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xx Some Notes on Slave Training: #3
« Thread started on: Mar 13th, 2017, 9:27pm »

Some Notes on Slave Training: #3

Now this is DIFFICULT -- and it is starts the moment
you begin to reduce a woman to slave and continues as
long as you own her. That is ENFORCING strictly her new
"role" -- "what" she now IS --- while at the same time
making sure her "who" does not die.
Now this is hard and many (Men) might ask: "Why the
fuck do I care about preserving her "who". she is just
a fucking piece of meat for My enjoyment --"
Now the second of those 2 sentences is (and women
readers aren't going to like this) absolutely TRUE --
EXCEPT for one word: "just". FM have the right to treat
slaves as nothing more than sex toys, but if You are
the One that trains or owns, though you CAN do it -- it
is a HORRID mistake.

Once you have gotten her to the point she admits she
is slave you have before you a delectable possibility.
As Owner indeed you can just use her to get off when
you desire and ignore her the rest of the time having
her learn mindlessly positions and do chores OR you
can truly TRAIN her -- this woman that is unlike all
others to be Yours -- train not just her body into rote
compliance, but her very being ALL of her to be Yours.
To do that means you OWN "who" she is as well as her
body. To DO that - to fully OWN her -- you must
preserve at all costs WHO she is inside -- cause if
you don't one way or another you will end up with
MINDLESS robo-slut.

In many ways Men this is a test if you are a real
Master (in earth terms Dom) or an HNG or someone
that is here for the drama of it and not something
more - and hey girls, BOTH of those are options Free
have as you are property to do with as They wish.

That said I think it is MORE than worth the time and
effort of claiming Ownership of ALL of her! For if you
save her "who" by taking time to learn and own it --
and help it find its way into this new strange role
to her --- the delights she will give you are with
out measure ---

I will pick up again on what saving her "who" means.
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