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 thread  Author  Topic: Of dried herbs and tharlarion oil  (Read 237 times)
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xx Of dried herbs and tharlarion oil
« Thread started on: Oct 7th, 2017, 03:16am »

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:26:36 pm CDT
laughs and plants down the huge woven basket she brought, full of dried aromatic plants, her eyes twinkling

give natasha a moment, pea, she needs to deal with something, but she will be right back, and then we can get to work, hehe

swtpea{Frederick} 19:27:08 pm CDT
you got it ..smiles

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:39:37 pm CDT
a big smile teasing the corners of her lips as she saw another beautiful sister stepping in, the small beast thought the more the merrier!

swtpea{Frederick} 19:41:09 pm CDT
taking the lid off the wicker basket the rugged aroma filling her senses she runs to grab some small bowls

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:41:18 pm CDT
a twinkle in her eyes, she stood up, heaving the big basket along with her as she went into the kitchen, her voice full of laughter as she called her sisters

would pea and karinda help this one, if they please?

karinda {GS} 19:41:36 pm CDT
Well verr cheese and grain crackers! girl cannot stay in...firmly plants her feet to to ground

swtpea{Frederick} 19:42:47 pm CDT
smiles at her sisters what can this girl do to help?

karinda {GS} 19:43:03 pm CDT
Sees no Free present and moves to the kitchen to assist tashy with something sort of mysterious to kar

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:43:14 pm CDT
giggles as she followed the ever bubbly pea, helping her to find the small wooden bowls, and start setting them on the counter

swtpea{Frederick} 19:43:50 pm CDT
humming a bawdy tune she helps set out the bowls ready to be filled

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:45:37 pm CDT
grins up at kar

lets fill small bowls with these dried aromatic leaves and flower petals, and set them on the tables


and this one thinks that the oil lamps could do with a refill, too, after the festival

swtpea{Frederick} 19:46:07 pm CDT
how much goes in each bowl natasha she asked with a smile

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:47:08 pm CDT
tilts head to the side

this one would think a half filled bowl would be enough, dont you think?

swtpea{Frederick} 19:48:11 pm CDT
girl thinks that will be plenty and it smells so great its gonna make the tavern smell so good

swtpea{Frederick} 19:49:13 pm CDT
plunging her hand into he basket lifting out a handful placing it in the bowl looking at it deciding it needs a little more then moving to the next bowl

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:49:27 pm CDT
a line of small bowls lined upon the counter, like orderly little soldiers awaited for busy hands to fill them, the girl started scooping the fragant mix and deftly poured it into the tiny vessels, hip bumping her sisters as she did so

swtpea{Frederick} 19:50:33 pm CDT
giggles swaying her hips bumping hers with the girls smiling softly taking a bit of the mixture and brushing her hands on her sisters cheeks with a giggle

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:52:06 pm CDT
ooooh, now natasha will smell wonderful, and she cannot do less than have you smell as good

a wicked gleam in her dark brown irises and she dropped some of the mix down her sisters cleavage!

swtpea{Frederick} 19:52:48 pm CDT
picking up two bowls that are filled swaying gently out to the tavern going up tot he dias setting one bowl on each table seeing she will need many more to fill the captains tables she heads back to the kitchen

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:53:00 pm CDT
looking around for karinda, as it seems that the pesky urts had once again absconded with her lovely sister

swtpea{Frederick} 19:53:48 pm CDT
giggles shaking her cleavage to get all the mix all over so she smells woodsy and aromatic... grabbing up a few more bowls she heads back to the dais

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:55:21 pm CDT
seeing pea busily engaged with taking the bowls to the tables, the girl lifted the heavy oil container, following her sister, first to the dais, blowing out the lamps before carefully pouring more oil to feed them, lighting them anew, a smile on her face as the flame sprung up fiery and bright

swtpea{Frederick} 19:56:13 pm CDT
skipping back to wrestle a few more bowls into her arms smiling brightly giving her sister a hip bump on her way back to the tables

moira {HoB} 19:58:44 pm CDT
Folding to pliant knees at the doorway. Sliding forward, soft flesh kissing the hard stone.
Arms outstretched, delicate fingers splayed. Halo of dark hair surrounds a girl

Calling sweetly, may moira enter please?

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 19:58:45 pm CDT
a shriek on her lips as the oil juggled perilously on her hands, giving pea a mock angry glance, sudden laughter welling up as she kept with her task, more and more lamps burning bright, dispelling the semi darkness of the room

swtpea{Frederick} 19:59:22 pm CDT
grabbing the last bowls from the kitchen walking back placing them on the tables inhaling the strong earthy aroma

swtpea{Frederick} 20:00:18 pm CDT
stops in her tracks seeing more beats enter smiling warmly greetings moira and karinda

moira {HoB} 20:01:15 pm CDT
Hearing no response, girl rises and enters. Alertly peering through the darkened room

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:02:31 pm CDT
a satisfied smile as she saw that all the tables of the Free had now a small bowl of aromatic plants, and the lamps shone with renewed life, she went back to the kitchen, placing the oil back in its rightful place, and hurriedly whisking away the woven basket from sight, storing it under the counter

swtpea{Frederick} 20:02:31 pm CDT
looking about seeing natasha filling the lamps and all the tables have a bowl upon them she skips to the fire grabbing the poker and starts poking at the flames pushing the logs into a line making them burn brighter and hotter

moira {HoB} 20:03:49 pm CDT
Seeing beautiful slaves hard at work, as usual.
Greetings natasha
Greetings swtpea
Smiling at both

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:04:42 pm CDT
washing her hands with the tepid water, doing away with the thick greasy smell of tharlarion oil, she scampered back to the furs, as she saw pea was engaged in a mighty battle with the fire pit

moira {HoB} 20:05:05 pm CDT
Oops greetings karinda also

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:05:17 pm CDT
greetings moira

swtpea{Frederick} 20:06:42 pm CDT
giggles as she wrestles the fire into a sort of submission
grabbing a few logs and placing them in it
skipping back to the furs where the girls sit she skips by smudging them with a bit of soot on her hands making her way then to wash them in the water of the kitchen

natasha{Zoran}~t~ 20:08:18 pm CDT
laughs as she falls back into the furs, after nimbly avoiding pea and her uhmmm...advances and sooty hands!

swtpea{Frederick} 20:08:25 pm CDT
rushing back to the furs to slave pile the girls just because pea can..

moira {HoB} 20:10:04 pm CDT
Tries to look at pea sternly
Before collapsing into giggles
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