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 thread  Author  Topic: Branding of swtpea 3/5/2017  (Read 393 times)
xx Branding of swtpea 3/5/2017
« Thread started on: Mar 5th, 2017, 5:30pm »

Frederick 15:06:50 pm CST
-enters with pea and larissa at My heel-
follow me to the sandpit 'pea

swtpea{Frederick} 15:07:38 pm CST
following behind her Master Yes Master follows behind him to the sand pit with a shiver

Frederick 15:08:01 pm CST
moves toward the pole with 'pea behind Me

swtpea{Frederick} 15:09:20 pm CST
standing behind her Master in nervous anticipation

Frederick 15:09:43 pm CST
-turns to her as I reach the pole
taking a leather thong from My pocket
give me your wrists, girl

larissa{Austin} 15:09:56 pm CST
stepping up in the tavern,
following the Masters footsteps and pea as they walk to the sandpit. her eyes kept low to the cobblestone floor

natasha{Zoran} 15:10:17 pm CST
sinks to her knees, wild curls rushing down her back as she bends her brow, arms laid out before her

may one enter?

swtpea{Frederick} 15:10:20 pm CST
gently sliding her wrist to her Master baby blues lowered in respect

Frederick 15:11:16 pm CST
enter 'tasha

natasha{Zoran} 15:12:06 pm CST
thank you and greetings Master Frederick *smiles*

greetings pea and larissa

moves on quiet feet to the serving furs

Frederick 15:12:07 pm CST
taking the thong and wrapping it around her wirts
then lifting her writs and hanging her n the high peg as she stand on her tip toes to maintain her balance

swtpea{Frederick} 15:13:25 pm CST
taking a deep breath trying to maintain her balance with her arms stretched above her .. looking at the post before her shivers ruling up and down her spine

Frederick 15:13:43 pm CST
-then turns and head to the fire
there the brand has been heating up
already glowing red with intense burning heat

natasha{Zoran} 15:14:19 pm CST
eyes widening as pea's wrists are bind tightly together

Frederick 15:14:20 pm CST
takes the long brand from th fire and examines the glowing letter F

swtpea{Frederick} 15:15:04 pm CST
cringing as she sees her Master near the fire and knowing what is to come
knowing that she wants this mark that she belongs to him

larissa{Austin} 15:15:06 pm CST
her brown eyes wide as she watches the girl tied, and the Master heading towards the bright red steel of irons.

natasha{Zoran} 15:16:13 pm CST
biting hard on her lower lip, watching the smoldering red hot brand, feeling anew the itch in her inner thigh, remembering

Frederick 15:16:52 pm CST
-walking back slowly to the sandpit the brand in My right hand
looking her over
examining every beautiful curve
knowing this brand will only enhance her beauty

swtpea{Frederick} 15:17:37 pm CST
looking into her Masters appreciative eyes gather strength from him

larissa{Austin} 15:18:31 pm CST
moving in front of the beauty kneeling in the sand below her, looking up into pea's beautiful blue eyes.
focus on larissa, squeezing her hand gently.

Dak 15:18:32 pm CST
entering the tavern , My slut heeling Me moving to some furs to sit and watch

Frederick 15:18:42 pm CST
-arriving at the post
and straightening her
her back against the pole
then turning her inner thigh so that it faces outward
porcelain skin so beautiful and unmarred

swtpea{Frederick} 15:19:56 pm CST
taking a huge breath feeling his warm hands moving her thigh
focusing her mind on him

Frederick 15:20:20 pm CST
-smiles down to larissa as she moves to give her sister encouragement
then take the brand and
PRESSES it against that porcelain skin
the hiss and scent of burning flesh permeating the entire Tavern

natasha{Zoran} 15:21:07 pm CST
softly she rises, feet taking her to the kitchen, hands gathering clean soft rep cloths, a small jar of healing ointment and a jug of cool water, soles thudding mutedly on the floor as she kneel in wait at the edge of the sandpit

swtpea{Frederick} 15:21:39 pm CST
whimpering sofly feeling her skin sear and sizzle under the scorching hot metal tears falling down her flushed cheeks looking to larissa trying to move from under the burning hot metal

