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 thread  Author  Topic: O Kollar grant for a slave  (Read 266 times)
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xx O Kollar grant for a slave
« Thread started on: Mar 3rd, 2017, 4:21pm »

With her Master's permission

Did slave remove her rope kollar?
a slave
tries to gather what little fortitude she has left and speaks softy
Master would You be kind enough to grant this one an observation collar so she may learn of the home and those within it?
There she managed to get the words out. They all came out jumbled but she said them.
a slave
No Master slave did not put it there so she did not remove it
she sure she wants it its only good for ten days
ayli{Dak} –chain sister to libi-
smiles watching my Master and slave talking about the o kollar
a slave
Yes Maser
Smiles the kollar would at least keep her from being afraid to move
ayli{Dak} –chain sister to libi-
silently listens
Ok arising and moving to the dais climbing the steps and moving to the trunk in the back where the kollars are kept opening I and fishing out a shiny o kolar and returning o the furs where I was sitting
a slave
watches Him quietly as much as she can with eyes lowered fingertips grip against her thighs for a moment to keep herself grounded
ayli{Dak} –chain sister to libi-
smiles watching Master return with an o kollar
Holding it up before the slave before Me it says only GS {O} she will need to affix it o her with her name preceding it icon like ayli’s opening the kolar and sliping it around her pretty neck and hearing it click shut
a slave
she looked to the shine of the kolar for a moment. There was the slight panic of even wearing a kolar again bu her trust in the Master was absolute. The click was heard as it was finalized.
Thank You Master may slave go to affix things as they should be?
Greetings Master Dak

Greetings ayli
Greeting slave
Ayli{Dak} –chain sister to libi-
Smiles hearing the familiar snap sound as the o kollar is placed on slaves neck
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