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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:37pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: naia and pea clean the forum  (Read 156 times)
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xx naia and pea clean the forum
« Thread started on: Feb 27th, 2018, 6:58pm »

swtpea{Frederick} 18:18:06 pm CST
softly patters into the forum, looking about knowing it has been a while since its been clean and fresh. she starts by dragging the furs out to the fence, tossing them over to air out, going back in and pulling out the rest of the furs. picking up a stick she goes one by one, beating them untill they give up all their dust and dirt.

swtpea{Frederick} 18:21:55 pm CST
working on each fur, pounding and beating it till it looks new again, the sun beating down on her gold-kissed locks, shaking out her main of tresses to dislodge any dust and dirt. placing the stick back on the ground. she makes her way back to forum leaving the furs to get fresh with the salty breeze off the thassa

swtpea{Frederick} 18:28:26 pm CST
picking up the broom she begins to sweep from the walls to the middle of the floor, with each sweep of the broom, her body wiggles, and shifts under her silks. softly humming as she sweeps all the dirt and dust from the room. sweeping all the dust and dirt from the room into the dustbin, taking t outside dumping it away from the furs. turning about walking back tot he forum, placing the broom and dustbin back in the corner

swtpea{Frederick} 18:31:23 pm CST
grabbing a rag, she walks up the dias and leans over the table and begins to scrub and shine it, her slave bits wiggle with her vigorous motions as she set about polishing the table.

swtpea{Frederick} 18:36:32 pm CST
glancing up from her polishing, she looks out at the view of the room from the dais, with a soft smile she sets back to the task at hand. working hard to get the table done, she then gets to work on polishing the chairs, scrubbing them with a vigor, to make them look fresh and new again.

swtpea{Frederick} 18:47:31 pm CST
walking down the dais and outside to the small well, filling a bucket with water, she takes it back into the forum,kneeling in one corner she dips a ag into the water and soap, she begins to scrub the floor in small circular motions, wetting the rag and scrubbing moving inch by inch until she has the floor scrubbed to a shine

swtpea{Frederick} 18:48:57 pm CST
glancing up from her scrubbing she sees a Master in the door, smiling
Greetings Master Austin

~naia {Frederick} 19:05:27 pm CST
*walking in and taking a look around to see what else needs to be done*

~naia {Frederick} 19:06:15 pm CST
greetings chickpea.... what can naia do?

swtpea{Frederick} 19:10:05 pm CST
we need to bring the furs back in and settle them about

swtpea{Frederick} 19:11:18 pm CST
and replace the candles and fill the lmaps

~naia {Frederick} 19:12:28 pm CST

*jogs off toward the back door.. slavely bits jiggling and bouncing as she moves about collecting an armful of freshly aired furs... carryin them back into the Forum and dropping them to the clean floor... picking one by one to spread about*

swtpea{Frederick} 19:14:07 pm CST
taking a fur from the pile, she takes it over and spreads it out, making it neat and tidy. smelling the salty sea air in the furs, she smiles at her chain, as they work side by side.

~naia {Frederick} 19:16:10 pm CST
*scattering a few more out around the room.. crawling around each on hand and knee to make sure the edges were smoothed out... brushing her fingers over them to fluff up the fur of each one.... when the last one is in place.. she stands to her feet and heads off to collect lamp oil and a basin of soapy water to do the lamps*

swtpea{Frederick} 19:18:34 pm CST
seeing naia busy with the lamps, she walks around the room collecting the stubs of candles from the sconces, walking to the cupboard, taking out new candles to replace. walking to each sconce, placing a fresh beeswax candle in each

~naia {Frederick} 19:23:07 pm CST
*carrying the basin up the steps of the dais... she moves to the Captains table and hums quietly to herself as she disassembles the lamp.. first filling it with oil and screwing the wick piece back in place... then carefully washing the globe free of dust and soot.... using the dry rep resting over her shoulder to dry it before setting it back in it's cradle... lifting the basin in one hand and oil in the other.. she carefully makes her way down the steps again and begins working her way around the room filling and cleaning the remaining oil lamps

swtpea{Frederick} 19:28:17 pm CST
looking about at the clean and fresh forum, smiling at her chain we work together like a well oiled machine

~naia {Frederick} 19:30:37 pm CST
*giving pea a wink as she finishes the last lamp.. she carries the basin outside to dump the empty water... wiping it dry as she re-enters to collect the lamp oil.. pausing to give the room a quick inspection*

not too shabby... *grins*
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xx Re: naia and pea clean the forum
« Reply #1 on: Feb 28th, 2018, 6:18pm »

~whispers~ sisters did you find any spiders?
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xx Re: naia and pea clean the forum
« Reply #2 on: Mar 1st, 2018, 09:50am »

Walking into forum I was pleased the room was clean and respectable. I pointed out to my man nog the tables that needed repair and the patching that needed to done all around the outer walls. I knew he would have carpenters and masons busy this day. I was pleased that our slaves are busy. I will mention this to the first girl.
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xx Re: naia and pea clean the forum
« Reply #3 on: Mar 1st, 2018, 2:27pm »

mistress... naia saw an especially big black fuzzy one... and the oddest thing is... it sounded like he was calling your name!! ~giggles and runs off~
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xx Re: naia and pea clean the forum
« Reply #4 on: Mar 3rd, 2018, 4:20pm »

Walking into the forum leading sura with the leash attached to her collar. Looks around and notices the cleanliness of the forum…. Smiles at sura…. “Remember the other night after the meeting how littered the room was.. and now look..” It is surely appreciated that the two girls of Frederick too it upon themselves to straighten and clean up the room.. Having both girls work together.. sura and I can tell it was work but enjoyable chores. Sura be sure to remind me to bring more candles from my lab. My class had a special assignment in making candles.. with the addition of glycerol. I think the candles will last longer and the girls won’t have to exchange them quite as often. It is great our Home has such dedicated girls… Come with me sura.. lets explore the other rooms..
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