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 stickylock  Author  Topic: Observation collar {GS~O~} details and procedures  (Read 2947 times)
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exclamation Observation collar {GS~O~} details and procedures
« Thread started on: Sep 26th, 2010, 10:26am »

The observation collar, {GS~O~}, is a way for a new slave to be protected from forced collar to allow her to come in, observe, and learn the ways of Gor, specifically within GS.

It is simply a cloak of protection, and does not put her under the ownership of GS.

If a girl decides she doesn't need that protection after a week, a day or even an hour, then she can ask a member of the Council to remove it at any time. The maximum time a slave can wear an {GS~O~} collar is 14 days. At this point, the collar expires, and she is no longer protected.

If she then chooses to beg for a GS or a personal collar, there is nothing standing in her way.

Any Free person pledged to GS may give a slave a {GS~O~} collar.

When giving a slave an observation collar, please remember to provide the information below.

Slaves that are given an Observation collar will be required to contact the GS first girl with in one hand (5 days) of receiving the collar. Failure to do so would would revoke the collar and the protection it offers.

Anybody giving out an O collar should pass this information along with the following e mail address to contact the FG.

I would also make sure they know how to get to the website:

And the corks.

This information should also be provided to newly collared GS slaves.

I wish you well.
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