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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:11pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: weeds are pulled by aura and asta  (Read 489 times)
xx weeds are pulled by aura and asta
« Thread started on: Jun 1st, 2016, 2:19pm »

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 12:48:55 pm CDT
walks over to the herbs maddie tends so carefully to ...

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 12:51:50 pm CDT
this one carefully plucks out a few weeds that are growing among the herbs... no one likes a weed she mutters....painful annoying things they are ...always popping up at the wrong time....

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 12:54:08 pm CDT
smiling the herbs have a chance to grow strong without the weeds sapping the energy from the soil....

asta 12:54:20 pm CDT
*enters and grabs a camisk, throwing it over her head and tying it with a plain brown cord...hurrying to aura and giving her a tight hug before kneeling beside her and helping her pull weeds*

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 12:54:30 pm CDT
sees her sister asta enter ...hugs her tight....hello beautiful

asta 12:55:44 pm CDT
weeds are so annoying, cannot ever get rid of them forever, they always come back over and over...

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 12:57:15 pm CDT
thank you asta... cant have weeds sprouting up everywhere....

carefully plucking them from the soil and tossing them to the ground like the trash they are .....

trouble is sometimes they seem so sweet do weeds.... but they strangle and take the life from anything close to them...

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 12:58:43 pm CDT
she nodes to asta .....yes one would hope in the gorean lands there is a good thing to rid of weeds...

wonders if we can feed these to the sleen?...

she carefully rakes the soil where she has removed the weeds with her fingers.... she can almost hear the herbs thanking her for helping them...

asta 13:00:20 pm CDT
yes, some have beautiful flowers, and Ssome do not realize they are just weeds in disguise..

*gripping the next one, pulling it from the soft soil, ensuring to get the full root of each and every one*

wonder how, when they are yanked out by the roots, they keep coming back...

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 13:02:44 pm CDT
they have nasty seeds that drop and slip into the soil and they come back... as they come up people think its a new plant and they try to care for it .....but a weed is self centered only cares about the weed...and it will trample all in a stealth manner to get what it needs...the sun ..the food from the soil...

asta 13:04:48 pm CDT
true, they drop their trash to grow more..

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 13:05:14 pm CDT
nods such wisdom between the two of us....

asta 13:06:04 pm CDT
*snorts laughter*
you are so good for this girl
*leans against your shoulder for an Ihn before righting and pulling more weeds and tossing them away in the pile*

asta 13:08:33 pm CDT
ohhhh we need to start a small bon fire with the weeds, ensure they are dead.,..

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 13:10:32 pm CDT
hugs you tight ...what are friends for ... you have made aura laugh and smile this night hon...she thanks you for it...

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 13:10:48 pm CDT
there is a fire pit out here a girl thinks

asta 13:13:56 pm CDT
yes *nods* there is.
probably needs cleaned before it is used

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 13:17:15 pm CDT
most likely that is true.... we will need to clean it

asta 13:28:18 pm CDT
the Piazza has been neglected
but this girl will have to spend time here in the near future
she will work on getting it back in tip top shape

aura{Hunter} - sister to mirren 13:35:31 pm CDT
aura will come and help you she needs to do more chores...

asta 13:47:30 pm CDT
*pulls the last of the weeds and adds them to the pile before rising, brushing the dirt from her knees and going to get a small shovel, small broom and dust bin and a pail....

moving to the firepit...placing a hand out, feeling no heat what so ever...shoveling all the ashes into the pail....sweeping out the rest and then stepping into the pit, sweeping down all the walls as high as she can reach...knowing she is going to look like a black "snow slave" when she is done....a soft giggle erupts at her thoughts*

asta 14:01:16 pm CDT
*once she has brushed down the walls, she steps back out and sweeps up the "floor" of the fire pit once again...depositing it into the ash pail and then setting the pail off to the side and beating out the broom and rinsing off the dust bin and shovel and putting them away...

getting a pail and stepping into the Tavern, being sure there are None about as she dashes to the firepit and using the kettle of hot water, pouring a generous amount into the pail...lugging it back to the kitchen, tossing in a handful of soap and grabbing some tattered rep cloths from the "rag bin"....quickly moving back to the Piazza and then ladling some fresh cool water in to the pail before dropping a cloth in and plunging her hand in to the elbow, stirring the water to dissolve the soap flakes*

asta 14:50:03 pm CDT
*dipping into the water and pulling the rag out, wringing it out and stepping into the firepit once again, scrubbing down the walls as far as her small frame can stretch...rinsing out the rag often and working hard to get the soot and ash off the stones...

