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xx cleaning tavern tables dishes and clothes
« Thread started on: Jan 16th, 2017, 12:48pm »

swtpea{PAX} 13:34:33 pm CST
skipping down the hallway from the kennel to the tavern. smile upon her plump lips. passing through the kitchen into the main tavern. turning and looking about the room seeing that many things need to be done from the night before. swaying to each table about the room picking up empty tankards and horns and walking them into the kitchen placing them upon the counter to be washed.

swtpea{PAX} 13:34:55 pm CST
humming her way back out into he main room. clean damp rep cloth in hand. she leans over the first table she coms to sets the cloth upon the wooden surface and starts to vigorously scrub it. noticing that it is no longer sticky and dirty she moves on to the next table doing the same until all the tables are completely clean and dry.

swtpea{PAX} 13:35:14 pm CST
skipping up to the dais noticing this huge table needs a vigorous cleaning. she sets the cloth upon the table scrubbing as far as she can reach making her whole body sway with the effort. lifting up onto her tip toes bending way over the table as if she is half laying upon it to reach the middle till it is all clean and shining bright like the Captain’s smiles. walking back to the kitchen with dirty rag in hand tossing it into the pile with the others.

swtpea{PAX} 13:35:28 pm CST
finding hot water in the a basin she places the dirty tankards to wash. finding another clean rep cloth to wash each vessel with. sticking her hands into he hot water seeing it pinker the delicate flesh of her hands she begins to rub each tankard and set it into he next basin of hot clean water. getting each vessel sparkly clean .. smiles upon her face she she drys each drinking vessel and reaches to put each in its place. taking the basin of water out the back door and tossing it out onto the ground returning to complete the other one.

swtpea{PAX} 13:35:54 pm CST
turning about the kitchen in a swish of golden locks spying the over full container of dirty rep clothes
she skips over picks them up and finding the special washing soap for the cloths hefts them up and heads to the thassas to give them a good wash.

swtpea{PAX} 13:37:30 pm CST
slipping out of the tavern into the soft balmy day humming a happy tune asks se sways down the streets of Port Kar towards the docks. walking past all the boats seeing all the busy men and smiling as she goes. seeing the sand right before her she gives and awkward skip struggling to hold onto her things as she hits the sand. dragging her feet upon the sand she makes her way to the rocks. placing her basket of soap and cloths down.

swtpea{PAX} 13:37:46 pm CST
flipping her golden locks over her shoulder as she kneels to begin her chore.
picking up the bar of soap and a cloth and plunging them into the cold water she scrubs the cloth upon a rock making she every inch is clean. turning and rinsing the cloth ringing it out feeling the cold water seep into her skin giving her goosebumps up and down her arms.

swtpea{PAX} 13:38:05 pm CST
picking up another cloth and and repeating the process until each cloth has been scrubbed rinsed and wrung out cause the girls body to wrack with shivers from the cold thassas. placing the wet damp cloths back into the basket . gently gaining her feet bending at the waist to pick them up slowly walking back along the docs humming her silent tune.

swtpea{PAX} 13:38:41 pm CST
turning down the alley towards the back of the tavern with her heavy load. reaching it she sets out mac cloth upon the fence so that the warm sun and balmy sea air will dry them. after placing them upon the fence she turns and ambles down to look at the canal waiting for the cloths to dry. after watching the canal for a bit she skips back to the clothes to check for dryness. finding them all sparkly clean and dry she folds them placing them into the basket

swtpea{PAX} 13:40:18 pm CST
making her way into the kitchen of the tavern to set out the clean cloths ..
slipping back out heading into the balmy day..
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