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Mar 23rd, 2018, 01:18am

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 thread  Author  Topic: apology from the slave riss  (Read 249 times)
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xx apology from the slave riss
« Thread started on: Sep 14th, 2017, 07:51am »

riss{GS} 20:07:16 pm CDT
slipping into the tavern quietly...
Greetings Master Austin
Greetings Master of One
Greetings Master Venator
greetings mistress

Venator-Warrior 20:07:41 pm CDT
Greetings riss

Austin - Scholar- 20:08:09 pm CDT
Greetings riss

Master of one 20:08:33 pm CDT
greetings riss

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:09:08 pm CDT
Greetings Master Blade.

Greetings riss.

Master Austen a girl thanks You for Your grace in allowing riss to show her contrition toward You.

Austin - Scholar- 20:10:08 pm CDT
Nods to flicka... sitting and waiting to see if girl gives a true and honest contrition..

Venator-Warrior 20:10:29 pm CDT
Sits and watches.

riss{GS} 20:11:09 pm CDT
Master Austin may she please approach You?

Austin - Scholar- 20:12:59 pm CDT
Looks sternly at the girl named riss... girl may crawl then in nadu position girl may speak again

Austin - Scholar- 20:15:15 pm CDT
Hold up hand and stops the slut.. when she get to me.. she is not to be in nadu position but rather obeisance position

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:17:43 pm CDT
~watches quietly, aware that the slave riss is a very raw white silk, learning an important lesson.~

Austin - Scholar- 20:18:53 pm CDT
flicka.. raw is a good word... especially after the whipping she got to enjoy..

but the taste of my boot will also bring pleasure to her

Venator-Warrior 20:20:15 pm CDT
Chuckles, Brother, didn't know you had that nasty streak in you? Bravo!

Master of one 20:20:54 pm CDT
but you'll notice his boots are nicely polished Venator

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:21:14 pm CDT
~trying to contain the little smile lifting her lips at the wit of Master Austin.~

Indeed Master the feeling a slave gets when she truely is contrite and kissing a Master's boot does bring pleasure, our greatest sadness is to know we have displeased a Master.

Austin - Scholar- 20:21:28 pm CDT
Chuckles.. Venator.. I have learned from the best.. but remember when the slut said I was pretty ugly.. she was also talking about you for we have the same 1/2 of genes from mom

riss{GS} 20:21:32 pm CDT
Hearing Master Austins command....riss crawls quietly on her hands and knees over to His feet....after getting there she slides humbly onto her stomach keeping her gaze low she leans her face low towards His boots...gently riss places kisses on His boots, quiet tears running down her face

Austin - Scholar- 20:23:08 pm CDT
flicka.. I can only say I appreciate MO1 and Venator taking over for in my seething anger at the moment.. the "raw" white silk may have had a shortened life

Venator-Warrior 20:23:29 pm CDT
Laughing, correct Mof1.

Venator-Warrior 20:24:31 pm CDT
Looks to Austin, what slut, this Master sees 'no one'.

Maybe she will come into vision someday.

Master of one 20:24:46 pm CDT
well she got another first out of the way then too....the feeling of a Master's fist in her hair

Austin - Scholar- 20:25:12 pm CDT
watching the girl crawl ... and watching the girl kiss my boot.. Austin points to His other boot.. where there is some Bosc poo... take care of it before she speaks

riss{GS} 20:30:14 pm CDT
Hearing Master Austin's request..she cleans up His boot till its nice and shiny leaving no trace of the Bosc poo...her tears adding an extra shine as they fall upon His boots

Austin - Scholar- 20:32:43 pm CDT
Puts my right boot on the small of the sluts back.. then leans down to check the soiled boot...

nods with approval.. it is not excellent but sufficient..

Speak slut.. you have my permission.. don't waste my time with nonsense

riss{GS} 20:35:03 pm CDT
yes Master...gathering her thoughts..she speaks quickly...Master she begs Your forgiveness for her rudeness and foolishness the other day...she is so very sorry for her stupid words they were uncalled for

Austin - Scholar- 20:38:32 pm CDT
Keeps boot to the small of the sluts back.. notices she cleaned the boot.. but did not kiss the boot either..

