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Collaring of lani
Post by flicka{GS}~fg on Feb 11th, 2018, 9:12pm

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:04:20 pm CST
Smiles at lani, motioning her to me.

lani{Kyoto} 21:06:39 pm CST
~ Shivers rising from her spot near tamara, walks up to Master Thadron, aware of his power and control it makes her feel her nature. A long sheen of brown locks trace pale limbs as she stops before Master. Kneels back on ankles, head up and chin lifted, thighs part widely as hands settle on them. Emotion obvious skims in pale face as she diverts gaze in his presence, deeply respectful of his status. ~

tamara 21:06:58 pm CST

-slowly unwrapping her arms around lani-

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:08:33 pm CST
~watching quietly~

karinda {GS} 21:08:44 pm CST

Shivers as the slave furs only house two

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:09:34 pm CST

I lean down and brush soft locks from your shoulders.. revealing the collar of my Brother Kyoto

Jarl Thorrn 21:10:36 pm CST
watches the quiet first girl and the busy Slavemaster

lani{Kyoto} 21:10:58 pm CST
~ Remains very still as Master Thadron brushes thick locks back from shoulders, knowing he will do what he believes is best for the slave, she remains knelt quietly trying to keep emotion from overwhelming. ~

karinda {GS} 21:13:36 pm CST
Looks to Master Thadron...then lani...sucks in her breatg watching quietly

tamara 21:15:03 pm CST
-emeralds watched lani quietly-

kianna 21:15:34 pm CST

Watches quietly

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:15:58 pm CST

Slave, I am going to remove my Brothers collar... ~Pulling the key from my belt and quickly releasing it from your soft neck~. Looking down I speak again ~. Submit. ~I reach into my belt and pull out a collar with the inscription ~Property of Gorean Shores~~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:18:18 pm CST

~sadness and happiness warring in flicka's heart~

lani{Kyoto} 21:18:55 pm CST
~ Trembles feeling Master Thadron remove the collar locked about her throat unable to remember a time it was not there. Tears run down her face as she becomes overwhelmed. His subsequent words clear in the slaves mind as she keeps knelt back on ankles, thighs parted and arms reach out, crosses wrists and lifts arms in the air, head bows between them as curls of brown trickle in the air, her heart full of pain is unable to react to how it feels, with a tremble she becomes still knowing what this means. ~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:21:01 pm CST

~Placing the collar of my home around her neck I gaze deep into her eyes~. What are you?

lani{Kyoto} 21:22:13 pm CST
~ Feels the new collar skim around her throat, she hears Master Thadron speak to her and replies with emotion in her voice~

she is a slave, Master

tamara 21:23:51 pm CST
-gaze dipped silently, simply listening-
tamara 21:23:51 pm CST-gaze dipped silently, simply listening-

Jarl Thorrn 21:24:10 pm CST
watches a collar being removed and another placed at a neck.
Always sad to see a Master-slave relation ending in such unhappy way.
Masters and slaves should each others delight and not cause of sighing

karinda {GS} 21:24:14 pm CST
Emerald gems stink as she feels the emotion of lani....both a sad and happy night....heart pangs....heart full

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:24:18 pm CST

Locking the collar in place with a clank~. And what is your purpose?

karinda {GS} 21:24:50 pm CST
Sighs...eyes STING

lani{Kyoto} 21:25:15 pm CST

To be pleasing to Free Men, Master Thadron

kianna 21:25:34 pm CST
Watches quietly wiping a tear from my eye.

