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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:34pm

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xx Tavern Menu ; Assorted Pastries:- Chocolate Baked
« Thread started on: Mar 5th, 2018, 3:51pm »

Bakes Chocolate Pastries from the Tavern Menu Assorted Pastries of the Day.

lani{GS} 15:54:12 pm CST
~ Walks with poised steps deep into the Tavern Kitchen. Hips , bountiful in curves rock, her arms swing as she moves displacing air, happy to be able to work for her home. Steps into the kitchen and next washes hands under a flow of water. Cleanses hands and beams, prepared to make some lovely pastries. Knowing the Tavern Menu has assorted pastries of the day for 1 copper tarsk, the slave was prepared to make mouthwatering ones, so coin could be made for the Captains. Dries hands on a rep cloth and next drops it to the laundry. The girl found a apron, the material clearly that for a slave, she tied it at waist to protect sheer silks. Smiles, with shining eyes now a direct link to heart. ~

lani{GS} 16:04:37 pm CST
~ Smiles utterly thrilled to be baking again. Practically jumping with infectious joy, as service to her home is of highest precedence in the slaves mind. Turns, hips swing, dark mane thrashes the air as she moves to gather a large platter, the slave girl would use this for ingredients. With care she wipes it with a rep cloth. Makes sure the plate is perfect. Walks to the dry goods area of the Kitchen, places a small sack of sa-tarna flour to the plate, a covered dish of white sugar, yeast, a covered dish of chocolate shards. Smiles and carries the plate back to the wooden work space. Places it down. Moves for a covered dish of bosk butter, then brings a dish of vulo eggs and finally ducks to the cold room, gasps as cold air ripples beneath frothy silks. Next she carries a jug of bosk milk back to the work space. Takes stock of the ingredients, with focused gaze. Once positive is all present, she claps hands gleeful. Imagines the wonderful pastries that will be left for the Free to enjoy. ~

lani{GS} 16:13:58 pm CST
~ Shimmies with the jug of bosk milk over to the hearth. The warmth wraps about frame, a huge smile perks up as she finds happiness in the work, happy to do such and relieved the slave girl can. Pours the milk to a pot already heating on the flames, watches it closely as it must be just body temperature. Brown jewels focus and observe it quietly. Once the a layer of steam starts to appear, a rep cloth is used to lift the milk pot away from the hearth. Carries it to the wooden work bench. The temwood space now nestled on curves, leans back with a beautiful display present if any Free should enter. Smiles delighted. Next a large bowl is gathered, swirls a rep about it, to make sure it is clean. Next she makes quick works of combining sa-tarna flour, yeast, sugar and finally a pinch of salt. Uses a wooden spoon to whisk the dry ingredients together. Uses a small knife to chop the bosk butter into pea size pieces, adds this to the dry ingredients. Pours the body temperature bosk milk into the bowl, uses the wooden spoon to combine to a dough that just came together. Smiles as she looks down at the perfect dough, a satisfactory start, as the slave is a perfectionist nothing else acceptable in her mind, she must please and be exquisitely beautiful in the execution of her duties. Sorrel mane, traces down lightly silk clad spine, hips turn into the work space, the firmness causes a whimper to sound from red lips , commemorative of the will of a strong Man. Much like that of the Masters of Gorean Shores. ~

lani{GS} 16:27:43 pm CST
~ Smiles, and continues work. Next she clears the dishes from the wooden work space, lightly dusts with sa-tarna flour, not too much as drying out the dough is the worse thing a girl could do. Once it is perfect she turns the dough out to the surface. Next she forms the dough and presses into a square. Smiles and wraps in rence paper tightly, walks to the cold room, shivers prepared. Places it inside and starts to watch the chronometer knowing it needs 90 ehns. Walk back out to the Kitchen. Mind still in a dreamy state about the Free, they make her will bend, she becomes extensions and chinks in invisible chains they wield. Features now flushed, the deeper she is engrossed by this. Starts to clean a bit, washes the plate and bowl and wooden spoon in fragrant waters, scrubs with a harsh rep cloth and next set to the side to drip dry. Smiles, head extends back, collar displayed and obvious. Body now squirmy, the more she thinks on the Men. Tosses locks back, hips sway with their own volition. Becomes a moving piece of art, malleable only in the Frees hands. Grips a large clean rep cloth, dries the plate and bowl and spoon, keeps watch for any damages, pleased to find none they are replaced on the shelving. Beams, happy and content in work, starting to find a peace and serenity in service to her home. ~

lani{GS} 16:43:15 pm CST
~ Returns for the dough as 90 ehns had passed, smiles happy to see it ready. The cold room now makes shivers to spike, they run down fair body as she moves towards the door, steps out and presses it shut. Weaves back to the wooden work space, lightly flours it and a rolling pin again. The square dough now unwrapped. Rolls the dough out into a rectangle. Folds the short sides of the dough into the middle, rotates a 1/4 turn and rolls out to lengthen. Next uses a knife to cut into triangles. Pierces slits in middle on each, adds chocolate shards, counts the pastries, finds 25. Next rolls each pastry up. Lines a baking tray with rence paper, places the pastries down, spaces them evenly. Covers with greased rence paper next, leaves for 3 ahn, returns to find them risen. Smiles and beats up the eggs in a small dish, uses a pastry brush to wash each pastry on the top. Once done, the girl weaves to the ostrakon. Smiles brightly, slides the tray inside to allow to bake for 10 ehn. Once the 10 ehn passes she moves to a different part of the ostrakon of reduced heat, they bake for another 5 ehn. Beams once done, uses a large thick rep cloth stack and pulls the tray out. Slides the chocolate pastries to a cooling rack. Washes up the remaining dish, washes down the work spaces and brushes around the floor. Uses a pan to brush up the dust, leaves the kitchen in perfect order. Finally washes hands and dries on a rep cloth. Smiles and departs kitchen pleased to have made the treat for the Home, beautiful golden flaky chocolate filled pastries now remain. ~
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"The life of a female slave," he said, "is a life wholly given over to love. It is not a compromised life. It is not one of those lives which is part this, and part that. It is a total way of life, a total life... There are no bargains made with her, no arrangements."

~ Mercenaries of Gor P435~
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