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a reminder to one's self
Post by ayrie{Thadron} on Nov 10th, 2017, 7:41pm

From December 2015, ayrie's essay on the slave litany

Slave Litany

He is Master, and i am slave.
He is Owner, and i am owned.
He commands, and i obey.
He is to be pleased, and i am to please.
Why is this? Because He is Master, and i am slave

In preparation for her lessons, ayrie read several examples of other's response to the slave litany. one feels it is important to remember that slaves are not here to judge, we are sisters, we all serve the Master's, that is what one always attempts to focus upon.
one is lucky to have found the quote early on in her journey. The words instantly brought peace to her soul. It was as though they held the meaning of life. In truth, for a slave, they do.
Life carried on and this one held on to this new peace. she was a bare neck but she knew her One was out there. Then, one night, that peace bloomed.
Master found this one.
From the moment We met, every single word of the litany became the definition of her existence.
His very presence that first night - HE IS MASTER.
her immediate reaction to Him - i am slave.
The second time she was in His presence- He commanded, she obeyed.
The first time she begged to serve Him- He is to be pleased, she is to be pleasing.
Master claimed her after what felt like forever (actually a few weeks) . Master collared, whipped, and marked her in one beautiful night - He is Owner, i am owned.
To her, it was and is a beautiful dance. He leads, she follows and everything is as it should be.
Why? Because He is Master and she is His slave