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Feb 20th, 2018, 08:17am

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xx Slight change in begging entrance
« Thread started on: Apr 1st, 2015, 8:57pm »

Tal and greetings,

Personally owned slaves in the past have been required to post 3 times in begging entrance when they come to the door of Gorean Shores. This has been changed to allow a personnally owned slave to only post once, wait one ehn and then check the menu to see if any Free are present. If no free are present they can now enter after posting just one request. The slave pages will be updated accordingly:

"Gorean Shores chain entering from the kennels, need not beg to enter, but should post an entry and ask permission to leave. Personally owned slaves or slaves without a collar must beg for permission to enter Gorean Shores upon their knees, with their foreheads to the floor. (See the positions prostrate/tile/and obeisance) and the very first words a slave should utter are a request to enter the tavern. However, if a slave asks three times to enter, at least one ehn apart, and fails to receive a response, she may enter the tavern. This rule is similar to the three post exit rule. Personally owned girls that are heeling their Owner into the Gorean Shores rooms do not need to beg entrance, but their Owner should mention that their slave is heeling them in, on a leash, on their shoulder, etc. and the girl should post her entrance. (*** New follows) Also, if a personally owned slave arrives at the door and there are no Free Person/s showing in the pull down menu after they have posted their first request to enter, that personally owned slave must wait one full ehn. The slave then must refresh their screen. If there is still no Free Person/s showing on the drop down menu, the slave may enter."
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