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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:36pm

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 thread  Author  Topic: Refills the tharlarion oil lamps Tavern tables.  (Read 33 times)
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xx Refills the tharlarion oil lamps Tavern tables.
« Thread started on: Mar 5th, 2018, 4:31pm »

lani{GS} 17:16:31 pm CST
~ Rises, a different chore in mind, the small tharlarion oil lamps on the low tables in need of refilling. The slave perks up, with spirals of mahogany mane down shining yellow silks she moves back and to the kitchen. Walks to the back, to a large storage shelf. Finds a bottle of the needed tharlarion oil. Hips sway and rock as she continues to pace. With it in safe hands the girl rebounds back, steps into the dimly lit tavern surroundings, the clever space perfect for trapping any attacks. Smiles and shudders, imagining zealous Assassins, aware this space would could issue. The girls silks shimmy over buxom curves, moves and starts at the tables close to the Dais where the Captains converge. ~

lani{GS} 17:20:26 pm CST
~ Smiles, heart pure and spirit now rising like a Brother of the Wind might to transport a Rarius to battle. The chore a form of self expression and chance for servitude. Slowly she stops by the tables near the Dais, kneels below it on a fur, opens the vial of tharlarion oil, lifts each lamp on the tables and refills. Thick, lustrous curls wave down her form as she moves back. Smiles and next makes a pacing for the tables in the tavern center. They beckon the sa-fora closer. Breathes, deeply lost in thought and so desperate to work and yield to the whims of the Free as morality dictates. Hips rock as feet pivot the tables in the center next.~

lani{GS} 17:25:48 pm CST
~ Walks, poised and focused loyal to the chores, her eyes shine from behind thick kohl lashes, moves to the tables in the center. Kneels before them, lifts the lamps up. Opens the bottle of tharlarion oil, next pours to fill them back to a perfect level. Mind all ravaged by visions of Men, it warms and makes her hunger to surrender to the work more. Rocking back on heels, she fills the lamps up. Watches the level closely. Brown eyes, sharp and piercing observe the levels. Slowly rises, feet now precise in movement. Makes a path to the back of the tavern next, the final batch of tables in eye line. Moves with profound heart, and total loyalty to serving the steel wrapped on alabaster throat. Chest rises and lifts, she moves mindful of posture of at all times. Breathes inwards and next approaches the tables by the back. Kneels before them, the lamps are lifted, in a matter of ehns they are filled with tharlarion oil. Smiles brightly once all the lamps have been refilled. Walks back to the kitchen. Returns the bottle of oil to the shelf. Stops to wash and cleanse hands in waters. Currents kiss over hands and finally she dries on a rep, the final chore completed. ~
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"The life of a female slave," he said, "is a life wholly given over to love. It is not a compromised life. It is not one of those lives which is part this, and part that. It is a total way of life, a total life... There are no bargains made with her, no arrangements."

~ Mercenaries of Gor P435~
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