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 thread  Author  Topic: o collar for prissy  (Read 257 times)
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xx o collar for prissy
« Thread started on: May 14th, 2017, 12:58pm »

Master of one 13:20:20 pm CDT
I dont think that an O collar really applies in this situation.. do you?

prissy 13:21:38 pm CDT
*oh Oden you are failing priss.. failing her! .. her heart began to sink.. she knew she was to be thrown out. .. she lifted her chin slightly more.. *

yes Master, this one understands completely.. she wishes to be able visit from time to time if that pleases You?

Master of one 13:21:46 pm CDT
~ I stop behind the girl looking at her, seeing her small firm round ass I smile

Master of one 13:22:35 pm CDT
Oh it pleases Me greatly that you continue to visit your Home

prissy 13:23:25 pm CDT
*she continued to feel His presence surround and engulf her .. she waited breathlessly for the His rejection.. she kept her palms open nonetheless.. it was in her heart to give herself no matter the circumstances.. she was always a slave. . a good slave.. *

prissy 13:25:10 pm CDT
*a quirked brow gave indication of her confusion.... her Home but He had just said she was not to be in the ~O~ collar.. don't question the Man priss.. just stay still.. He perhaps had too much ale last night.. although perhaps His choice of drink was ... oh good Oden you have to relearn the drinks!!*

Master of one 13:25:41 pm CDT
I dont think I can give you a GS collar
~shaking My head

prissy 13:26:07 pm CDT
*ale.. kalana.. that would be prissy's choice if she were give to one... but yes, stay with the moment prissy girl... He is having a moment here and perhaps He will keep you a little longer.. *

Master of one 13:27:08 pm CDT
But maybe since you once had a GS collar.....
~ I look to the girl and smile
These collar things can get so confusing

prissy 13:27:46 pm CDT
*she listened .. as the realization of His words penetrated her mind...not a GS collar... He said... her hands were drenched now... the toes of sweet feet peeked 'neath her ass.. she wiggled them nervously now.. *

Master of one 13:29:26 pm CDT
I guess I could put you in My collar..... I'm not in the habit of having a chain though... but maybe its time for something new.....

Master of one 13:29:49 pm CDT
then again I could always sell you to the Captains

Master of one 13:30:30 pm CDT
~ I move back in front of the girl and bend down to look at her closely

you see My predicament now prissyhuh?

prissy 13:31:01 pm CDT
*she listened.. she froze*

prissy 13:32:34 pm CDT
*soft blue eyes lifted and she saw for the first time this Man... she knew she had lost something just now.. He took it.. He had to of because gone was the beat of it! soft sweet kissable lips parted and no words came forth, only a gentle nod of her head... though she did manage a small squeak .. *

yes.. Master

swtpea{Frederick} 13:32:36 pm CDT
walking up to the big green door tugging it open
falling to her knees bending at the waist resting head and hands to stone may girl enter

Master of one 13:32:41 pm CDT
~ I smile at the girl
prissy, do you wish to return to your Home?

Master of one 13:33:30 pm CDT
enter pea
say greetings to prissy....she has just returned home after a very long time away

prissy 13:33:55 pm CDT
*she could only nod.. hope was rekindled in her heart.. *

yes Master.. if it pleases You

swtpea{Frederick} 13:34:28 pm CDT
rising to her feet walking down the stone steps to the serving furs
falling to her knees

swtpea{Frederick} 13:34:52 pm CDT
thank you and Greetings Master of one
Greetings prissy

prissy 13:35:17 pm CDT
*prissy heard the entrance of a girl and she smiled gently, a bit timidly to be sure.. but she always delighted in the beauty of others.. and this one was by far a beauty.. she waited with complete obedience to be given permission to greet the lovely girl*

Master of one 13:35:27 pm CDT
~ I reach out and lift her chin

It always pleases Me when a girl returns to her Home

~ I lean in and give her a soft kiss on the cheek

Master of one 13:36:41 pm CDT
~ I lean back meeting her eyes
Let's go with an O collar until a Captain can grant you a GS collar or I can get permission to collar you for them

prissy 13:37:14 pm CDT
*she felt the breath of His kiss against her cheek and oh sweet Oden she wanted to lean into it.. she wanted to slight turn her cheek and feel His lips upon hers but she dared not.. she remained in her position obediently.. her heart, she believed He had finally given it back to her, filled with joy... and she longed to feel His embrace but she was obedient.. she was a good girl.. she remained in her place.. *

swtpea{Frederick} 13:37:36 pm CDT
may girl be of service

Master of one 13:38:37 pm CDT
yes pea

prissy 13:38:50 pm CDT
*she heard His words and rejoiced.. nodding her head, she waited obediently for the command.. she was home.. thank You Oden for finally FINALLY showing up! it makes this one so happy to think she is Home again!*

Master of one 13:39:16 pm CDT
~ I stand and move to whisper to pea before heading to the chest behind the dais

Now would be a good time to beg an O collar prissy

swtpea{Frederick} 13:40:06 pm CDT
taking out parchment and ink ready to do the Masters bidding

prissy 13:40:58 pm CDT
*gasping she indeed felled her body between soft succulent thighs.. stretching arms forth, she pushed up totally forgetting everything! .. she crawled at a rapid pace behind Him!.. reaching His feet, she fisted back her hair and leaned her head to the side.. blinking dark lashes feverently, she begged*

may this one please have an O collar Master? if it pleases You?

Master of one 13:43:20 pm CDT
yes prissy

~ I move to the kneeling girl and bending down to look in her eyes place the collar around her neck and snap it shut and lock it with a loud click

Master of one 13:45:00 pm CDT
give her flicka's email

prissy 13:45:18 pm CDT
*she smelt His presence.. she felt.. she just about tasted it and oh oden she wanted it!.. her eyes locked with His for just a brief moment but in that moment? she knew she was safe.. she was ok.. she was going to be just fine and she wanted desperately to hug Him right then but she refrained from doing so. she felt and heard the click and the pride that once she left behind was now again within her heart.. she smiled and a though she wanted to cry she didn't because she wasn't mushy like that.. she would cry when she was alone.. *

swtpea{Frederick} 13:47:44 pm CDT
yes Master of one

Master of one 13:48:38 pm CDT
good girl pea

Master of one 13:49:05 pm CDT
leave and change your tag adding {GS~O}
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It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to severe punishment, including even torture and death, should it be the master's wish."

Slave Girl of Gor, pg. 226
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