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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:35pm

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xx Polishing tables in Tavern
« Thread started on: Feb 19th, 2018, 5:26pm »

lani{GS} 16:40:34 pm CST
~ Smiles as she finds completion in being able to serve the Free of Gorean Shores, in any capacity. The girl bloomed with artful movement to feet. Slowly and careful she eased from the slave furs. The quietness of the Tavern a new experience to be had. With, steady steps she is bound towards the kitchen. Mind intent on what she intends to do, the beautiful tables in need of a polish. With a twirl and flash of brown mane down white silks, the girl moves towards the kitchen. Happy to work and serve the Free with a well-kept space, they might relax within after a day on Thassa.~

lani{GS} 16:44:48 pm CST
~ Walks promptly into the Kitchen. Feet will the girl to the wash basin. Once before it, she leans and bends across. Drops hands down in cool, refreshing waters and laughs as they splatter, she leaps out of the way in perfect time. White silks still dry and appropriate for the level the Master SlaveMaster has bestowed on girl thus far. Hands wash within the currents and become cleansed. Next, a rep cloth is clasped in her grip. Breathes inwards and dries off, before the rep is tossed to the wash. The well organized Kitchen a pleasant comfort to the girl, it signified all she needed from service, structure, discipline and a chance to fulfill her promise. ~

lani{GS} 16:50:46 pm CST
~ Tilts a chestnut head and feels a shimmer of mane down broad shoulders. Thoughts remain intent on working hard and doing a good job. Peers with hazel eyes around the Kitchen. Seeks out the needed tools for the idea. Quickly finds a large tin of polish, eyes focus to make sure it mentions wood. Smiles thrilled to find such on it. Grips a large pile of harsh cloths and a hand brush. Once both are collected a small basket is clasped from the shelves at the back. Drops the items inside and turns and walks down the Kitchen. lani remains aware of surroundings, attention perked should a Free arrive. Moves cohesively and with a practiced movement. Head up, collar clear and gleaming about a fair throat. Tummy squirms, it feels the power serving the Free allows. Everything step, the breaths she takes is a gift from the Captains of the Shores for her. ~

lani{GS} 16:55:06 pm CST
~ Carries the basket of varied tools to the Taverns inner hub. Smiles, as the stillness and emptiness give ample opportunity for the work finishing. Walks to the tables close to the Dais, hands fiddle with the pot of polish, she next strokes the brush over and starts to work the bristles into the wood of each table. Back arched over, frothy white silks are perfectly hung to retain the white silks modesty. Arms move back and forwards. The polish is worked into the wood. Moves in a neat line till all tables at the Dais, gleam. The cloth is next used and moved in small circles. Smiles pleased when each appears well tended. ~

lani{GS} 16:57:28 pm CST
~ Makes a movement down the Tavern, the girl intent and happy as each table is polished. The brush in constant use. The girls back arched as she uses elbow grease to make sure the job is done properly. Nothing short of perfection acceptable. Slowly the slave girl moves the rep back and forwards. Smiles once every table is finished. Stops in the kitchen wash hands once more and dry on a clean rep; returns the items to the shelves and walks back to the Tavern now finished. Happy space is presentable for the Free. ~

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