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Washing dishes and tankards in Tavern
Post by lani{GS} on Feb 10th, 2018, 5:56pm

lani{Kyoto} 18:38:22 pm CST
~ Shivers as she walks to the kitchen. Dark eyes clouded with emotion. A shudder runs her spine as she whimpers and walks in. The idea of a chore comforts her ravaged soul. Walks deep into the kitchen. Moves to the wash basin and stops to wash pale hands under a flow of water, the girls fingers next wrap around a rep cloth. Dries hands over the cloth. Eyes, hidden by wet lashes focus on a large array of dishes and tankards, in need of washing. With ivory limbs on display and an ache deep in her heart she would walk to the items. The size of work evident, but a welcome distraction from discordant thoughts. ~

lani{Kyoto} 18:41:40 pm CST
~ Slowly with careful footsteps she moves closer to the hearth. The warmth now envelopes pale skin. Heart, torn and thumping hard can be felt as it takes hold of the slave. A shudder runs down flawless spine. Long pale legs display clearly as she moves to the kettles. With a rep covered hand she next raises the kettle. Careful footsteps guide her back to the wash basin, slowly pours the hot water inside of the basin. Pours some soap in next and adds the right amount of cold water. Creates a perfect, warm and soapy consistency. ~

lani{Kyoto} 18:44:42 pm CST
~ Bends over the wash basin, body compliant in its movement. A sense of sadness felt, as emotions threaten to boil over, curvy limbs pressed against the basin feel every motion. Grips a harsh coarse cloth and starts to scrub the dishes, soaping and perfecting them, she is careful to watch out for any damages. A long wave of mane can be felt tracing pale back. Shivers and works on cleansing the dishes one by one. Shivers deeply and whimpers continuing the work. ~

lani{Kyoto} 18:47:49 pm CST
~ Washes the tankards out, the warmth of the waters skim around each of them. Back arched and elbows moving to apply the correct amount of pressure. Shivers and keeps washing. Mind refusing to focus on anything but the chore. Remains diligent to the task at had. With pure attention to detail she would clean each tankard. Pulls them from the waters and smiles as she sees each perfect. Desperate to make them worthy of the Free. Drains the waters out of the basin, a curvy body moves back to a proper stand as she whimpers. ~

ani{Kyoto} 18:51:22 pm CST
~ Uncurls a clean rep cloth from a nearby stack, starts by drying each plate and places them in a stack on the shelves. The repetition of the work gives a much needed focus to the girl. Curved hips rock forward, her mind and body and soul all surrendering to the emotions that had started to fade. Tears run down pale face and she attempts to find some semblance of composure and keeps working. Slowly and thoroughly she next dries and cleans each tankard. They gleam and no chips or cracks of anything of harm is found, breathes with relief as she knows they now won't hurt any Free person of Gorean Shores. Turns and carries the tankards to the shelves and stacks them neatly. Once all the dishes and tankards are done and returned to the proper place she wipes down the surfaces of the kitchen. ~