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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:12pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Cleaning Tavern  (Read 380 times)
xx Cleaning Tavern
« Thread started on: May 28th, 2016, 10:21pm »

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 22:47:09 pm CDT
*slipping in from the kennels and moving to the kitchen, picking up an empty bin and moving about the room, filling it with dirty dishes left about the Tavern, plates and platters, tankards, cups, glasses and horns, bowls and utensils....all gathered and carrying the bin to the kitchen to set upon the counter as she moves back into the room*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 22:50:44 pm CDT
*gathering the furs and taking them out the back door, shaking them and then hanging them over the line and moving back inside to find the fur beater and a brush. Stepping back out and beating the furs one by one, knocking all the dust and crumbs out of them, along with any bugs or spiders...

then brushing each one until they are soft and supple once again before heading back inside*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 22:52:04 pm CDT
*grabbing a broom and sweeping the entire room, from the dais to the slaves' corner and Patron's area to the kitchen and gathering up the debris and tossing it out in the trash bin*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 22:56:44 pm CDT
*putting the broom and fur brushes away, grabbing a pail, grabbing a rep cloth that was only used the one time for wiping a vessel, dropping it into the pail....grabbing several other once used cloths, tying one about her forehead to hold her crimson locks back and tossing the rest over her shoulder...

tossing a handful of soap flakes into the pain and ladling in two scoops of room temp water from the water barrel before crossing to the fire pit and filling the pail on up with hot water from the kettle...

setting the pail down and carrying the kettle back to the water barrel and filling it fresh before moving to set it over the fire to heat*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 23:00:55 pm CDT
*picking up the pail and moving to the back of the dais, moving to the far corner and settling to knees, reaching into the pail and swishing the water around to dissolve the soap flakes before ringing out the cloth and beginning to scrub the floor, moving in small sections and being sure to dry it carefully as she goes...washing beneath tables and chairs, backing off the dais as she goes, dragging the pail with her...

scrubbing and wiping dry the whole floor in this manner before rising, gazing about the floor and finding it sparkling from stem to stern*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 23:05:35 pm CDT
*dashing back out to the kennels, she picks up a bottle heads back to the tavern, softly sprinkling a tiny bit of the contents of the bottle about the Tavern...careful not to spill too much.

stepping outside and flicking a few drops over each of the furs as well before returning the bottle back to the kennels and heading back outside to gather the furs...lugging them in and replacing them to their proper placements about the room, for the slaves, Free and at the Captain's chairs upon the dais*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 23:07:41 pm CDT
*gathering all the lamps and blowing them out, only the torches on the walls casting a bit of light along with the firepits glow of coals...

getting the Oil and refilling each lamp carefully, replacing them back to their places before relighting them again, the glow a bit brighter*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 23:11:56 pm CDT
*removing the almost completely depleted spit of Bosk meat, putting the bit that is left into the cold room with the scraps and having the kettle slave help her retrieve a fresh skewered side of bosk and set it over the coals, leaving her to ensure the perfect cooking throughout the night for the morning meal of Those that come in for one*

{asta} Rogan 💗 His divine beauty 23:19:51 pm CDT
*washing her hands and then gathering the ingredients for baking breads and pies...

a large kettle of ramberries, covered in sugar to bring out the juices and combat the tartness is set over the coals to slowly warm and cook a bit, bringing out more juices from the fruit...

preparing six pans for bread and then four pans for pies and mixing up the dough..

filling each pan carefully to ensure perfect baking...

setting the bread into the ovens and getting the fruit from the fire, stirring and smiling at the perfectness in looks, taking one small berry and biting into it and happy with the texture and perfect amount of sugar in it...

stirring in two spoons of flour and being sure it mixes in before scooping the mixture into the pie crusts and placing a top crust upon them...carefully making a slit with the bread knife before placing the pies into the oven also....

leaving it all for the kettle slave to take out when done, knowing she will ensure perfect baking...

quickly cleans her mess and then dashes off to her Master's holdings*
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