Secondly... girl apology is insufficient.. for you did not even say a word to MO1 and Venator for being sorry that they witnessed such rude and indecent behavior from a disobedient and catty slut.. taps boot that needs to be kissed and waiting for an apology to my Friends..

Austin - Scholar- 20:40:00 pm CDT
Who is the girls trainer.. does she not realize her actions not only speak of her but also speak to the sluts trainer.. and the white silk is a reflection of her work and the trainer herself

Austin - Scholar- 20:43:44 pm CDT
Nods Thank you Friends.. natasha is an excellent trainer.. and all her girl except this one have really grown their slave heart and have become excellent slave girl.. will say natasha has her work cut out for her.. this one needs special tutoring

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:45:16 pm CDT
~softly~ Master Austin, natasha is the slave's trainer, natasha has been working with the slave especially since the rudeness to You and Masters Venator and Master of one. Natasha had only been assigned to the slave a short time before the incident.
As first girl flicka takes responsibily for the slave's behaviour and also begs the forgiveness of the Masters present.

riss{GS} 20:46:15 pm CDT
Hearing Master Austin she starts kissing both of His boots...from the bottom of her little slut heart she begs the forgivness of You Master Austin, Master Venator and Master of One...she realizes her actions were careless and out of line...trying to hold back her tears...she knows she does not deserve Your forgivness but she is here before You begging for it..she is gonna try to work as hard as she can to improve and learn well

Venator-Warrior 20:46:59 pm CDT
flicka, this Master only holds the singular person responsible. It was not a break in customs or Gorean culture. Just a spiteful retort.

Austin - Scholar- 20:47:33 pm CDT
Nods to flicka.. you are forgiven.. for I know both you and natasha beam when your girls show what they have learned.... This one I have a feeling will taste the whip often before she is bridled like a wild horse..

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:47:55 pm CDT
~eyes lowered~ a girl thank You for Your words Master Venator.

Austin - Scholar- 20:48:29 pm CDT
Totally agree with Venator

Austin - Scholar- 20:49:08 pm CDT
Before I give my decision..does MO1 and Venator have anything to say to this slut?

Master of one 20:49:09 pm CDT
I agree Venator

Master of one 20:49:54 pm CDT
No Austin, I said what I needed when she was dragged and tied to the post

Venator-Warrior 20:50:50 pm CDT
No comment here.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:51:02 pm CDT
Masters, please may flicka speak?

Master of one 20:51:46 pm CDT
please do flicka

Austin - Scholar- 20:53:12 pm CDT
Pondering the girls apology....
grabs a handful of hair.. and looks steely into the girls eyes.. This time you are forgive.. I shouldn't but only because your young .. stupid.. and have not been in GS long... However, next time you will reap the full venom of my wrath.... take the girls head and shoves it back to the boot..

Austin - Scholar- 20:54:46 pm CDT
Now slut.. crawl out the door and get back into the kennels...

Austin - Scholar- 20:55:13 pm CDT
yes flicka please speak

riss{GS} 20:55:52 pm CDT
ThankYou Master...she knows she doesnt deserve Your forgivness and she will do her very best to improve as a white silk here...placing more soft kisses upon His boots

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:55:56 pm CDT
~deep breath~ the slave riss did make a rude, careless and thoughtless comment. She has been punished for it by a whipping and by today showing her contrition to All of You.

But more than this, since the offense the slave Master forbade her to enter any room of GS other than the kennels without either natasha or flicka being present until she formally apologised to You All. The girl has obeyed this restriction even though it has been a large number of days in place.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 20:57:14 pm CDT
This girl thinks that riss is learning with the assiduous aid of natasha. And hopefully one day will be a beautiful kajira.

Austin - Scholar- 20:57:30 pm CDT
Before you leave riss.. let me emphasize.. what you did is NOT natasha's fault.. what you did was a poor way to represent natasha as your trainer

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xx Re: apology from the slave riss
« Reply #1 on: Sep 14th, 2017, 3:25pm »

reads the scroll regarding the white silk slave riss

this is sufficient punishment for the offense, riss, you may now continue your yellow silk training and can serve in our home as a white silk slave

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xx Re: apology from the slave riss
« Reply #2 on: Sep 14th, 2017, 3:39pm »

ThankYou Master..she has learned her lesson.
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