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Feb 24th, 2018, 01:19am

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 thread  Author  Topic: cleaning the tavern  (Read 96 times)
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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. (Gandhi)


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xx cleaning the tavern
« Thread started on: Jan 29th, 2018, 10:01am »

~naia {Frederick} 8:50:22 am CST
*hugging her chain back tightly*

well... naia thinks the furs could stand a good beating and some fresh air.... maybe we can take them out behind the kennels??

*she starts gathering furs up in her arms as she moves about..... wrinkling her nose..... letting out a big....


then hurrying out back to hang them over a line before grabbing a big stick to beat them with*

~naia {Frederick} 8:58:11 am CST
*traipsing back through the kennels.... she wanders into the kitchen to find a broom....

dragging it behind her as she steps back into the Tavern... she moves to the farthest point of the large room and begins to sweep...

singing softly to herself as she pushes the broom across the floor... her chocolate curls dancing about her hips as she spins on her toes... silks rippling over the curve of her ass as she swings side to side...

pushing the broom in rhythm to the tune in her head*

~naia {Frederick} 8:58:59 am CST
*pausing to look around the Tavern..

thinking her chain must be chasing urts....

she giggles and continues sweeping*

swtpea{Frederick} 9:01:35 am CST
rushing over in her haste to grasp the nest fur, cringing as she lifts it up, taking it out the back to hang it with the rest, picking up the wooden rod and starts to beat the tar out of the furs

swtpea{Frederick} 9:05:45 am CST
bashing all the dust and dirt with each blow, making sure there isn't a spider or bug left in there, humming a soft tune as she goes down the line, working out all the dust and dirt from the furs making them pristine and clean again

~naia {Frederick} 9:15:38 am CST
*nudging the pile of dust across the floor....

working around the low tables.... sliding them over to sweep beneath then scooting them back to place with the side of her toned leg.....

then moving up to the dais and sweeping around the Captains chairs and tables..... making sure not to knock over the locked box as she swept around... shuffling the dust down the steps, which she swept clean as well....

then nudging her collection of dust nibblets through the kennels and out the door*

~naia {Frederick} 9:23:12 am CST
*waving her chain on so she can attend to r/t.... the girl goes about finishing the chore at hand...

snickering to herself.... knowing it'll just mean her chain will cover naia's part of the chores back at Master's holdings later.....

she stepped back into the kitchen and returned the broom... then went about preparing a warm sudsy pail of water....

grinning as the thought occurred to her... maybe if she hurried back to Master's.. she could snoop and find chain's secret glitter stash...

since chickpea would have to do naia's part of the chores... she grinned wickedly and lifted the pail of water.... grabbing one of the dingy reps that were kept for mopping... she carried the mop water up to the dais and set it to the floor...

bending to her knees... she dunked the rep into the water... making sure it was good and sudsy.. she twisted it between her dainty hands to wring just a bit of the excess away....

then leaning forward with one palm pressed to the floor.. she began to swipe the rep over the floor in wide sweeping strokes*

~naia {Frederick} 9:29:21 am CST
*smiling to the anonymous one that enters... .she goes on about her chore...

lifting the pail and making her way down the steps... moving to the farthest corner again and setting the pail down... giving the rep another dunk and twist...

silks creeping up her splayed hips as she bends and begins to mop again..

her bountiful mounds of tit flesh jostling as she made longgggg sweeping strokes from side to side..... making sure to get along the baseboards good*

~naia {Frederick} 9:32:10 am CST
*looking up from her task.. smiling sweetly*

so... ,,

do you come here often? *grins and laughs at her own little joke*

naia doesn't bite.... well.... not usually anyway.... *snickers* she'd be happy to chat with you.... *s*

~naia {Frederick} 9:43:49 am CST
*crawling backwards... tugging the pail along with her... she dunks and twists the rep over and over....

wrinkling in her nose as she peers in the bucket....

she lifts it up and carries it through the Tavern and out through the kennels.... giving the contents a heave as she empties the bucket of the nasty water....

dipping a bit of rain water from the barrel to rinse the pail before returning to the kitchen again and filling a fresh pail of soapy water....

wondering to herself when the last time the Tavern had been mopped as she moved back to the place where she'd stopped... sinking to her knees again.. and going about her chore.. this time puckering her lips and whistling softly to herself*

~naia {Frederick} 9:54:56 am CST
*her deep blue gaze casting glances about the Tavern as she continued mopping the floor...

