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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:11pm

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xx Cleaning and Polishing Master's table
« Thread started on: May 13th, 2017, 4:38pm »

Dark enthusiastic eyes squint adjusting to the dark tavern. Scanning the room, girl sees her Master's table is in a terrible state. Shakes her head at girl's neglect.

Moving to the kitchen with a purposeful step, full breasts jiggling in her haste to set things right before He returns. Pouring hot water out of the kettle into a basin and sprinkles in some soap flakes. Stirring them, splashing some water on girls silks making them more transparent than usual. The outline of rounded orbs clear to any random eye. Gathering up some cloths and the wax, girl returns to the vast room.

Crouching beside His table, the yeasty smell of spilled ale brings memories flooding back of displaying girls lush body. Uncaring who watched , seeking only to please her Master with ale cascading down the wanton slut's body. Needing to harden His shaft and whet His desire to use this needy whore.

Shakes her head, brown tendrils swirling, and dips the cloth in the now cooler water. Scrubs sticky ale off the handsome table. Breasts bobbing and jiggling as girl scrubs with vigor. Drying it carefully then spreading the wax on and buffing it to a gleaming wonder.

Satisfied with girls efforts, her mind wanders to sinful thoughts. Master has used His slut on such a table before. Dark eyes go dreamy and feels petals dampen. Need spurs girl to hurry and return the supplies to the kitchen.
Stopping to admire her Masters immaculate table, hoping to make Him proud of His new slut.
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