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 thread  Author  Topic: arella and pea clean the fire pit  (Read 253 times)
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xx arella and pea clean the fire pit
« Thread started on: Jul 10th, 2017, 5:23pm »

arella(GS) 17:54:45 pm CDT
ah well maybe we can just wear them and do some chores *giggles* wanna help.clean the fire pit?

swtpea{Frederick} 17:55:42 pm CDT
of course ill help clean the fire pit smiles standing tugging ella up so we can start the chore

arella(GS) 17:56:26 pm CDT
"screams softly " sister you have a knife near your rear!!!" shocked

arella(GS) 17:57:14 pm CDT
She slipped to her sisters side I'll grab a bucket and a small shovel so she can do this cleanly

swtpea{Frederick} 17:57:58 pm CDT
laughs an giggles it won't cut the girl

swtpea{Frederick} 17:58:35 pm CDT
what would you like this girl to do

arella(GS) 17:59:24 pm CDT
Skipping away she returned with a bucket and a shovel "if you wanna shovel the ash Ella will use a poker to remove the bits of wood that didn't burn then she can relight it with the lamp flame" stomps the pit making sure it's extinguished

swtpea{Frederick} 18:01:24 pm CDT
taking the bucket and shovel bending down with a crinkle in her nose ash she lifts up a scoop full of ash trying not to send the soot flying and cover the girl with the dirty stuff

arella(GS) 18:02:39 pm CDT
plucking a poker she stabbed the logs placing them in the bucket she giggles knowing well the soot would cover them both we would need a bath after

arella(GS) 18:03:57 pm CDT
Holding out the poker "let's switch? Doesn't want you doing ALL the head work"

swtpea{Frederick} 18:04:20 pm CDT
filling the shovel up again and unceremoniously dropping in the bucket watching a cloud of soot go up in the air with a giggle she points at ella seeing the girl covered in a fine sheen of soot

swtpea{Frederick} 18:05:01 pm CDT
handing the shovel to ella she takes the poker stabbing the pieces of log sending more soot flying

arella(GS) 18:05:19 pm CDT
Sneezes cutely

arella(GS) 18:06:07 pm CDT
She shoveled the rest leaving a clean pit before asking her sister to refill the logs while she deposed of the debris

swtpea{Frederick} 18:07:22 pm CDT
looking down at her hands she see they are black with mess from the soot slowly inching over to ella swiping a finger across her cheek giving her a black one she giggles and scoots out of the way

arella(GS) 18:07:50 pm CDT
ella swayed off unbalanced as the bucket weighed on her left side she retreated to pour the bucket into the waste bin

swtpea{Frederick} 18:08:37 pm CDT
skipping over to the log pile grasping a few logs in her arms walking back tot he pit placing the logs in the newly cleaned area depositing some lint and twigs so it will catch quickly when it is lit

arella(GS) 18:08:44 pm CDT
Having been swiped upon her return she crinkled button nose "uh eww"

arella(GS) 18:09:47 pm CDT
She found a small twig to ignite from the thalarion oil lamp laying it under the perfect formation pea built

arella(GS) 18:10:27 pm CDT
Dusting hands she stayed softly let's go take a bath

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