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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:11pm

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xx Piazza Planters
« Thread started on: Sep 13th, 2016, 5:00pm »

torri{Master's one}17:22:37 pm CDT

~slipping into the Piazza, she slips the deep purple cloak from narrow shoulders and neatly folds it before storing it away...twisting the red cord about the lavender camisk, she glides to the kitchen to retrieve the cracked pitcher~

torri{Master's one}17:25:38 pm CDT

~long legs carries her to the water barrel to fill the pitcher while a tiny toss of her head send auburn locks tumbling down her narrow back...lifting out the full pitcher, she presses it against the flat expanse of her belly while gliding to the first planter of herbs...a tiny frown crosses over full lips as she sees it wilting from lack of water~

torri{Master's one}17:27:17 pm CDT

~speaking to it in a gentle voice, she carefully pours the water in while aqua eyes gingerly looks over the leaves...seeing only a couple of sprigs that need broken back, she gentle does so before moving on to the next planter~

torri{Master's one}17:32:32 pm CDT

~kicking the urt away as she makes her way back to the barrel, she refills it to the brim with water...pressing the pitcher against the core of her body, she ambles with quiet grace to the next dry planter, each time a frown shapes her lips to see the carefully tended herbs wilted and thirsty~

torri{Master's one}17:37:03 pm CDT

~back and forth arched feet carries her until the last weeping planter is watered...her path to return the cracked pitcher leads her by each plant once more as she carefully pinches off the problem areas created by lack of water, she pauses to toss them into the fire before moving on..hoping the plants will rebound, she smiles a little to herself as she looks at the overgrown garden~

torri{Master's one}17:41:00 pm CDT

~thinking back to her first festival in GS she remembers the seemingly endless chores done to get the Tavern ready...the stringing of garland for the heavy green door, the bina necklaces carefully strung and the garden snowrose helped this one create...looking upon it now, Oone would be hard pressed to see the ramberries, topsit and other treasures grown in there..she smiles a little more thinking of the load of bosk dung Jarl Keeper had delievered..oh the mess of moving and mixing it in that garden...shaking her head at herself, she moves onto the kitchen to replace the pitcher~

torri{Master's one}17:42:06 pm CDT

~grabbing the cloak allowed her, she swirls it around her shoulders before drawing the hood up over auburn locks while aqua eyes glance to the garden once more before sweeping out into the alley~
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"women dream not of equals," she said "but of Masters."

Fighting Slave, pg. 116
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