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xx snowrose's herbs
« Thread started on: Jul 16th, 2016, 3:16pm »

torri{Master's one}15:44:10 pm CDT
~slips in and quickly shrugs off the deep purple cloak, revealing a camisk made of simple cotton in a shade of light purple as she glides by the garden on her way to the kitchen~

torri{Master's one}15:46:17 pm CDT
~carefully, she folds the cloak and stores it on a lower shelf before turning and bending to take up the cracked pitcher...slipping to the water barrel, she dips the pitcher within, drawing it out full of water before turning and stepping quietly but gracefully to the first of eight planters~

torri{Master's one}15:52:04 pm CDT
~pouring the water until it spills out the bottom of the planter, she moves from the thyme and onto the basil, giving the hearty herb a through drink, causing in the pitcher to go empty...walking back to the water barrel, long dark locks dances across her narrow back while hips sways succulently beneath the close fitting camisk...dipping the pitcher to again fill it, she twirls a little more dramaticly then necessary before ambling to the chives to water them first, then onto the sage~

torri{Master's one}15:58:15 pm CDT
~quietly, freckle kissed flesh heat's up even more as she continues to water the oregano, rosemary, dill and the marjoram...finishing the last planter, her thoughts tumbles over one another as aqua eyes soaks in the garden upon passing it, sadden at its state, she replaces the pitcher and goes back to each planter, gently pinching back just enough to force fuller growth~

torri{Master's one}16:05:50 pm CDT
~taking the pinched tips of the herbs to the smolding fire in the pit, she dumps them in, watching the plume of smoke, she inhales the scent deeply before turning to make her way back to the kitchen...taking up the cloak, she lightly swirls it around the gentle slopes of her shoulders and fastens it closed before flipping up the hood and sweeping back out of the piazza to wander the alleys of the Port for awhile~
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"women dream not of equals," she said "but of Masters."

Fighting Slave, pg. 116
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