working around and under the tables.... her ass wiggling in the Tavern air as she bent to reach beneath them....

her thoughts wandering to memories of the past... a smile tugging her lips as some of the patrons faces came to mind.... fond memories of Some she missed dearly at times....

working her way around the sandpit.. she looked over soft grains of sand... still smooth from where the chickpea had last raked...

she thought about the dance nights that would be coming in the future... shuddering at the thought.... certain she could already feel the itch of the hives she always got at just the thought of dancing....

she hurried on around the pit.. and quickly moved on to get the thoughts out of her mind....

finally... as she neared the last stretch of floor.... she placed the pail just inside the kennel.... and mopped the last bit.. rocking back to settle her ass to her heels... looking out over the Tavern floor with a smile.... mopped clean and still shining from the dampness.... she lifted the bucket and carried it out back...

taking her time about emptying and rinsing the bucket.... so that the floors could dry.... she gave the furs a few extra whacks just for good measure*

~naia {Frederick} 10:04:19 am CST
*entering back to the Tavern.... the armload of furs piled up so high she could barely see over...

she bounced off the door frame of the kennels and did a quick step... dip and sway as the pile of furs threatened to tumble over....

regaining her balance.... she moved to the middle of the low tables.. and lowered to her knees.... setting the furs down to the fresh dry floor....

then taking the furs one by one... she moved about the room placing them beside the tables.... kneeling over each one and smoothing her fingers over the fur to fluff them up....

once all had been placed... she stood near the steps..... hands on her hips as she surveyed the room... smiling to herself as things looked fresh and clean....

she giggled softly wondering if the Free would think they'd entered the wrong place tonight when they came for their ale and slavely entertainment*

swtpea{Frederick} 10:09:07 am CST
skipping up to the green door, flinging it open, soft smile etched on lips, falling to her knees, head to stone, golden tresses in riots waves all around her, may girl enter

swtpea{Frederick} 10:12:29 am CST
hearing no response, she rises to her feet, walking down the stone steps, ;looking about at the tavern all sparkly clean and fresh, thinking to her self she knows just what else will help...

walking into the kitchen finding the basket, of fresh herbs and branches,
lifting the lid off taking a big sniff, knowing this will just set off the newly clean tavern, spinning about, she walks over to the counter, reaching up on tip toes, bring down several bowls, picking up a clean rep cloth, she dusts them off, taking them back over tot he basket

~naia {Frederick} 10:13:38 am CST
*hears the door open and grins as she sees her chain return.. she wanders on into the kitchen to see what the kettle slaves are up to...

noticing some clean tankards that had been left out to dry.. she gathers an armload up and moves to the shelves.....

stretching up on her toes to try set them in their place... she stretches a bit more... struggling to reach the shelf...

standing back on her feet and looking at the shelves... wondering how it's possible they seem higher than before*

swtpea{Frederick} 10:16:21 am CST
placing all the bowls about her, she begins to fill each bowl, witht he boughs and herbs, making sure it stays in the bowls, humming a soft tune, she looses herself in thought while making sure each bowl has enough to let off a nice fragrance,

dusting off her hands, placing the lid on the basket, turning about and putting it back, she picks up a bowl in each hand, softly swaying to the tune in her head, as she walks out to the dias and starts placing, the bowls in the centers of the tables

swtpea{Frederick} 10:21:31 am CST
smiling as she walks back into the kitchen, seeing her chain, struggle with the high shelves, she snickers at the shorty, continuing to pick up more bowls, making her way out, to place them on the other tables about the room, twirling about, she sees how nicely the tavern is looking today, thinking to herself its been a long time since its looked this good

~naia {Frederick} 10:22:16 am CST
*finding a small stool tucked in the corner... she drags it over to the shelves....

stepping up and finding her balance.... she bends to take a tankard into each hand... pushing them back on the shelves.... humming softly to herself as she put them all away...

then hopping off the stool and nudging it with her foot back to the corner.... she then made a trip by the hearth... stoking the embers beneath the grate... adding a small log to keep the fires going beneath the roast hanging above the spit.... using a thick rep.. she turned the rod to shift the meat to the other side so that it would cook evenly*

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"submitting is about letting go. loosing yourself."
"it's like learning to drown. letting go even when you think you might disappear."
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The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. (Gandhi)


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xx Re: cleaning the tavern
« Reply #1 on: Jan 29th, 2018, 10:01am »

swtpea{Frederick} 10:24:09 am CST
seeing all the tables have bowls on them, she walks back in the kitchen,
seeing that the counters need a whipping, she picks up a damp cloth and begins to clean the countertops, still giggling at her chain and her struggles with the shortness

