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Mar 23rd, 2018, 01:20am

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 thread  Author  Topic: Happened in the Inn  (Read 239 times)
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xx Happened in the Inn
« Thread started on: Sep 17th, 2017, 6:22pm »

Let Me start by saying what I did in the Inn didn't bring DisRespect to GS..I kept my part in whisper it was aura who brought it out to the room..2nd I did nothing more than what a room monitor would do..the icon that was being discussed is auras icon 200..the girl blatently lied and was disrespectful in her reply..I told her about her icon because the WebMaster has told me that "pink" is not allowed in public because he could get into HUGE trouble because he is not able to keep minors out of PoolSide...I will admit I lost my temper at the girls reply but I will NOT appologise for it..below is what was said you be the judge..I have the full C&P'd pages if necessary..

Whisper to: aura 20:33:40 pm CDT
you know that kind of icon isn't allowed here

really ...aura thought it was ....she has seen worse...

Whisper to: aura 20:39:43 pm CDT
Adult Content - Read and Understand:

Please understand the differences between Erotica and porn. 'Tasteful erotica' is permitted. Artistic nudes, even racy artwork is fine. However, No genitalia. No couples or group sex: A naked woman is okay. A naked woman masterbating is not.

Absolutely No photographs or cartoon depictions of real children - EVER. The same goes for human or animal abuse or sexual situations. The management reserves the right to notify law enforcement if any suspected child abuse has occured.

Whisper to: aura 20:42:22 pm CDT
go to the icon uploader page and first thing it says is read this first and there you will find the rules

I have been here since poolside opened, truly I dont need a lecture on what is allowed and not allowed I had been in private then came in here. If we are going to talk about icons, free woman dont show shoulders or bare arms either....

Whisper to: aura 20:44:25 pm CDT
Fuck You you little cunt

after my last whisper aura decided to post ONLY me cussing her..which I admit was wrong but as I said and as can be seen the girl lied..The rule that I posted isn't my rule it is a Rule that the WebMaster has had for many many years and all I did was copy & paste it
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