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Mar 21st, 2018, 12:41pm

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xx cleaning HIS home
« Thread started on: Mar 12th, 2018, 6:03pm »

swtpea{Frederick} 18:28:03 pm CDT
looking about her Masters home, seeing there are things that need to be done, grabbing up the furs near the fire, she drags them outside shaking them out,making sure all the dirt and dust are removed, bringing them back inside

swtpea{Frederick} 18:30:08 pm CDT
grabbing the pail, she scoops out all the ashes from the fire bit removing any ash and soot that was there, taking the pail out side and dumping it, the soot and ash settling onto the girl making her look like a walking ash

swtpea{Frederick} 18:33:52 pm CDT
walking back into his home, placing tinder and moss in the pit, sparking the flint,blowing on the flame, as it slowly licks the moss and tinder till it starts burning hotter and brighter, placing more logs into the fire pit, watching as the flames overtake the logs making it warm and cheery inside his home

swtpea{Frederick} 18:37:13 pm CDT
placing the fur back in front of the burning fire, settling it so its just right, standing she walks to his chair dusting it off, shinning it a bit with a rep cloth, making it fresh and new, walking into his bedchamber, knowing it needs a good refreshing, she pulls the furs and sheets off the pallet of furs, hanging them out over the window sills in his room, so they can air, as she sweeps the floor,

swtpea{Frederick} 18:45:02 pm CDT
pulling out clean sheets, she lays them over the pallet of furs, making them fresh and clean, pulling the furs out of the sills, placing them over the bed,making the bed neat and fluffy

swtpea{Frederick} 18:48:40 pm CDT
pulling out the lamp oil, she fills the lamps by his bed, turning about walking into the main room, walking about the room filling the lamps, making sure there is a homey glow in his home to welcome

swtpea{Frederick} 18:53:11 pm CDT
walking into his kitchen, pulling out his tankard, walking to the cold place, pouring it full with chilled ale, turning around and taking it to set on the table to await him
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Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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