

none from me

Bretval {meral}: 15:08:03 pm CDT

Very well... We are done for this session of GRS./..
I thank Aall that attended and took part

meral{Bretval} 15:08:43 pm CDT

Thank You my Master for leading.....kiss

thank you ruby for scribing

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:09:12 pm CDT

a true nail biting cliffhanger as Wwe next see Ivar Forkbeards great Hall

thank You for leading Master Bretval

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 15:09:20 pm CDT

thank You Master Bretval for leading

thank you ruby for scribing

Bretval {meral}: 15:09:33 pm CDT

and I thank ruby for scribing once again

ruby~{Randolph}~t 15:10:51 pm CDT

rolls up the scribe swiftly
as always a privilege to serve my Jarl's Home

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ruby{Randolph} Bound By His Will
"She had known then that she was his, and in perfection. I had no doubt they fitted together, in the order of nature, in the most intimate, beautiful and fulfilling relationship possible between a man and a woman, that of love master and love slave"
Magicians of Gor
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xx Re: Gorean Reading Society: 24-October-2017
« Reply #2 on: Nov 6th, 2017, 12:29am »

Thanks for the information provided! It's much valued! I'm excited to have registered here!
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