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Mar 17th, 2018, 4:16pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: planting a tor shrub  (Read 303 times)
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xx planting a tor shrub
« Thread started on: Aug 16th, 2017, 12:56am »

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 1:32:03 am CDT
she made her way into the piazza...humming a soft tune as the girl often did... her thoughts busy in her head.... she had made a clear path from the markets... taking the pathway that went past the docks... she slips around there quietly without being noticed... she saw that her Jarls ship was close to being finished and her heart leap with joy ...she wondered if mirren and this slut will be able to partake on a journey with our Jarl she hoped he would want us to warm his furs and keep his heart racing ....
she carefully placed down the tor shrub and the little brown bag.... lifting her clock from her shoulders and carefully sliding on a camisk ....
she wriggled a little making sure it covered the rounded globes her pert bottom......
knowing the hour is late for many she picks up the tor shrub in its tiny pot and the little brown bag.....

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 1:40:18 am CDT
she goes to a pot that is empty ... and taking a small spade she digs the soil turning it over and over making sure its ready to grant life to this bush .... she tosses her soft blonde curls over her shoulders stopping them from falling into the soil ...she knows Master wishes for his to look after his property always.....
seeing the soil looking like it has been turned well ...she digs a small hole ....then taking into tiny hands the pot she upturns it and wriggles it slightly noticing that she is wriggling her butt at the same time....oh she says ...thinking thank goodness there is no free woman in here at this time ..... but a deep longing for her Jarl to see her tease him ......
the tor bush loosens from the pot and with tiny fingers she teases out the roots... she knows with the right care this will bloosm and help to fill the area with its beauty ...she is not sure of the colour of the flowers of this one but knows they will be yellow or white ....its often thought of a bright bush will make the area more appealing ...

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 1:47:06 am CDT
setting the bush down into the hole... and carefully filling it with the soil ....she carefully pats it down ....please grow strong and beautiful for this girls Jarl allowed her to fetch it from the market and plant it here.....
turning then with haste she goes and gets a small watering can and goes to the well to draw some water.... she looks around she loves the openes of this area she sees the herbs a beautiful sister planted and tended to ... she strives to do the best for this little plant...filling the watering can half full she twirls on a dancers heel ....a smile on her soft lips...makes her way back to the plant and carefully dampens the soil with the water tipping the can carefully...

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 1:49:16 am CDT
once a little water has gone on there she places it down ....and taking the small brown paper bag she opens it and tips some of its contents onto the area surrounding the plant......this will give it a boost and help it grown into a beautiful bright tor bush .....

aura{Hunter} - heart to mirren 1:54:22 am CDT
she must ask her Jarl what season we are in as it will flower in the fall she hopes its grown enough by then to flower.... her heart sings in sweet delight at the thought of speaking with him about the seasons... she is blessed with a Jarl who has been a scholar and is able to do most things....fingers reach and trace over the collar that he snapped around her neck so many years ago .....
oh aura she says your wandering mind.....then she still she hears the heavy unfamilar boots ...but they pass the Piazza she wasnt sure if that is good or not.....
taking the watering can again she carefully puts a little more water around the tor bush .....
she emptys the rest of the water onto some other plants that look like they need a drink then going to the basket she takes her camisk off folding it and placing it into the basket....before placing her clock over her shoulders and slipping out into the gorean afternoon to her Jarls holdings.....
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aura{Hunter} - chained to the beautiful mirren, aura's heart sister.

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xx Re: planting a tor shrub
« Reply #1 on: Aug 16th, 2017, 3:51pm »

maddie~anne "you can walk straight thru Hell with a smile"17:10:42 pm CDT

~slipping into the Piazza, she gently shrugs off the cloak allowed her to reveal the camisk she is donning beneath while long legs carries a swaying lithe body to the little kitchen...she paused to set down the cloak and brush back dark auburn locks before taking up the cracked pitcher and filling it with water~

maddie~anne "you can walk straight thru Hell with a smile"17:15:35 pm CDT

~the fading light causes freckles to dance against pale skin as she silently makes her way back and forth in watering the herbs...gently she pinches each one back as she goes, tossing the trimming into the firpit with each passing...carefully keeping blue-green eyes averted from the overgrown garden, she suddenly sees it...a freshly planted tor shrub...a gentle smile overcomes her lips as she goes about watering it too~

maddie~anne "you can walk straight thru Hell with a smile"17:21:16 pm CDT

~seeing that tiny bit of new life brought into the Piazza lifts this girl's heart and gives her the courage to look at the garden...dark lashes flutters, causing a few tiny tears to trickle down her cheeks as really good memories come flooding back...taking a deep breath, she thinks that maybe that tiny tor shrub is more than just a shrub...maybe it was just what girl needed to come back and deal with this errant garden~

maddie~anne "you can walk straight thru Hell with a smile"17:27:27 pm CDT

~turning back, she quickly replaces the pitcher as she glances once more to the herbs started in snowrose's garden, and the potted tor shrub, a beautiful addition from aura till finally coming to rest on the garden that snowrose and this girl worked so very hard on to have it ready in time for festival that year...shaking her head, dark auburn tresses fly about narrow shoulders as small hands takes up the cloak and swirls it about her before slipping back into the alley to make her way back to His Compound~
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