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 15:22:24 pm CST
entering the tavern heeling her Master she follows Him over to where He is sitting she drops to her knees she slides her sexy ass into her heels she straightens her spine she thrusts her huge breasts out sucks her small belly in she lifts her head up high she spreads her silken thighs painfully wide displaying her moist sex she places her palms up on her thighs she lowers her blue eyes in respect
may this one greet Master

larissa{Austin} 15:22:31 pm CST
taking a deep breath, feeling the heat of the eyes of the Master upon this girl, her heart beats rapidly for her sister being branded.

Frederick 15:22:49 pm CST
-pulling the red hot metal from her skin
and stroking her face
the red glowing mark perfect on her thigh

swtpea{Frederick} 15:23:37 pm CST
looking into his eyes as her tears fall knowing she is his in every way and will forever wear his mark upon herself

Frederick 15:24:00 pm CST
-whispers in her ear-
I am pleased that you did not scream My beauty

swtpea{Frederick} 15:24:02 pm CST
sagging as the heat fades still feeling the burn upon her thigh

natasha{Zoran} 15:24:27 pm CST
soaking one of the rep cloths in the pure crystal water, wringing it and handing it to larissa, so she can cool and wipe away the tears running down her sister's cheeks, the smell of burnt flesh permeating the room

Frederick 15:24:40 pm CST
the brand finally cooling enough for me to put it away in the rack on the wall

swtpea{Frederick} 15:24:46 pm CST
shudders as his warm breath in her ear..whispering girl always wants to please you Master

Frederick 15:25:30 pm CST
-picking up some salve form the able and carrying to larissa-

tend to the burn larissa
then I will take her down

natasha{Zoran} 15:25:41 pm CST
voice rising softly

Master Frederick, may larissa and this one tend to their sister pea, with your permission?

Frederick 15:26:37 pm CST
-smiles- of course 'tasha
you may take her down when you are done

swtpea{Frederick} 15:27:33 pm CST
slumping lightly against the pole so glad she is tied otherwise she is afraid she might fall in a heap

larissa{Austin} 15:28:31 pm CST
taking the salve and rep cloths first putting cool compresses on it, trying to dab it lightly.

Frederick 15:28:59 pm CST
-settles into some furs at the edge of the pit and watches as the slaves tend to Mine

larissa{Austin} 15:29:27 pm CST
sorry pea, girl knows it hurts.. the salve that natasha and larissa are putting on it will help sooth the pain and keep the area clean.

natasha{Zoran} 15:29:36 pm CST
filling a small chipped bowl with the cool fresh water, bringing it to her sister's parched lips, letting the drink sooth her, her other hand wiping her brow tendeerly, a soft smile on her lips, knowing the turmoil of feelings that are going through her sister's heart and soul

natasha{Zoran} 15:30:49 pm CST
ready to catch her, larissa?

natasha is about to bring her down, you will have to keep her steady on her feet

Frederick 15:30:52 pm CST
-smiles as I watch them all-

larissa{Austin} 15:30:58 pm CST
placing two fingers into the salve, a heaping amount upon it, the girl runs her fingers lightly over the burned flesh with the F upon on it. lightly her fingers glide until it is covered.

swtpea{Frederick} 15:30:58 pm CST
cringing and whimpers as her sisters touch her brand.. drinking heartily from the bowl natasha holds for her relishing the cool liquid on her over heated body.. tears shimmering in her baby blues

larissa{Austin} 15:31:50 pm CST
yes natasha, please, when you are ready setting the oitment down with the repcloths in a bowl.

