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The return of the slave karinda
Post by Keeper on Jan 1st, 2017, 04:31am

Tal to All Free Persons of Gorean Shores

Greetings to all the slaves.

It is the decision of the Council of Captains of Gorean Shores that the slave known as karinda shall be permitted to return Gorean Shores after being banned for one year for dualling as karinda / leatha.

The conditions of her return are as follows.

If karinda takes on a dual or other identity within Gorean Shores or in The Gorean Inn, in any way, shape or form, the Council will immediately ban her for life.

The slave karinda will return as a Gorean Shores slave, white silk. (The training and / or giving yellow silks shall be decided by the Council in conjunction with the first girl.)

The slave karinda will be closely monitored by the Council and the first girl. Any major infringement of the rules and the Council will meet to decide on a punishment up to and including a ban for life.

Jarl Keeper
Captain of Gorean Shores