stepping back out and scrubbing down the floor of the pit before dumping the black water into the canal and hoping the lye that forms from ash and soap kills off a few urts*

asta 14:52:50 pm CDT
*leaving the fire pit to dry in the sunlight, pulling a pail of water from the well and using it to wash out the pail she had used for washing the fire pit before filling it again and using it to wash herself off of the soot and ash...

filling it again and washing her hair clean before donning another clean camisk and washing the two she had used (having changed to serve the Mistress that came in while she was cleaning)...hanging them up to dry, she then rinsed out the bucket again*

asta 14:55:12 pm CDT
*carefully building a fire in the clean fire pit, adding small twigs until it is going good and adding in large logs until it is blazing high and hot...tossing in the weeds....the fragrance wafting through the piazza, a pleasant musky scent...*

asta 14:57:53 pm CDT
*picking up the furs and placing them over the line that is strung...getting a broom and beating them, the dust and crumbs and debris flying from them as she hits them with all her might...

getting the fur brush and brushing them all out until they are soft and supple again...moving to get a bottle of a very light scented fragrance and sprinkling a few drops over each fur and brushing it through until they all smell fresh and clean again*

asta 15:00:07 pm CDT
*taking the broom in both hands and "dancing about the room, twirling and dipping, swirling and jumping...soft laughter tinkling in the air...

having danced her way to the farthest corner, she begins sweeping, ensuring to get every corner, nook and cranny, under and around every table, sweeping up every tiny bit of debris from the entire floor of the Piazza*

asta 15:05:49 pm CDT
*once the entire room is swept, the debris dealt with, she returns the broom to it's proper place and gets a pail of hot water, tossing soap flakes in and adding cool water so it is not scalding, grabbing several "dirty" (knowing they are not "dirty" but used once to wipe a vessel) cloths, dropping one into the bucket, tucking the others under the cord about her waist and lugging the pail out to the piazza, setting it in the far corner where she had started sweeping...

moving to her knees, sighing softly as her mind wanders, she gets busy with her task....scrubbing each section of tile before rubbing it dry with one of the cloths....

moving across the room in this manor...scrubbing, drying....until the entire floor sparkles, around and under tables, awnings, in and out of the sunlight and shade she pulls the bucket and scrubs the tiles*

asta 15:08:37 pm CDT
*tossing the water into the canal and rinsing the bucket, washing the cloths and hanging them to dry before beginning to pull the furs down and replace them about the room where they belong...

smiling and taking a deep breath, inhaling the clean fresh scent of the Piazza before taking down the dry camisks and folding them, placing them back into the basket of clean ones...

asta 15:14:38 pm CDT
*knowing one more thing she would like to do before slave class tonight, she dashes into the kennels and comes back out with Guss Guss' cage, a large wooden box...setting them down and dashing back in for a small pail, ladling in a few ladles of hot water, a few of cool and a few flakes of soap....getting a second to put in just fresh warm water..

grabbing a rag that can be tossed and a small brush that has not been used in years and will never be missed...

going back to the piazza and lifting Guss Guss carefully from his cage...talking to him the whole time, knowing he knows this girl and trusts her...

carefully she gives him a bath, rinses him and then brushes him out, setting him in the large box before turning to His cage...carrying it to the waste bin and dumping the entire contents into the trash....

scrubbing down the cage with the brush and hot soapy water, rinsing it and putting in fresh bedding...putting fresh food and water into his tiny dishes and then carefully picking him back up, setting him in the cage and watching him shuffle around and build a nest, knowing he is happy for the clean and fresh smelling cage, as much as the slaves will be when the kennels do not reek tonight, of rodent droppings*

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xx Re: weeds are pulled by aura and asta
« Reply #1 on: Jun 1st, 2016, 2:19pm »

asta 15:17:22 pm CDT
*returning GUSS GUSS and cage to the kennels and then moving back to the piazza, cleaning up the utensils she used before scrubbing down herself and donning yet another clean camisk...

washing the one she had just used and hanging it to dry...

stepping back into the kennels and borrowing a hair brush, brushing out her now dry, fresh and clean locks until they shine and shimmer before moving back out to the piazza and settling on the furs for a bit*
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