~naia {Frederick} 10:27:01 am CST
*catching her chain as she laughs at her.. giving her the stink eye....

she twirls the rep in her hand and zings it with a quick snap....

giggling when the tip tags chickpea's ass with a loud "whap"... tossing the rep quickly to the pile and smiling innocently*

swtpea{Frederick} 10:33:00 am CST
giving out a loud bellow, as she feels the fire like a godawful sting on her ass, turning around and glaring at her chain, sticking out a pouty lip,

turning back to her chore, with thoughts of payback in her mind, she sees all the counters are clean,
placing the rep cloth back, she dries her hands,

walking over to the cold room, she pulls the door open, feeking her body shiver at the cold, she walks in, and finds the block of ice used for chipping, she picks up the ice pick, and begins to chip away, filling a clean bucket witht he chips, so they are at the ready should a Master require chiped ice, lost in her chore, she notices that the bucket is full, she lays down the ice pick, picks up a shard of ice, and walks out with teeth a chatter, shoving the cold room door shut with her ass,
seeing her chain, otherwise occupied, she walks up behind her and places the ice in her silks, where she cannot get tot hem, steps back quickly with a giggle

~naia {Frederick} 10:33:04 am CST
*ducking into the cold room..... shivering as she dances on bare toes....

she surveys the shelves lined with provisions.... sorting through the fruits... picking out those that look unpleasing...

she pulls the hem of her silks up to collect the bad ones.. hurrying about checking on the cheeses and butter... making sure they show no signs of age....

she hurries back out and kicks the door closed... welcoming the heat of the kitchen on her chilled slave flesh....

carrying the spoiled fruits to the scrap bucket and dropping them inside... she spins about to see what's left that could be done.... and to find out what that sneaky chain of hers is up to*

~naia {Frederick} 10:34:11 am CST
*snickers at her chains antics... fishing out the ice... as she wanders over to lean against the cold room door...

waiting for her to try come out*

~naia {Frederick} 10:38:16 am CST
*humming softly as she still props against the door....

checking her nails..... thinking she'd have to do some major work on them after scrubbing the floors....

hmmmmmm.. she wondered if her chain had any polish stashed with her glitter*

swtpea{Frederick} 10:40:06 am CST
grinning at her chain, standing at the door, that she has already come out of, turning about seeing what other chores need to be attended to, she knows the sand pits are raked, so really that only leaves dousing the fire and cleaning out the sooth and ashes and getting it rekindled,

picking up the bucket and fire shovel, she walks out into the tavern heading to the fire, to get it clean, who knows the last it was done
~naia {Frederick} 10:42:42 am CST
*sticks her tongue out at her chain... the sneaky thing.....

she shoves off of the door where she'd propped... walking back out to the Tavern and looking around again.... hands placed on her hips.... smiling*

looks a lot better.. dont ya think chickpea?

swtpea{Frederick} 10:45:37 am CST
taking the poker to the fire spreading out the logs so they stop burning, she then takes the shovel and beats them into submission, to put out the embers, once she is done, she begins to scoop up the ash and logs filling the bucket, seeing the soot take tot he air she really hopes it doesn't make her a mess,

picking up the bucket, she walks it out the back door, out to while there's a pile of ashes from previous cleanings, dumping it seeing the could of ash and soot rise, setting back so it doesn't get on her silks, turning about and waling back placing the bucket down in the kitchen, picking up the flint, she walks out to the fire, and begins to lay the tinder and lint down

swtpea{Frederick} 10:48:38 am CST
hearing her chain, it sure does, its sooo much better, getting back to her task she lits the flint, seeing it spark she feeds the tinder and gently blows on it, seeing the fire take hold, she feeds it logs till its burning well, rising from her knees, she dusts off her hands takes the shovel and flint back to the kitchen, then walking out to join her chain, as they look about at all their hard work
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"submitting is about letting go. loosing yourself."
"it's like learning to drown. letting go even when you think you might disappear."
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xx Re: cleaning the tavern
« Reply #2 on: Feb 18th, 2018, 1:13pm »

As I made my rounds, I noticed how clean and tidy my home is.... it is evident that slaves were hard at work here... not just any slaves but the beautiful dancing slaves of Gorean Shores.... I gave a nod to the beauties watching from the shadows, as I was well pleased~
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