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:26:09 pm CST

Pulling you head up to look into my gaze... and what is your name?

lani{Kyoto} 21:27:17 pm CST
Shivers looking into Master Thadrons feeling so many different emotions, she speaks with a shiver running down pale spine. Whatever it pleases Master to name her.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:27:23 pm CST
~a ripple of goosebumps covering flicka's skin as she observes the strength of Master Thadron and the submission of lani.~

tamara 21:29:46 pm CST
-silent intake of breath, emeralds remained along the floor, listening to the Master and lani-

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:30:44 pm CST
I look down at the girl and speak once more~. You will be called lani and you will wear {GS} on your tag.... ~I reach under my chair and pull out a fence paper package, opening it and handing it to the slave ~. You will be a white silk slave until I test you... now go change

lani{Kyoto} 21:32:24 pm CST
~ Feels the collar lock about her throat, the package handed to the girl, she speaks softly up to Master Thadron. ~ Yes Master

Jarl Thorrn 21:32:39 pm CST
nods gently at the scene, good for the girl to wear a colalr again. No woman should be without a colalr - no

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:33:00 pm CST

~smiles knowing how brilliant the white silks shine, and hoping that lani will be resplendent in red soon.~

karinda {GS} 21:33:46 pm CST

Nods to mistress...white is brillant...shiny

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:34:23 pm CST

The girl is beautiful in her silks with GS steel about her neck...~. Welcome back home lani.. report to flicka

lani{GS} 21:34:43 pm CST
~ Moves back inside to be come kneel before Master Thadron, the white silks now fall from shoulders over curvy limbs. The disrobing loop tied at left shoulder. Kneels before him, her head of deep brown locks up and chin lifted, she straightens back and nestles on ankles with thighs now closed, wrists cross over thighs as emotional belly is drawn tight. ~

lani{GS} 21:35:12 pm CST
Yes Master Thadron, thank you.

Jarl Thorrn 21:35:37 pm CST
welcome back lani *warm smile*

white usually gets quickly spotted with red of pleasure *chuckels*

lani{GS} 21:36:17 pm CST
~ Rises to her feet, she walks to mistress flicka with gratitude to her sister for all she has done to help. Kneels next to mistress flicka and rests on heels, thighs remain closed and back straightens, head lifts up as she dips her gaze and rests crossed wrists over thighs. ~

kianna 21:36:18 pm CST
Congratulations lani kia hopes your collar brings you much happinss.

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:36:34 pm CST

~smiling as she thinks of the fun she and the other GS slaves will have in showing lani the secrets of the slave kennels.~

Welcome lani to our coven.

lani{GS} 21:37:32 pm CST
Thank you very much, mistress

tamara 21:37:33 pm CST
-a slow breath inhaled, a murmur drifting-

congratulations lani.

karinda {GS} 21:37:44 pm CST
Hugs lani...

lani{GS} 21:42:37 pm CST
~ Begs softly~ .

Please may lani go find rest?

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:43:16 pm CST

~holds out her hand to lani as they both await the Master's permission to retire to the kennels.~

lani{GS} 21:43:35 pm CST

~ Wraps a gentle hand in mistress flickas~

Thadron - Slave Master of GS 21:44:45 pm CST

Flicka and lani, you may kennel, I wish you well ~admiring the beauties~

flicka {GS}~ fg. 21:45:53 pm CST
Thank You Master for permission to kennel and thank You also for all You do for our home. ~whispers~ flicka loves ya!

~slips to the kennels with lani and a small wave to all.~

lani{GS} 21:46:09 pm CST

Thank you Master Thadron, lani wishes you well.

Re: Collaring of lani
Post by rykl {Keeper} on Feb 12th, 2018, 6:30pm

-walks to the corks and leaves a kiss for the dear sweet lani, sis-
Re: Collaring of lani
Post by LionHeartofOld on Feb 13th, 2018, 2:48pm

Has Kyoto been recovered from the sea?
Re: Collaring of lani
Post by talender hellcat on Feb 18th, 2018, 9:15pm

I hope you find happiness in your new collar lani
~soft hug~
Re: Collaring of lani
Post by lani{GS} on Feb 19th, 2018, 2:44pm

Thank you all.

lani appreciates the kind wishes.
Re: Collaring of lani
Post by ayli on Feb 19th, 2018, 2:50pm

congratulations lani
Re: Collaring of lani
Post by lani{GS} on Feb 19th, 2018, 5:27pm

Thank you kindly, ayli.