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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:16pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Finishing up the Piazza  (Read 242 times)
xx Finishing up the Piazza
« Thread started on: Jun 2nd, 2016, 6:23pm »

asta... 19:00:12 pm CDT
*stops at the door and slips on a camisk, stepping into the piazza and crossing to get a broom from where they are kept....carefully walking around and knocking all the leaves and dirt and trash, debris that has gathered on the top of the awnings...knocking it all off and onto the ground, being sure not to stand where it will fall on her*

asta... 19:02:20 pm CDT
*sweeping up the debris and depositing it into the waste bin*

asta... 19:13:27 pm CDT
*very carefully sweeping off the cobwebs and spider nests from the rafters and corners, down the walls....squealing and beating and creepy crawlies that emerge...with a violent shudder she sweeps it all out into the canals, not even going close enough to sweep it up and throw it away*

asta... 19:17:31 pm CDT
*getting cloth and pail of warm water, scrubbing down all the tables until they shine and shimmer in the sunlight...*

*filling two very large bins with water from the kettle over the fire, adding soap to one and grabbing the wash board.....scrubbing down all the camisks and rep cloths that have been used, rinsing and wringing them out, hanging them on the line to dry*

asta... 19:19:13 pm CDT
*dumping the basins of water and drying them, setting them back where they belong and settling on the edge of the fountain, her fingers trailing in the water as she gets lost in it's depths, her thoughts far away*
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