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 thread  Author  Topic: Laundry done  (Read 612 times)
xx Laundry done
« Thread started on: Jun 13th, 2016, 9:04pm »

asta {HoP~S} 21:29:53 pm CDT
*wanders into the kitchen and pulls out the basket of dirty rep cloths..*

asta {HoP~S} 21:31:46 pm CDT
*grabbing a large kettle and setting it over the fire before carrying pail after pail of water to fill it to start heating...

going over to the baskets of camisks and pulling out any that look not quite clean..*

asta {HoP~S} 21:33:49 pm CDT
*Getting two large tubs and setting them upon one of the tables...filling each 1/4 full of water and heading back to the kitchen to get the container of soap flakes, moving to one of the tubs and pouring in generous amount..

getting one of subtle clean scents that came from Master Austin's lab and pouring some into the tub without soap flakes*

asta {HoP~S} 21:39:49 pm CDT
*waits for the water to heat now, once it is finally hot, dipping carefully a pail full, dumping it into the tub, over and over, dipping pails full of hot water until she can finally lift the kettle....

once it is light enough for her to lift safely, she uses rep cloths around the handle to protect her hands from the heat...lifting the kettle and carrying it over to slowly pour into the two tubs...

setting the kettle off to the side so as not to get burned on it*

asta {HoP~S} 21:41:13 pm CDT
*stirring up the tub with the soap flakes until they foam and make a nice lather....stirring the other to mix the fragrance throughout the water...*

asta {HoP~S} 21:45:41 pm CDT
*getting the wash board and setting it on the table...getting all the cloths and camisks and setting them next to the table..

tossing a handful of cloths into the soapy tub and stirring it good, soaking every cloth before putting the wash board into the water..

one by one, scrubbing the cloths against the board, tossing them into the other tub until the one tub is empty...

taking the wash board back out and putting the rest of the cloths into the water, again stirring until they are all soaked and leaving them to move to the second tub*

asta {HoP~S} 21:47:36 pm CDT
*starts rinsing the cloths, being sure each one is soap free before wringing them out one by one and tossing them into the now empty laundry basket..*

asta {HoP~S} 21:48:42 pm CDT
*moving back to the first tub and again scrubbing each cloth one by one until all are clean of any stains or dirt...tossing them into the rinse water and filling the tub with the camisks before moving to rinse the rep cloths*

asta {HoP~S} 21:49:14 pm CDT
*once again, rinsing each thoroughly before wringing them out and tossing them into the basket*

asta {HoP~S} 21:50:58 pm CDT
*working on the camisks and getting them each scrubbed clean and spot free before rinsing and wringing them out, also tossing them into the basket..*

asta {HoP~S} 21:52:01 pm CDT
*Once all the laundry is washed and rinsed and wrung out....she picks up the basket and moves over to the clothes line and sets the basket down, shaking each piece of cloth out before hanging it out to dry*

asta {HoP~S} 21:54:33 pm CDT
*hanging the last of the laundry up and taking the basket back to the kitchen to place for the next batch of dirties to be tossed in...

on her way back out, she lifts up the now cooled kettle and wipes it off in the soapy water, rinsing it and setting it to dry back on the rack it came from...

using the pail she filled the tubs with, she slowly empties both by bailing the water out and tossing it into the canal*

asta {HoP~S} 22:01:41 pm CDT
*finally lifting first one tub and tossing the rest of the water into the canal and then rinsing it out, wiping it dry and putting it away...emptying the second tub the same way and then rinsing it and wiping it dry and putting it away as well*

asta {HoP~S} 22:02:52 pm CDT
*finally wiping off the table and settling quietly*
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