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Jan 23rd, 2018, 07:09am

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 thread  Author  Topic: making bosk stew.  (Read 125 times)
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xx making bosk stew.
« Thread started on: Oct 16th, 2017, 8:32pm »

kianna{Jondalar} 21:17:53 pm CDT
she gently dances down the trail on the outskirts of Port Kar where her Masters wagon has been parked..
her sparkling blues orbs glittering happily in the sunlight as she enters into his wagon...
she gently glides over to the wash basin feeling the cool water upon her hands she washes them making sure to get each digit clean then rinses the suds away!!!!
she smiles as she walks to the the small cold room her hips making sweet sultry movements as she sways her emerald gems twinkling in the lamp light...

kianna{Jondalar} 21:21:01 pm CDT
the chill upon soft supple flesh as she opens the hatch catches the girl off guard her breasts bulletining into tight pebbly peaks of perfection.. ..
she steps into the valley of the beast.... she takes a basket and as vulo bumps dot the girls flesh she first glides over and places some bosk cubes into the basket...

then turning the selects some already cubed carrots ,,scull's, and onions... as she smiles softly,,,
her eyes glittering as she gets just a small creamer of bosk cream then exits out of the arctic beasts lair..
her nose pink from the cold as she enters back into the kitchen of his wagon.. her small foot closing the hatch...

kianna{Jondalar} 21:24:14 pm CDT
sparkling gems of green dance about the room as she sets the basket upon the table...
she gets a large pot then dances over to the pantry.. where she adds some rosemary... sweet bay leaves.. basil and thyme into the pot... adding a bit of water she smiles as she adds some flour and cream... making a large thick rue....
she then adds some more water as she gently plops the bosk meat cubes and then
the different vegetables cubes into the pot.. grinning knowing this will be one tasty stew for the Master and the Free....

kianna{Jondalar} 21:27:35 pm CDT
gently lifting the pot the girl carries it over to the cooking fires..
she places the heavy pot upon her alluring hip as she twirls down she lowers down to her knees next to the cooking fires..
her back arching up as she places the large pot's handle over the top of the cooking spit... ..
grinning softly the girl adds a few more bosk chips and soon the fire is licking at the bottom of the stew pot... she smiles as she picks up a ladle and begins to stir...

kianna{Jondalar} 21:30:16 pm CDT
she begins to stir the stew the smell starting to rise up as she watches the large pot..
smelling the bosk meat her tummy rumbles.. she giggles as small bubbles start to form upon the top of the pot...
she then takes a poking stick and pushes some of the bosk chips away until the stew is bubbling but not scorching the bottom...

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