Dak 15:32:54 pm CST
Tal Frederick

greetings slaves

My slut may greet may greet

natasha{Zoran} 15:33:28 pm CST
quickly rises up on tiptoes, and unties the knots that bind her sister's wrists to the pole, eyes alert as larissa helps her keep steady

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 15:34:20 pm CST
thank You Master

greetings Master Fredrick

greetings natasha
greetings larissa
greetings pea

Frederick 15:34:21 pm CST
Tal Dak
good to see you friend

swtpea{Frederick} 15:34:32 pm CST
feeling the ties loosen about her writs biting her lip hard as she feels the weight onto her legs with a whimper so glad her sisters are here in this moment and to help her keep on her feet

Frederick 15:34:36 pm CST
greetings ayli

larissa{Austin} 15:34:46 pm CST
larissa hands wrap around peas waist. larissa shoulder under peas left arm, if you can get her other side natasha, she can use her sisters as a crutch

Frederick 15:37:08 pm CST
-smiles at the way they help her-

swtpea{Frederick} 15:37:31 pm CST
holding on tightly ready to go to her Master baby blues glowing as she looks at him

Frederick 15:38:23 pm CST
bring her to My lap larissa

larissa{Austin} 15:39:08 pm CST
pea, this girl has never been branded but has heard it takes a seventy two ahns on the water clock to heel sometimes less some times more. is that not right natasha?

larissa{Austin} 15:40:07 pm CST
Yes Master Frederick, helping pea very slowly through the sandpit.. are you ok to go on or do you need to rest a minute gorgeous?

natasha{Zoran} 15:40:10 pm CST
warm hazels peering into the angry red mark on pea's inner thigh

it is a perfect brand, pea, such a clear one! once the swelling and redness is gone,it is going to look beautiful

swtpea{Frederick} 15:40:15 pm CST
going to her Master with the help of larissa smiling as much as she can giving a kiss to each of her sisters natasha's and larissa's cheeks

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xx Re: Branding of swtpea 3/5/2017
« Reply #1 on: Mar 5th, 2017, 5:31pm »

swtpea{Frederick} 15:41:03 pm CST
girl is good larissa no need to stop until she is in her Masters arms ....

larissa{Austin} 15:41:28 pm CST
the girls weaves through the tables and over to Master Frederick. helping her settle on His lap.

a very beautiful mark indeed Master Frederick.

swtpea{Frederick} 15:41:32 pm CST
thank you natasha girl thinks it will be amazing

Frederick 15:41:49 pm CST
-winks to larissa-
then nestles Mine in My lap

larissa{Austin} 15:42:25 pm CST
blushing as she catches the Master's gaze and wink.. You do got yourself a beauty there Master Frederick.

swtpea{Frederick} 15:42:49 pm CST
nestling into his arms laying her cheek upon his chest listening to his heart beating

larissa{Austin} 15:43:01 pm CST
can this girl get you anything Master Frederick, or pea?

Frederick 15:44:27 pm CST
we are good for now larissa
but the offer is noted

ayli{Dak} ~chain sister to libi~ 15:44:40 pm CST
may ayli be of service Master

natasha{Zoran} 15:44:55 pm CST
gathering the healing ointment, the rep cloths, the jug of water and the loosened ropes, she quickly takes them to the kitchen, putting everything away in their rightful places, hips swaying gently under her silks as she moves back to the furs and kneels there

swtpea{Frederick} 15:45:07 pm CST
thank you larissa and natasha blows them each a kiss

natasha{Zoran} 15:45:23 pm CST
greetings Master Dak *smiles*

greetings sister ayli *hugs*

Frederick 15:45:28 pm CST
-smiles at 'tasha as she cleans up My aftermath-

larissa{Austin} 15:46:15 pm CST
kneeling to the left of the Master, squeezing her sisters hand, the kiss she has blown to her she catches with her free hand and places it next to her heart.

always a heart sister pea.
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xx Re: Branding of swtpea 3/5/2017
« Reply #2 on: Mar 7th, 2017, 10:27pm »

~reading quietly~

Master Frederick Your expertise with the branding iron is a joy to behold, Your slave swtpea is fortunate indeed to be in Your collar.

~a calm and sweet smile for swtpea~

Well done pea, it is hard to remain strong even when it is something we desire greatly.

~gently hugging the slave~

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