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xx Some Notes on Slave Training #1 & #2
« Thread started on: Mar 11th, 2017, 11:59am »

Now before Y/you begin to read this DO NOT TAKE IT AS A
challenge or critique of how slaves are trained here. For
one thing this is more directed at privately owned slaves
and how One trains. It is also a very personal way in which
I train. Use it for thought and reflection. What this is is a
series of "articles" I have posted at My home site. The
first two are below. If they generate interest here I will
post more (up to #4 right now) as they come. Be well.
AND AGAIN this IS NOT saying here is doing wrong --
just My thoughts on slave training.

Subject: Some Notes on Slave Training #1: What breaking a woman is NOT

The most important thing in training a slave is so simple,
but rarely well done: she (OK I should say I don't train
male slaves -- generally, not always, I feed them to the
sleen) must first and foremost be made to understand she
IS a SLAVE on Gor. That sounds so "basic" it almost seems
silly, but indeed it is where most training regimes fail.

First, let Me say what in My opinion this does NOT mean
(some may disagree here and indeed it is a Free's right to
do otherwise, but in My opinion a mistake). To make a
woman understand she is slave is NOT to take away her
humanity, but rather her freedom. The books and even
more so vt Gor talk about slaves as beasts and animals
and this is TRUE, but needs not to be taken to far. she is
now an animal in that she has the SAME legal status
before the law as a Bosk or a vulo. But One errors if One
then tries to make her INTO a Bosk or Vulo. she has the
legal rights of an animal, but she still is human -- a human
animal. Too often in attempts to break a woman to the
idea she is now slave Men try to make her into something
LESS than human. her legal status IS that of an animal,
but she is still human. To so break her (take away her
humanity) is to take away the very things that makes it a
pleasure to own such. her thoughts, emotions, fears,
dreams, desires are now YOURS to shape and control.
Take away her humanity and you lose most of what makes
her valuable. You end up with a robo-slut that types
perfect serves and perfect answers, but is not present to
be truly enjoyed. she indeed needs to accept she is slave
and has the legal status of animal. Indeed a Master can
reduce her to less than human if wishes, but in doing that
He loses most of her value.

So "breaking" a woman is not about breaking what makes
her human, but always merely making her accept her
"role" in life has changed -- she IS now slave. A simple
LEGAL fact -- nothing more nothing less, but indeed such
is, in My opinion rarely done.
Some Notes of Slave Training: #2: Breaking her to fact she is a slave

All this said the "breaking" of a woman involves NOT
breaking her humanity, but her of her former role of being
Free (or in the case of woman who was already a slave --
of bad habits that are expression of her thinking she is
Free). It is important to here understand distinction that
many of U/us fail to understand. That W/we are NOT the
roles we play in life. That "what" we are is not "who" we
are. This is why a slave's humanity needs not be broken.
she must indeed face the rigorous terror of being a slave -
of being property --- but that is simply her new role in life.
she is still who she is -- she just now must find ways to
express that "who" inside the confines of her new role.
In earth terms if one wants to help people it is a basic part
of who you are. You become a surgeon to do do. You lose
a hand and so you role as a surgeon ends, but you sill wish
to help people and that will be expressed in whatever new
role you find yourself in.

Our "what" and our "who" are tied together tightly in our
minds and a major part of training is helping the slave NOT
lose her "who" as her "what" (being Free) is removed from
her. That task will come in #3, but for now I will speak of
the things that are on Gor used to break a woman into her
new reality -- that she is no longer Free, but owned and

What follows is a list of things that Gor uses to make a woman aware of her new state:

Collar: This one is obvious. Free entities don't wear collars.
It is easy to slip here into the idea PEOPLE don't wear
collars and that is an error. she is still human, but now
shares the legal rights of an animal. The collar expresses
this -- that she is OWNED -- her Master's name is on the
steel. It is LOCKED into place -- she cannot escape Him or
it. she is OWNED is the collar's lesson. she is a person, but
no longer her own person.

Brand: This is something vt either ignored (slave does
not get branded or does so too late) or is overdone
(branded each time she changes hands). The brand is
shock therapy. The pain is meant to shock her into the fact
that this change is REAL -- and permanent -- even if she
"hopes" the collar might be removed the mark on her
won't be. The brand marks her as slave. The collar as
whose property she is. THESE are now what identify her.
NOT her former family (I said family cause the brand ENDS
those ties legally and socially) or the former caste or her
former FC.

Stripped and naked: Now indeed it may seem this is out or
order, but I have My reasons. her clothing is taken away
from her. she is stripped naked. Being a slave is ALL
ABOUT being naked -- about BEING exposed. Of course
the clothes of a FW are removed from her, but even more
she is exposed to the eyes of Free. I do not let My slaves
wear clothes -- the reason is simple -- it is to remind them
they are exposed. That exposure is NOT merely physical
though -- she is exposed and MUST expose herself in all
things (thoughts, feelings, desires) to Free in general and
her Owner in particular. For My slaves being physically
naked is the least of the exposures they feel, but it is a
graphic reminder.

Forms of address: The first time a slave addresses a Free
as Master (or Mistress) is crucial. It is usually the first
thing she does where she admits and performs the action
of a slave. It is usually the end of her collaring and/or
submission ritual. It should be noted carefully --- and not
treated as a mere "nothing". That she no longer has a
name and can be addressed if Free wish in any way --
many of them vile and strange to her ears. Those forms of
address, I think, should be used cautiously -- their point is
NOT to dehumanize her, but always to make her
understand she is property and serves Frees needs.
NAMING a slave should be done with though and care -- if
you name a girl "cum bucket" it is Your right as a Free, but
You most likely will have a slave that loses her "who" and
will soon become nothing more than what her name
states. Names should reflect her "who" to some degree as
much as her "what". Not doing so is a mistake I Myself
have made over the years (and NO I did not use the name
"cum-bucket", but when bought that slave changed to to

Initial beating: This one I rarely use, though I admit it is in
the books. It is a second form of "shock" that goes hand in
hand with branding. I do not use it as I do not like to mar
what I own -- there are ways to punish that do not leave
physical scars and a slave unable to fully perform for a
time. I also don't use it as I feel it sends the wrong
message. IF a woman has gone through the above and has
NOT done anything displeasing -- why "reward" acceptance
of her fate with PUNISHMENT? I would prefer to keep
punishment for times when she is willful. But that is Me,
and I admit the books use it.

The important thing about all of the above is to remember
the proper use of them is NOT to strip away her humanity,
but her sense of CONTROL. It is a fine line and more will
be talked of that in #3.It is important to remember too
JUST how devastating this change to slave IS! Even if a
woman wanted it (books) the reality is overwhelming once
DONE. THAT needs remain clear in the mind of the Trainer
cause IF the slave is shrugging off that enormity -- she is
HIDING and beginning to be a robo-slut.

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